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Thu Apr 26, 2012, 12:49 PM
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midless walking
by Anthony Felix on Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 4:29am ·

i site and i wight my

as i right this my minde is walking down the depthes of my mind

the path i tack down thes long corradors is on of sadeness.

as i sit my minde comes acrass the truths about my selfe

thout i best forgit

should i ceep on lying

should i put up more walls and for git.

sould i paint onto these walls with more lies?

no i shell tere them down

i shell purn thes kanvissis that i have pantiud onto thees walls.

my mind bends as i walk

it see the truth of my self

as my mind walks down these corroders made out of lies, i cring at the truths that i froce my self to see

as my minde walck down thes dark hallways, i ripe down thes walls of lies, i see a truth

a truth that i need to see.

thes walls bleed in my mind as i see a joy.

a joy for pain.

as my minde walks i see the unjust hate i give to other

i see this hate and i know it has to die

i know he need for giveness

as my mind walkes down the hallwhays, i see a dark hummer at the week

as my mind walk down these hallwhays i now that im a ass a dick, i can think of many whay whay im not liked.

yet my freand love me


i am evil

but know these walls are gone i shell rebilled

i shall walk down the hallways and biled a walk why out of self truths

i shell try to mack my ammends to thos that need it.

ill forgive thos that do not need or deserve my forgivenc.

as my mind walks down thes hallway i smile cuss ill rebild it to somthing that many will love

somthing many will hate, cuss they know that im aat peace with my self.

*trys to cuddle you*
i has a bunny living in a pouch in mah mouth
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