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Dream (?)
Wed Mar 19, 2008, 12:10 PM
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Dream (?)
This is based on the first which also happened to be the dream that I am not going to forget for my life as I have became a anthro wolf my self.

"Jodern! Getting day dreaming again !? " Oh great, it is Josh again.
While keeping my eyes on the view, I answered. "Yeah, thinking about the same old thing. " "What was it? there isn't things that i don't know about you and what you are dreaming about. " Replied Josh.
"Yes. There is something that you don't know, and I'm keeping it as a secret. "

Today, we are having a special activity at the P.E. Class -- Survival Game.
It is held as a special event in conjunction with a company that makes the paint-ball guns. They have developed a new prototype of guns and they need some one to help them test out the new product. Well, I can assume that we are the ones that are lucky enough to get our hands on this kind of things, can I ?
Actually , thats not the case usually. This school is those school which you are entitled to enter if and only if your family were either rich or famous. For me, it is a exception. I'm a scholarship student,that's makes me some kind of alien in this school.
The kind of life that these rich and famous people life with is everywhere to be seen in here. People playing with new and fancy things which many of them not even on the market yet.
At the cafeteria you can see how high is the standard of wealth of those people in here. Luxurious fine-food with imported tea and beverages and even desert of all-kinds you can imagine.

With the bell ringing, it is time to head for the P.E. Class.
Walking down along the seems like never ending hallway that heading to the preparation room, I have a feeling that today is going to be a weird day.

As usual, the locker room was full of people that changing into appropriate protective gear and cloths. Walking towards the counter, I take one of the selection of gear which has been packed in plastic warp and seems to be a brand new set. After changing into the cloths and protective gear. It seems that I'm the last one to walk out of the room and the class is going to start any time! "Yikes ! Mr.Brandon will sure hates me this time." I grumble softly. Grab the last gun that sits on the shelf and rushed to the field where everyone already been spilt into small groups by Mr.Brandon -- Our PE Teacher.

"Well, you just came at the neck of time, Jodern. Get into the line ! You will join that group over there." said Mr.Brandon with a scariest smile I have ever seen in my entire life and pushes me to the smallest group on the left which is only 5 people including me.

Looking around the people in the group, which they all seems to have a common glance that can kill a people instantly, which sends me a huge shivers down my spine. "I'm a dead meat. " I thought.

While keeping my eyes from looking those guys. I noticed that my gears are all in the same color schemes ! All the gears have a small green stripe that maybe used to differentiate with the opponent. Who knows what will going to happen once getting into the field ?
With what seems to be an eternity of waiting for our turns, finally we have been called to be enter into the war zone that has been surround by nets that prevent the paint bullets to hit innocent people that rest on the outside of the field.

Filled the guns with a full cartridge, while taking 2 more in my vest for extras. I braced my self to be prepare for the worse while in the game.
The two-way communication radio activated and the leader of the team conduct a short test to ensure every one's radio does not have any problem at all.
With a loud siren, the game starts. Commands start to flow in as the captain makes decision on-the-fly.

Suddenly, another siren came alive. It is different than the end of game siren. A short and fast repeat siren and command of going to the nearby safety shelter was repeated endlessly.

Things around me suddenly spilt into half and crushed, looks like there is something that cuts it through. Stunned and unable to move a muscle, I am rooted into the ground, with no idea what had done this. " Am... Am I go....going to die ?? " I ask my self.

Someone came through and pick me over his shoulder like a mannequin and dash out from the scene. As I slowly regain control over the shock, I noticed that some kind of mean looking monster with a sword like hand was just a few yards away from the place I just stood a couple of seconds ago. From what it looks, it can just tore me into pieces easily without using much strength at all.

A truck pulling all kinds of stuns that we usually only have seen in movies, speeding towards the direction that we are heading. The door of the truck sprung opened and the person who is carrying me, dump me into the truck like a doll and soon jump into the truck and closed the door. The truck was once again picking up more speed than you thought that it is the maximum speed of it can reach.

Speeding though the school, the truck shows no sign for a stop at any near moments.
As I if I can sense the tension of every person in the truck, I dare not to ask any question of what all this was about. Until the truck came to a halt so hard that I have nearly knock my self out after crashing into the back of the front seat.

Being pushed out of the truck, by other members in the same truck. It seems that we have arrived at the mountain at the back if the school. There is a temple kinda building in front of me.
" Follow us. " commanded Jennifer, the president of the student associate in our school, who also happens to be in the same class with me also. The entrance to the temple is dark, so dark that most of the sunlight seems to be suck in like a worm hole.
Follow closely with 3 girl in front, leading the way into the temple, 2 heavy muscular boy behind me, completely sealed any chances of escaping for me. I got no choice but to follow.
After a full 10 minute walk that walk through various cross-roads and secret doors with security measure ranging from simple secret button to advanced technology such as biometric scanner and iris scanner. I have a feeling that all these walks through various path have been monitored by hidden surveillance cameras that placed strategically in various angle. Every camera's moving sounds, although small and seems that they not even heard it, but it sure bother me and make me very uncomfortable.

The last door opened and a base that looks like those in the movies show up in my eyes. " This can't be true. WHAT ARE ALL THESE ABOUT !!! WHY BRING ME HERE !!! I DEMAND TO KNOW ! " out of frustration, I shouted. "Psst!" with the sound that seems like some air pressure gun or something my mind start to drift and my whole body become powerless.

" That should keep his mouth shut for a while. " Said Jennifer. " Are you sure this is the right way? I'm sure that elder will not like this. " Kent ask. " Like it or not, we had done our job to get him in here now. " With that, no one spoken another word after Jennifer spoke.

I regain conscious slowly. With a hand I raise, trying to block the brightness that come from the top.

" Ahh.. He is awake now. " " How do you feel, Jodern. Have any injuries ? How is the trip coming to here ? " A old man who seats at the top of slightly raised floor, accompany by two people at his sides. Jennifer and the others are seated on my left, while I'm the one who was lying on the floor.

" What the H*** ?! That was the most unpleasant trip in a vehicle that I ever want to ride again... What do you want !!? Why being me HERE ?!?!?!! " All those pressure that I accumulated flush out like a broken dam. " He is normal now. " The old man thought.
Strange. I can hear a persons thought now. I don't remember I have these ability before. " So, I see. Feeling different? ". I nodded.
"Let me tell you the truth. You are not ordinary human, nor all of us too. You belongs to one of the legendary species -- Anthro Wolf as they called them selves." The old man take a sip of his cup of tea and continued "Why I know and why I tell you ?" He asked as if he knew what I'm thinking.
"To be honest, we need your help. More precisely, we need you and your power to stop this.". Just right after the old man stop. Another instance of me take over and speak, without I ever knew that such instance that even exist in my mind. As if I got a different personality in my mind.
"Sorry for keeping this as a secret from you, human. I'm the wolf thingy they talk about. Don't worry, I will protect you." the wold said to me in my mind.
Having taking over my consciousness and control over my body, it speaks, using my voice of course. "For a long time ago, I already dropped my form and merge with this boy and decided not to be involve into all this again. Why come to me now!? Don't you promise to leave me alone Elder !! You personally promise me that !!!" I shouted with a volume that I can't never reach to the old man.
"I do promise that. But now, I have no choice but to ask for your help. They are hunting down this innocent boy in order to kill you and inherit your power. " The old man -- Elder replied.
"Both you and I know how severe the consequences, if your power have been taken by the wrong hands. Not to mention, it would also kill the innocent boy you mention before. Be sure to think quick. They are preparing to wipeout a city now. " Elder added.

"What are all this, and what is going on. I'm going to become a packed sardine-fish between you and the so-called Elder, old man. " I asked through the soul link between me and the anthro wolf, which looks like a monster to every ordinary person, but some how I'm not afraid of him. "I shall review the whole story to you." Right after he finished answer me. A flood of memory and knowledge that nearly drown me, rushed into my mind.

The knowledge filled my with all the history of what is going on and what are all those things that I saw before. Which demolished a culture several thousand years ago, as the result of the power of the anthro wolf have been falling into the wrong hands.

With all that, I decided to join them to defend the destruction of the current human beings culture.
"I have dropped my form several thousands of years ago. Without the form, I can't release my true power though. Besides, even I remember it, I don't have the power to change this body into the wolf form." "But you sure you want to do this ?! This is not the kind of games that you used to play around for fun, there is no going back or even a "Rest" for you to choose thought." Wolf added through mind link. "I'm sure about this." I replied.

"For your form, no worries. I will take care of that." Elder replied and summoned a person who look like a white tiger, but walking on 2 foo... no... Paws...
"Hiya pal! Glad to know that you agree to help us." The figure said while slowly approaching me. THAT SOUND! Sounds familiar for me... Seems like Josh. Yet, it have some place where that are not the same as the sound that I used to hear.
Grabbing my shoulder, he said "Well, forget me already!? I'm Josh!"

"wa... wa.. what ?! You are Josh !? You were into this also !?" I speak in extreme disbelieve. He blushes.

"Let me give this. As a present to you. It won't be any pain at all". He pressed his paw to my mouth and start chanting something that I don't understand. A spell or something. While the Elder and the 5 person who send me here, also started the same chanting altogether.
A sharp pain comes from my nose and mouth. He releases his hands and I can feel it start to grow into a muzzle; Teeth became sharp; Tongue starts to lengthen. While my body feels funny, as fur starts to grow all over. Hands and legs became paws with dark and sharp, deadly looking claws. A tail sprout out of my back and sway slowly, which is a funny and weird feeling when you felt there is something on your back and you can feel it and control it, where it is not there before.
On the brain side, both of our minds merged into one and I finally can look through all the memories of his and he went into deeper thoughts of mine. We both explore the unknown side of our thoughts. Surprisingly, we both share many common that not even he knew about.The belly filled with fat almost gone, and replaced by a not so obvious six-pack.

Apart of all these amazing looking transformation. IT HURTS !!! Much LIKE BEING STAB by A SWORD repeatedly and HAVE BEEN PUNCH by a big fat BULLY couple HUNDRED TIMES.

"You said it id not going to hurt ! Yet it hurt like H*** !!!" I shouted. Nearly loud enough to make the glass break into pieces.
"Sorry! I forgot the spell for reducing the felling of pain... " and he dash away from my sight as soon as he finished.

"I'm going to kill you if I saw you again." I murmured.

"Welcome to our small group of exorcist. From today onwards, you will have to join the Student Associates no matter you are willing or not. The form that you are in now, are going to be use only if it is Elder's command or upon meeting the monsters. This shall be kept as a SECERT among us and shall not be announced to anyone by any means. " Jennifer announced.
"Elder, would you do the honor of the last thing to be announced ? " Ask Kent.
"I will be more than happy to do so" Elder said with a smile.


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Wed Mar 19, 2008, 02:07 PM
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RE: Dream (?)
Wow, that was quite a story. And it's also a coincidence that I had an anthro-related dream just earlier this morning. Currently trying to build a story out of it. Smile

-- Delta-HT
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Wed Mar 19, 2008, 04:24 PM
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RE: Dream (?)
i too have anthro dreams.
every night in fact.
its been going on for about a year now.
but its, um..., immatureTongue
whether i want to write it here, i'll think about it.

Fursuiter, fox, friendly, freaky,

so why isn't my name "Fee" but "Vee"?

must be cause i can't think of words that start with V
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Sun Mar 23, 2008, 01:56 PM
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RE: Dream (?)
I admire your ability to recall so much details from your dreams, plus the fact that you could remember them.

The schizophrenic-like communication of the wolf entity within you is an interesting idea, although I think you've been watching too much anime-superhero/Power Rangers-like shows Tongue
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