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Love, Lies, and Laughter
Mon Sep 05, 2011, 11:13 AM
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Love, Lies, and Laughter
Part One:

The people around you, The places we gather, The things that bind

Look around you, the people that you pass down the street or the person next to you sitting and having his cup of coffee. Look at them closely. They may just be people that you meet on a daily basis. People that are so close, yet so far.

I Hate Monday

Robert woke up that day just like any other Monday morning, to the buzz of his annoying little alarm clock. Oh, he hated Monday alright. It was the worst day of the week. To him, Monday took out all the fun he would’ve had on a Sunday just to go back to his usual routine at the office.

After utterly cursing Monday for a few seconds, he got out of bed and took a cold hard shower. Then after some more cursing about the landlord for not fixing the water heater, He got dressed had a bowl of cereal and sat on his dining table of one.

Robert had been living alone for the past 10 years. No friends, no family that he thought could remember him, nothing. Just an average paid job with an average rent apartment living an average life.

Robert quickly finished his bowl of cereal and left for work. He works at a firm near downtown Clydia as an accountant. He had a small cubicle just like his other colleagues. None of which he knew first hand. He just remembered a few names here and there, mostly the ones that are near to him. He would never call them friends though. Just people he knew.
The only friends he did have were when he was in high school. He had a gang of friends. First, there was Tina. A sweet, cute tomboy, who’d beat up any guy if they thought woman were weak. Then there was Zack, A handsome, strong jock. He played for the school football team, almost getting there school into the nationals. There was also Jacob, who most of the time was silent and kept a watch on us. He was both smart and matured. Lastly, there was Bryan, the new kid.

Bryan was the new kid in town during that time. He was taking the same course as Robert, so most of the time they had the same class. After a while, Bryan was introduced to the group. All five of them had a great time together. That was of course only until senior year. Just a few days before the prom, Bryan opened up to Robert and asked him to be his date.

Robert was taken aback. He was straight. The idea of dating a guy was obscured. He quickly refused the idea, cursed him for not telling he was gay and told him to never see him again. He then went and told his gang about it but instead of them siding with him, they sided with Bryan. They told him that he was a jerk. They were ok with him refusing, but to not accept a friend, just because he was different, it was very inconsiderate.
That senior year ended his life. He never spoke to anyone after that. None of his friends ever called to him again, or even looked at him for that matter. His existence ended that year.

All of those things happened a few years ago. He wished he could turn back time and change it all, but it was too late.

Robert always had lunch alone at a little diner a few streets away from the office building that he worked at. None of his colleagues went there, thus not having to be in any unwanted conversation. He ordered what he always did, coffee and a burger with a side of fries. An unusually combination but he liked it. When the order arrived he noticed that the waiter was new there.

“You new?” he asked.

“Been here for a couple of weeks actually,” The waiter replied.

“Really?” Robert was confused “I haven’t seen you before,”

The waiter giggled “Then you should pay more attention to your surroundings”

Robert sipped his coffee. He didn’t know why but the waiter somehow looked familiar. Like if he had seen him before but he didn’t know where. So he asked him if he had been here before. The waiter replied that he had only been here for a month or two.

After a few more questions, their little Q and A became a full conversation. Their conversation went on, only stopping when the waiter had to take an order or went to mop a spill. Robert somehow connected with the waiter on a level. A level he had not reached in a long time, a level of friendship.

By the time Robert had finished his meal, he was already a bit late for work. He wanted to stay and chat some more but his bills wouldn’t pay for themselves. So he asked the waiter if he wanted to go have a few drinks after work. The waiter agreed to go and said he would be waiting in front of the diner. Robert went back to work knowing he, after a very long time, finally found someone he could be friends with. Someone that he really connected with.

After work he quickly went to the diner to pick the waiter up. He then drove to his usual watering hole downtown. The both sat on the counter-top and ordered beer. They drank, watched the live game, even played a bit of snooker. It was the most fun Robert had in a long time. He had been drinking alone all the time he nearly forgot how it felt like.

After what seemed like two jugs of beer, Robert was drunk. The waiter, though not drunk due to not drinking as much as Robert did, didn’t have a license. So they had no choice but to walk home. The waiter’s apartment was closest to the pub so they arrived there first. By that time Robert had already sobered up a bit.

Just then, Robert remembered that he had never asked his name. He was so overcome by all of this happening he forgot the most important thing. So he asked the waiter. The waiter took looked at him for awhile as if he was thinking of something.

He then smiled and said “Bryan.”

Peanutbutter_gurl and Rockaholic_wulf

Rif looked at his monitor. He had only 7 minutes to go till he finally download all of Dragonica’s albums. It took him a while to find the torrent but he finally did.

“Just a few more minutes” he said to himself. He gulped down what was left of instant coffee. His housemates were all asleep. Only the sound of his desktop filled the darkness and silence of the house. He took out a smoke and started to light it. Suddenly a window popped up on his screen. It seemed that he forgot to sign out and he was still in a chat room.

Peanutbutter_girl wants to chat

Rif sucked on his cigarette, thinking if he should accept or not. He took the cursor and slowly went to the accept button and clicked.

Peanutbutter_gurl: Hiii…
Rockaholic_wulf: iii…
Peanutbutter_gurl: a/s/l?
Rockaholic_wulf: Y do u ned 2 know…
Peanutbutter_gurl: Cyber?

Rif laughed.

Rockaholic_wulf: LOL
Rockaholic_wulf: Don’t u hav any dignity wat so ever…
Peanutbutter_gurl: so u aint like de others?
Rockaholic_wulf: no of course not…
Rockaholic_wulf: if u aint just want a chat then Ill go…

Rif took his curser to the little “x” on the window but suddenly a dialog popped up, distracting him form clicking.

Peanutbutter_gurl: w8!
Peanutbutter_gurl: I was just messing wit u
Peanutbutter_gurl: don’t b mad
Rockaholic_wulf: oh….
Peanutbutter_gurl: I wanted to separate you from the other stupid, pathetic, indecent, perverted SOBs in this chat room.
Rockaholic_wulf: gurl…
Rockaholic_wulf: nice use of adjectives…
Peanutbutter_gurl: hehehe
Rockaholic_wulf: So r u creamy or crunchy?
Peanutbutter_gurl: ???
Rockaholic_wulf: Peanutbutter right?
Peanutbutter_gurl: ROFL
Peanutbutter_gurl: Don’t know… but definitely creamy
Peanutbutter_gurl: U should see my brother Grapejelly
Rockaholic_wulf: huhuhu…

Rif checked his download. It was already complete. He saved it in his music folder and unzipped it.

Peanutbutter_gurl: wat cha doin?
Rockaholic_wulf: oh… just finished downloading Dragonica’s entire album.
Rockaholic_wulf: hehehe… big fan…
Peanutbutter_gurl: aren’t they those Draconics that posed as guys when they started out.
Rockaholic_wulf: LOL… yup the same one…
Peanutbutter_gurl: hehehe
Peanutbutter_gurl: Hey… kinda need to go
Rockaholic_wulf: where to?
Peanutbutter_gurl: going shopping with some friends =P
Rockaholic_wulf: In the middle of the night???
Peanutbutter_gurl: its morning here… =P
Peanutbutter_gurl: Bye =D

Peanutbutter_girl has signed out

Rif smiled. It was just a short chat but somehow something warm was building inside of him. Straight away he knew that they were going to be best friends.

For the rest of the semester they chatted like there was no tomorrow. If the internet was down, they would use their hand phones instead. They shared all the things they loved. Their shared their forums, their web comics, their blogs, almost everything that they loved on the internet.
After awhile Rif decided that he really wanted to meet her in person, but since she was half way around the world and he was just a college student, he couldn’t possibly afford the 2-way ticket. She too was a college student, so her money was a limited as I was. So the idea just lingered around.

Then one day, He got a message from her saying that she was coming to Meganapolis, specifically, Clydia. Rif jumped up and down from hearing the news before he went into a nervous frenzy. Questions began to fill his head. How did she look like? Would she like me? What the hell was he going to wear?

When the day arrived, Rif told her to go to a little diner just a few blocks away from his apartment. He bought some flowers afterwards and waited in front of the diner. It was a long 30 minute wait but finally a taxi cab arrived right in front of the diner. The door swung right open and Rif smiled.

Friends in Their Own Kind of Way

“Damn,” Luke said as he popped a chewing gum in his mouth. “My teacher told us all to make Velante Day cards for everyone in our class,”

Tifa went into a sudden outburst of laughs. Luke frowned and yelled “Why the hell are you laughing at? It’s not funny!”

Tifa stopped laughing but now had a huge grin on her face. “Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.”

Luke chewed through his chewing gum and spat it on the floor. “I wish we could really crash something right now,”

“Well the group meeting is tomorrow,” Tifa said still grinning ear-to-ear “I can’t wait for what you have installed for us this time,”

Luke staggered a bit. He had forgotten all about tomorrow. He and Tifa were part of a group that wrecked havoc at their school. He was the mastermind and founder of the operation and was able to make swift thinking decisions. Tifa was his second-in-command and co-founder of the group. The both of them had been doing this ever since they had met. They have never been caught and will never be.

Luke quickly got on his bike. “What’s with the rush?” Tifa asked.

“I need to get the plans ready,” He answered as he glanced at his watch.

“I hope they are,” Tifa shouted as Luke rode down the street.

The next day, Tifa brought the rest of the group to their usual hangout, a diner at the corner of 7th and 9th street. There were 4 other members beside Tifa and Luke. There was John, their computer geek. He was an expert on hacking, picture manipulating, software programming, and all sorts of things about computers. Then there was April, whose good looks and popularity made it and easy job for her to manipulate older guys to do her bidding and also know about the latest rumors for intel. Leo was the furry of the bunch. His cat like instinct made him a valuable asset to the team as he could sneak in and out of almost any room. Lastly, there was Vince. He doesn’t do much in the group as his main contribution would be money wise. Coming from a wealthy family made him their financer for every project.

Luke came in a few minutes after the group had settled down. He ordered his regular and sat with the rest of the group. He had a disappointed look on his face.

“So got anything for us Luke?” Leo asked. The rest of the group looked on waiting for an answer but all Luke did was shook his head. Instantly the whole group went into frowns.

“It’s been like, 3 weeks ya know. Ya said it’d be done next time we meet” April said in discontent.

“I know but I have been a bit distracted lately. Something came up and I haven’t been able to make time to do the plans,”

“But you said they were ready last Friday?” Tifa asked in confusion. Blank stares were thrown all around. What had become of their glorious leader, they seemed to wonder.

“If you guys really wanna bomb something, why not we crash the Velante Day celebration next week?” Luke said with some optimism in his voice.

“And how do wev do thaz?” Vince asked

“I don’t know,” Luke shrugged “You guys can’t expect me to think of everything?”

“But that’s the problem,” John interrupted “You always think of everything, every nook and cranny. What wrong this time,”
All eyes were now on Luke, who had his head down thinking of a way to get out of this mess. He lifted his head and looked around the table. Then he looked outside the window and sighed.

“It’s hard to say,” He said in a slow voice “Everything is just… So complicated,”

“You can tell us,” Tifa smiled “Come on, you’ve told us lots of things that have been complicated before,”

“Well…” Luke stared out of that window, looking at the birds that flew high in the sky. How he longed to be as carefree as they were. There was a brief silence among them as they gave Luke time to gather all his thoughts and words together.

“It’s my mom…” He softly said to them. He looked around the table again, staring into each and every one of their eyes. “… she’s dying…”

The Bitter Taste of Sweet Coffee

"One breakfast special, two platters of fries and a side of onion rings" Ceal said as he hanged the order on a thin wire that hung between the two sides of an open window that lead to the kitchen. He then returned to his little spot on the counter-top and poured himself a cup of coffee.

It had been ten years since he had owned this diner and it was filled with customers the day he started. It used to be owned by his previous boss who wanted to sell the place to a local company. Thank god, Ceal had enough savings at the time and decide to buy it from him.

The doors to the diner threw wide open. A blond hair, Caucasian kid just in his teens entered.

"Hey Luke, Need anything?" Ceal said as he sipped on his pitch black roast coffee.

"Not now, Ceal" Luke replied as he passed the counter.

Ceal smiled. Luke was a regular and Ceal knew him very well. He was always here before he would launch one his mischievous plans. Cwal wondered what would he be doing this time around.

"Hey Ceal," shouted the frycock from behind the order window. "How's the new guy doing?"

Ceal turned his head towards the order window. the frycook was just a bit taller then him. Dark skin, short hair, round nose and face, and well built. "He's OK, ever since that new extension we did, it's been kinda great to have some help around."

"Hahaha, you just want more time to slack off don't you," the frycook placed a hamburger and a platter of fries on a tray on the order window and rang the bell next to it "Order up, for table 7,"

Ceal took the order and called his new waiter to take it ti its table. "Don't forget the coffee this time, OK Bryan?"

Bryan smiled taking the hamburger and fries carefully so that he wouldn't slip and fall. Ceal looked around. There was chatter everywhere. The bustling surroundings and the clatter of spoons and forks didn't flinch Ceal even a bit from his tranquil state. To him, this was home. This was always home. This will always be home.

Ceal finished his coffee and took off his apron. He said his good byes and went out. he took a deep breath of air and exhaled loudly.

The streets in front of the diner was a pleasant one. A few apartments could be seen a few blocks away. Some office buildings stood in front the diner. A nervously looking brownish furred wolf furry with a bouquet of flowers in his paws stood just outside of the diner. Ceal smiled towards him and he replied the smile.

"How're you doing, Hun. I know its been a while. Been busy with the diner but don't worry i just got a new waiter so i come here more often," Ceal opened the windows and sat on the chair next to the bed. Feliz laid there, her eyes closed. Ceal took her hand and held it in his.

It's been five years since the almost fatal accident that ripped Ceal's life into shreds. He was driving after a meetup with a few friends in Exorud. Feliz was with him that night. He had been driving all night despite Feliz's advice to stop for awhile. Ceal's ego almost killed him that night. He fell asleep at the wheel, and swerved into the opposing lane and crashed into a truck.

Ceal was so close to death that he sweared that he saw the reaper, but the doctor saved him in the nick of time. Feliz on the other hand had been in a coma ever since.

Ceal rested his head on Feliz's shoulder. he rubbed the ring he wore with her's. He then kissed her on the cheeks and started to admire her beautiful looks.

Ceal and Feliz were a spectrum apart. Ceal was just another run-of-the-mill drag queen before he meet Feliz, who, at the time, was a spiky haired punk rocker tomboy. They didn't see eye-to-eye at first but soon afterwards became to love each other. They got married a year after Ceal took over the diner.

"I'm so sorry," Ceal said as he gazed upon Feliz. His eyes started to fill up with tears "I wish I'd have listened to you more. This would have never happened if I did. I hope you'll forgive me,"

He tightened his grip on her hand. Tears were running down his cheeks. He closed his eyes, sank his head on the bed and started to weep. He couldn't control his emotions anymore. They were just to unbearable.

"Oh god Ceal, your gonna soak the bed," Ceal rose his head. He tried wiping his tears, but they just deluged out of his eyes as he look into the eyes of his beloved. Feliz had finally woke up.

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Mon Sep 19, 2011, 06:50 AM
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RE: Love, Lies, and Laughter
Damn, really struggling to find the time to read through this long storiesTongue

Only 2/3 through and I like the story ideas you have. They are "snapshots" and the characters/storylines are not related to one another, right?

Critiques: Well, the stories feel somewhat disconnected from the reader :/
Its rather like a summarized view from a third person's view and lacks the more emotional connection direct from storyteller to audience. I believe you've gotten the scene and plot down pretty solid, you just need to improve in the method and style of delivery Winking
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Sat Sep 24, 2011, 03:49 PM
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RE: Love, Lies, and Laughter
(Mon Sep 19, 2011 06:50 AM)Canis Enigmas Wrote:  Damn, really struggling to find the time to read through this long storiesTongue

Only 2/3 through and I like the story ideas you have. They are "snapshots" and the characters/storylines are not related to one another, right?

Critiques: Well, the stories feel somewhat disconnected from the reader :/
Its rather like a summarized view from a third person's view and lacks the more emotional connection direct from storyteller to audience. I believe you've gotten the scene and plot down pretty solid, you just need to improve in the method and style of delivery Winking

thanx for the critique.... its much appreciated... Big smile

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Wed Apr 25, 2012, 03:24 PM
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RE: Love, Lies, and Laughter
i think i love yah, cuss your awssome XD

*trys to cuddle you*
i has a bunny living in a pouch in mah mouth
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