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Short Story: "Bounce on Me"
Tue May 08, 2007, 02:20 PM (This post was last modified: Tue May 08, 2007 02:23 PM by Ryuu Majin.)
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Rolleyes Short Story: "Bounce on Me"
This is about a story ... of... ... usual story. I know my diction isn't really vast, so I expect a critic or anything about it. I'm used tell a story by drawing, not writing, ehehehehe ^^;

"Bounce on me"

That was a very usual day of Beau to enter the Furrcade Centre. After having some busy day of college, the only thing that blue canine could enjoy is to defeat some opponents there. Alone he went, and he dashed a bit. The pressure of the college seemed a big too much for him that day; he needed to get off some steam.

However, wind blew so hard that afternoon. His favorite brown, fishing hat flied, leaving him in panic. “Hey, wait!” he shouted.
As if the wind teased him, the hat was flown like dancing in the midair, flying higher and higher. “Oh, please no!” the blue canine sighed. And from the other side, a flash of shadowy figure dashed and jumped so high. Beau couldn’t see clearly who’s catching that, as the sun above makes an eclipse of the shadowy figure he was barely able to see it. But then he heard a loud “THUMP”.

A rabbit girl, stood in front of him, holding his hat. Her scarlet, bobbed hair seemed shiny. Beau was still a bit stunned with her somersault jumping action to catch his hat. Not every time he could watch such attraction. “Ah… euuu…, y… yes,” He stuttered with a little nod.
The rabbit smiled. She stepped with her rollerblade close to Beau who looked still stunned.
“So I guess it should be here,” she put the hat on Beau’s head. After patting it twice, she dashed into the mall.

“Hey… err…, t… thanks,” Beau stuttered again, realizing she might not be able to hear him.
Out of the blue, she turned and waved, as if to say, ‘anytime…,’. And as fast, she disappeared within the crowded people.

And then, Beau sighed. “Say it LOUDER, dammit!” he mumbled to himself.

--TBC-To Be Continued--

Let's sing, everyone!! LOL!
Meaoooow meaow meaow meaooooooow!!!!

*thrown with a boot*

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