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A place to return to
Sun May 01, 2011, 06:59 PM
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A place to return to
Something that popped up in my head while I was thinking about how much internet had taken up my time.

April 13, Tuesday

Pushing open the door of my apartment, I step into the small room which I called home for the last three months.
Dropping the keys on the cabinet next to the door, I curl my tail carefully so it didn't get caught as I push the door close. I pull off my shirt afterwards, plump down onto the sofa without bother to turn on the lights.
The room is quiet. Without the sound of my boss yelling at me, it should be a relief, yet I somehow feel lonely when my ears flicked to voice I'm hallucinating at the moment.
Sighing inwardly, I pulled myself up and into the shower, cleaning myself while trying to wash away the tiredness with a nice hot water shower.

I jolted awake a few hours before dawn on the sofa, with a book in my lap, and a half full glass of wine on the table besides me. Stifling a yawn, I picked up the glass and finished my wine, put a bookmark at the page I'm reading and drop off the book at the bookshelf halfway to the bedroom.
Do you ever figured out how much time you'll have lying around to boring your ass out if you take internet out of your life? Well, I figured it out about three months back. I picked up studying since then, and it frustrated me that so much words thier definitions is still unknown to me.
Pulling my clothes off, I drop to my bed heavily and pull the sheets over me, thinking how the bed lack the scent that I'm so familiar to, ignoring the loneliness of having nobody to curl my body up with as I closed my eyes.

April 22, Thursday

The ATM beeped as the screen flashed show my deposit. 200 dollars. Still some way to go. I press the cancel button and retrieve my bank card before sliding it back into my wallet.
Picking up my coffee, I sipped at it, tasting the bitter flavor of it as it clears out my mind. Now I can afford paying the internet package every month along with my bills, all I need is about a hundred more to get the computer I wanted.
Well, the payday is over the next few weeks. I'll just have to wait until then.
I almost didn't notice that my tail starts wagging back and forth, knowing the lonely waiting is almost over while I'm on the way to work.

"Karl!" I snapped out from my daydreaming to here and now and my boss' voice rang over my ear, making them fold down. "Get your fluffy wolf ass over here and start working!"

"Coming." I put down the highball glass that I've been wipin for the last twenty minutes, and trot over to the polar bear. "Yes, Flinn?"

"Take this to table 5." He commanded, and immediately shove the tray at me, which have three glass of cocktail on it. I'm suprised that I managed not to spill it.

I take the drinks over to the customer, and continue on what I've been thinking on the way back to the bar. Money's aside, I don't really have much time to walk down to the network company and apply for a online package.

Flinn called me when I'm still shifting the dates back and forth in my head. "You okay, lad? Your head doesn't seems to be in the game."

"I'm fine, just thinking 'bout stuffs." Flinn isn't a bad boss, really. Though he tends to yell at you when you didn't pass his expectations.

He continues to look at me, like he's trying to find out what's wrong with me by staring a hole outta my forehead. I fold my arms and simply return the gaze. We stare at each other for a while, and he's the first to break the gaze and turn towards the dancing crowd.

"The mood is dim today." He commented, trying to change the subject as nonchalantly as he could.

"Yeah, not much of good dancers around." I agreed, scanning the crowd for any outstanding dancer. The fox there is nice, but his movement are stiff. Hadn't dance in a long time, maybe. The leopard there is too showy, and that reveals his lack of experience on dacing.

"Wanna light up the ground?" Flinn offered. I turn my head at him, only to find him grinning at me.

"Is there a bonus?" I ask, starting to strech my arms. I haven't dance lately, but a few moves won't be a problem.

"I'll think about it." He said as I take off my jacket and tie it up around my waist.

May 15, Sunday

I have no idea why I'm so nervous when I'm turning on the computer.
The guy from the internet company had been here earlier in the morning to install the modem, and started questioning about why would I want a modem when I don't have a computer to connect with when it arrives.
And now the CPU is buzzing with a low hum as the moniter flashed, a four colored flag waving to me as the computer starting its operation system. I stared at the box and the wrapping bags besides the table. I'll take care of it later. There's something more important at the moment.
I take out a piece of paper from my jeans pocket, and look at the words scrambled on the creased surface with a handwriting that I'm all too familiar with. It was an email address I get from him just before I moved.

His email address.

The welcome screen flashed on. It was supposed to accompanied by some music, but I don't have a speaker currently.
My eyes search the screen, and my ears perked up as I found out the store did put the messenger in for me. Instantly, I double clicked the icon, type in my ID and password, and wait for the messenger to sign me in.
Then I typed in his address, and wait for the messenger to send my invitation to him.

My tail starts wagging when the icon beside his name flashed green, showing that he's online too. It pick up its pace as a window popped open, when he talked to me immediately after I added him into my contact list.

Finally got ur computer? Been missin u so much

And all it takes is that short sentence to make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. A smile crept through my face as I type in my reply.

Yeah, finally. Miss u 2

It does seems a little wierd to talk to him over the internet, when months before we don't even need a phone to talk together. I let my mind wander through the times we've been together as I wait for his reply.
His nonchalant manner towards almost everything. His smile that always lightens up my mood. His suppotive manner as I tell him that I'm gay, only to found out that the reason is he's gay too later that day. The feeling of his body against me later that night.
The words that calm me down after my parents disowned me because I'm gay, and The room he'd let me live in for months before I decide to move away to study, and his promise to wait for me, followed by a passionate kiss.
I cling to the warmth of the memories and put my attention back on the screen for his reply. The words makes my smile bigger and my tail wagging round and round like a propeller.

Welcome back

The words is going to make me smile a whole day straight. Though I know that there'll still be some time until I could really be with him, but we can at least talk to each other now. This will make the waiting easier.
I took some time to calm my tail down before typing down my response.

I'm back

When people meets, there's something taken, and something being left behind. what that left is called "link", and that wouldn't easily fade away, not even with time passes, nor how long the journey itself.
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Mon May 02, 2011, 12:23 AM
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RE: A place to return to
This story has potential!

Is this the story proper or are you going to revise it?

Hollud. Simply, horse.
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Mon May 02, 2011, 12:36 PM
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RE: A place to return to
Thanks! Big smile

This is all I had in my mind though

When people meets, there's something taken, and something being left behind. what that left is called "link", and that wouldn't easily fade away, not even with time passes, nor how long the journey itself.
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