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Round Robin, let's try this again.
Sun Aug 30, 2009, 11:09 PM (This post was last modified: Sun Aug 30, 2009 11:19 PM by Pyurio.)
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Round Robin, let's try this again.
I started with this piece of starter scene I had in mind and had no idea where to go from there. Maybe someone would be interested in pitching in.

Setting Type: Science-Fantasy / Crystal-Punk
Setting: Imagine a literally underground Las Vegas. Right, now imagine it being ruled by three gangsters faction. Okay, now imagine them treating all business from beauty salon to fast food as serious business. Lastly, add magic and swords on top of that.

Furriness: The beastmen are generic furry mammal creature in many forms and shapes, the Featherscales are reptavian people.


"Friends, I have an Idea."

It always started with Jack's ideas.

"What sheenanigans are you up to now?" Asked the short statured beastman to his slender and foppish friend. Knowing Jack for so long, Ferro knew well that his any other ideas have equal chances of ending up as major mishap or complete calamity.

"It's about our summer vacation." Jack started, "I mean, do you guys have any plans for the following month full of holidays ahead?"

"Not really... " Answered the burly beastman. "Well I was thinking of helping my mom for her expedition across Kayukusan. But on second thought, I'm not an apt explorer like her and would just be a burden on her team."

"Pretty much like Ari, I haven't got any things to do." Answered the short beastman again.

"Excellent. I think you guys wouldn't mind accompany me on my venture would you?"

"Depends on your destination. The last time we went around with you, a Halhan Death Worm almost sprayed my face."

"Don't worry Ferro." Jack wrapped one of his arms around his short friend shoulder. "We are going to a civilized place this time. Well... relatively civilized."

"Are we going to Lokasena?" Asked the big beastman.

"Pah! My family lived there. The wonder of that place wore off quickly if you live there the whole time. No, this is a cooler than that."

"Spit it out, Jack."

"Well guys, we are going to Fos."

Ferro almost chocked on his coffee when Jack said that. "Are you out of your mind? One night there and we will be robbed naked."

"Now, now, information about Fos most often came from people who never even set their feet there. These people like to exaggerate everything. Beside, I have a friend who can guide us when we reached the place."


Ferro and Ari wasn't exactly sure what made them nod in agreement to Jack's request, but here they stood in their little campus town train station. They didn't really bother to dress for this occasion. Ari wore his everyday elaborate pants while Ferro donned his short shorts and vest.

"Ari! Ferro! Here!" A feminine beastman dressed in loincloth and a tank top waved to them. Jack ran to them. He had a small backpack with him.

Jack and his friends looked like a caricature version of their own kind. Jack's too tall and too skinny, Ari's too thick and Ferro? In his words, he's vertically challenged.

"Are you ready for fun?" Jack asked them.

"What I'm not ready for is silly unnecessary death inherent in your travel plan." Said Ferro

"Oh you." He patted Ferro's back not too gently.

The underground train that passes Fos came very often since the underground city mostly accessible only via underground except for secret path that leads to outside world. The station guard shouted to the passenger to keep their distance from the ledge of the platform for the incoming train.

A train slowed down with a hiss and end in a complete stop in platform four. The trio joined with other passengers into the train. During summer vacation, no one used the train much in a city whose majority of population are teachers and students so they had no need to jostle against another passenger. The trio walked to a vacant seat far from the door.

"Anyway I took a tourist guide for Fos in the station." Said Jack when he had seated himself up properly. He picked a crudely bound booklet from his bag titled "So you want to come to Fos?” The front page had a splotch of red ink covering most of the word 'FOS'

"Wouldn't you believe they charged me for this lousy booklet."

"What's in it?"

"Well there's map and then stuff you can do. Let's read it." Jack opened the first page.

"Drugs, girls, casinos, and everything in between, Fos have all of it."

"How about some food?" Asked Ari.

"That too." Jack raised his forefinger.

"Let see... officially the place is a lawless wretched hive. However, it has three de facto ruler existing in an uncomfortable peace. The house Systand, the house Tumbar and the house Time."

"Time? What kind of family name is Time?"

"I dunno, let see if they have information on Time family." Jack leafed through the booklet. "Biscuit Time and Coffee Time, they're twins. There's a painting of them as well."

The page displayed a full size picture of two beastmen standing in front of what looks like a restaurant. The one the left was white as snow and extremely fluffy while the one on the right was black as coal and completely devoid of any hair.

"They're twins?"

"It’s better not to think too much about it. My friend said most people in Fos aren't exactly what they looks like..."

During the rest of their journey, Jack blabbered about whatever his friend told him about Fos. Ari just nodded and smiled, he had no scenery to see in the underground. Ferro on the other hand tried to provide healthy dose of pessimism to whatever crazy plan Jack had in his mind when they reached Fos later.

"Fos! We have arrived at Fos!" The attendant’s amplified voice rang through out the train. Half of the passengers stood up and shuffled through other passengers to the sliding door.

"Oooo goodie."

Fos station looked quite glamorous with lightstones applied all over it. Being underground, it relied to artificial means to light its way.

"For an underground place, this city is quite diverse." Ferro commented.

The station of Fos had all kinds of people there. A ghoulish Etheling, hairless man with skeletal head, pointy ears and glowing eyes, argued with a Netherling engineer, squat man who covered his head completely using helmet with tinted glass. A Featherscale, flew around the station chased by his parents. A Trefolk, a man that could be described as combination of a bat and ape dragged his Quithling partner, a green huge man with horns and tusk.

That one was a rare sight. Quithlings are very timid to the point that not being coward and stay in their forest is a sign of insanity.

They walked through the assortment unofficial tour guides hawking them for some services.

"Behold Fos! A city where anything goes." Jack outstretched one of his arm towards the city in front of them.

Ari and Ferro found it hard to hide their amazement of the underground city. The most obvious difference than other cities they visited, Fos had ceiling and this affected its design greatly. Gigantic pillar the size of buildings stood at uniform formation prevents the city from collapsing. Fosians rely on light crystal to light the city where the sun doesn't shine and they were damn creative at it.

"Fos started as a mining settlement of Mana Crystal. When they exhausted the deposit, it had become quite a bustling city, things goes from there, bad things, good things." Jack flipped through the pages of the booklet for the last time and threw it to the nearest waste bin.

"Hah I don't need this anymore, my friend will handle things from here."

Walking through the streets of Fos gave Ari and Ferro all sort bad vibes. The area Jack led them to wasn't very far, but the lighting there was noticeably dimmer than other places. They didn't saw many people either and the few that they did wasn't so keen on strangers.

"Here it is."

Ferro looked up the decrepit black building in front of him. Most of the light crystals on its entrance sign were in serious need of replacement. They entered through the door into the lobby where a male human sat on the receptionist desk. The air inside felt surprisingly dry but it had a trace of funny smells in it.

"What do you want?" The receptionist paused his reading and raised his head. He wore a padded vest that Ferro recognize as being able to deflect most projectile both physical and metaphysical.

"We’re visiting a friend. Bazza Volpecali."

"Oh, yeah yeah." He went to read his magazine again, ignoring them.


Jack knocked the door once more. Still no answer or even any sound came from the other side.

"Baz! I'm coming in whether you're ready or not." He shouted and turned the door knob.

The trio walked into and looked around the room. Nothing looked strange upon first glance and they still found nothing strange on second closer inspection.

"It's quiet here. Too quiet."

Ari walked into another room in the apartment flat. The door hinge wasn't really tacked on the frame anymore and it fell forward as Ari touched it even for a bit.

"G- gu- guys, I think we have a problem."

Ferro and Jack followed Ari into the bedroom. Both men cringed upon seeing what lay on the bed in the centre of the room. A naked human splayed on the bed with each end of his limbs tied to the bedpost. He smiled and his face even looked serene as though he was sleeping if not for blood seeping from both side of his mouth. The only other tell tale of the grisly thing that had happened to him is a long metal rod sticking out from...

Well, let's just say he was impaled from one end of digestive track, and that end is not his mouth.

"What the hell?" Was the only thing Jack could utter.

"This... this isn't your friend is it?"

"No, my contact is not a human, she's a lady and more importantly she's not dead."

"I think we should get the hell out of here, like, this instance." Ferro tugged on Jack's arm.

Just then, a sound of blasted door came from down bellow and followed by hurried footsteps of people running. Probably wearing a steel boot, judging from how loud the beat. There was stern shouting, more blasted doors, and screaming. Now whoever crashed into the apartment sounded like they were currently climbing the stairs leading to the fourth floor.

They could hear the rumbling footstep grew louder in the flat they were in.

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