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Tales from Wolfworld
Fri Nov 14, 2008, 12:49 PM (This post was last modified: Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:59 PM by Pyurio.)
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Tales from Wolfworld
Posted here are snippets of unrelated stories that happened in the same world.


From the four guardian of the Man, only the Jackal we can see. We were still thoughtless when the Wolf come to bring the breath of our Father, too clouded in anger and desperation when the Coyote cast upon us his trick, and too distracted with joy when the Fox brought his blessing to us.

It started like any other dawn when my friends and me set up our sail and prayed to Hanguri to send us down. She answered our prayer and pushed our sail to the open sea and soon enough we found ourself amidst a great darkness. We prayed to the Sea and cast our net. The Sea is our livelihood without which we wouldn't continue and it is just proper to ask for her permission before we take her children.

It was a freak accident actually, it shouldn't normally happen and no one was prepared for it. Our net entangles me as we cast it down, bringing me to the depth of the sea with it. I can hear my friend shouting before their scream drowned by the sea. If fish could talk they would be cheering and laughing at me, being trapped in my own device. My lung finally gave way and forced me to inhale. But as there was no air to inhale, pain seared my chest as the salty water invaded my lung.

And I can feel someone draw a breath out of me.

I was standing in the air. My body was as naked as the first time Amaru brought Father's breath into me. Bellow me I saw my friends trying to rescue me, one stayed on the boat while the others dive. I look beside me and there he is.

He was like what we expected he will be, tall and extremely emaciated like a black leather stretched upon a skeleton. He looked right back at me, his eyes were as black and dull as his skin.
"Is it my time?" I asked him, and he nodded as an answer.
I feel warmth all over me and I looked bellow to my feet. They are dispersing into tiny sparkle of light and soon enough what left of me was drawn by the winds.

I wasn't afraid. I accept my final destiny with open heart and the last thing I felt was the euphoria of liberation as my consciousness was spread by the wind.


I will set rainbow in the cloud, as a sign of a covenant between the earth and me. When I bring a cloud over the earth, I will see the rainbow and I will remember my covenant between me and every living creature of all flesh. The waters will no more become a flood to destroy all flesh.

The Ark of Deliverance, The Book of Origin

There was no rainbow, but its appearance at that time would be even more baffling.

It happened on one cloudless late night. Without any moon to help, only torches and lamps illuminated the city while everyone sounds asleep. The watchmen on shift were unfortunate enough to witness their demise. They don't know what come upon them and in this dark night nor can they see the horror that struck them. There were no survivors. They who spared from the catastrophe woke up to a horrible surprise of vast expanse of water that lies before them. Many things ashore - mostly lifeless - at the border between the land and waving waters gave hint of what was happened.

The news of deluge spread inland. Many flocks to the new shore to see with their own eyes what happened. And speaking of what he has wrought, none of the possible explanation comforted who believed in him. But for now, there were more pressing trouble that the living should be worried about.


The thing of all Norden was filled with air of dread and worry. Considering what had passed a month ago, this is understandable. Ravengrim the folk’s king sat in amidst the yeomen, and facing him was Bern.

And when he arose all the youmen who had before been sitting does so as well, they rushed together from all parts to listen to what Lawman Bern would say. At first there was a great din of folk and weapons but soon the noise dropped into murmur, and afterward there was only silent listening.

And Bern made his speech.

"The way of our forefathers was good and as our fathers abide to it they were happy. Since the time of my father we have the folks coming from the south with their oath of salvation. We let them live amongst us as they spread their new way upon us even though it is not seldom that they turned to wroth doing.

Just a month ago comes the great Ström and took many of us with it. We asked for the salvation that the Sparfolks behighted but they gave us nothing. We feel that these newcomers have anything to do with the coming of the Ström and because of these, we will no longer let the newcomers feel welcomed.

Now it is our will that thou forsake the new way to which the newcomers have swayed you and that thou help us bring back our folks to the way of our forefather. We will no longer put up with the stirring of law and frith and if thou wilt not do as we wished we will beset thee and end thine live as our forefather have done.

Now in haste, say what deed wilt thou take."

There was a pause until the folks banged their arms and yelled.

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Fri Nov 14, 2008, 05:41 PM
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RE: Tales from Wolfworld

"Chairman Sando Hanash as elected by the Chieftains.
As you may heard from the news relayed by your whitemen, a group of people landed in the beach of Nahal. What makes this significant as to need attention by all other chieftains is that none of these newcomers were one of us. To our astonishment the newcomer were not even remotely resemble any being we ever seen.

These Aliens are definitely not animals as they wear clothes more elaborate than us, and they are capable of speaking and using language. They are people of thought like us but the alien and we have no similarity in form other than both of us stands upright though their legs are straight. Their skin are bare safe for their long mane and patches of fur on their disturbingly flat face. More of their detail can be seen in the picture sent along with this letter. It is drawn as accurate as our finest artists can reproduce.

Anyway, the most strangest fact about them is that all of them are invariably capable of lifebending but at the same time they completely incapable of workbending.

The aliens says that they come from Uludda, and I think you will agree with me when I say that the occurrence of these aliens have something to do with the strange happening in Uludda a couple of centuries ago where the Uluddan are forced to move from their land lest they return to state of thoughtlessness.

Today, after staying for two nights in Nahal, the Aliens are returning to their homeland. But this is when more pressing matter occurs. The Aliens were surprised seeing us as much as we are surprised seeing them. And during the span of their stay on Nahal we still know nothing about what the Aliens are capable of nor do we know what would they do. Our dealing so far with them was in non confrontation. But then my whitemen come with disturbing news. The feeling of the Aliens toward us that our whitemen sensed was that of fear and repulsion. I fear that our second encounter with the aliens would not be as peaceful as this one and so I request emergency assembly of chieftain to be arranged as soon as possible so that we can discuss what should we prepare to do regarding these Aliens.

I know this may sounds hard to believe but I swear by Lashen that this letter contains only truth.

Naniru of the Nahal Delta

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Fri Nov 14, 2008, 10:14 PM (This post was last modified: Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:16 PM by Pyurio.)
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RE: Tales from Wolfworld

"He smelled nice, I like him." Said the Varolv while eyeing their last our for today.
"I don't smell anything." Said the human as he packed the herb to their respective slots.
"His is quite strong actually." The Varolv sniffed, "I don't know how Laterfolks can live with their weak senses." Setaq realized what he just said and apologized immediately.
"No offense taken." Answered Krevan. " Just ... how exactly this smelling thing works?"
"Well ..." Setaq pondered on what he about to say. "what does your people use for identification?"
"Their look, surely. So ... you identify each other with smells?"
"Yes, and I take it there's such thing as attractive looks in laterfolk yes?"
"That is true." Krevan by now had finished arranging the herbs. "So ... he has attractive smell?"
"To me at least, different folk have different nose,” added Setaq, the Lupan examined the human.
"I don't mean to offend you but he's male and you're ... male."
"Surely there's other male of your kin that looks attractive too?"
"Yes. But we are not supposed to appreciate it. Men should not do that to another men."

"How strange ... while white men like me only attracted to male scent. For most firstfolk the attractively of smell has nothing to do with gender. I am curious though, how do I look?"
"I ..." Crevan examined the Lupan. "don't know. What is considered beautiful by your standard?"
"Having a healthy and complete set of body part,” he answered.
“Well ... though, since our ancestors found how to bend matters and energy we grown a bit ... pudgy.” It's true, most of the Varolv are a bit chubby. I guess by their standard Setaq looks very emaciated. But it’s common among whitefolk to be skinny.

"I'm not sure what to make of your smell Kelaivan" he continued "they are alien, yet ... enticing."


The first thing that greeted us as we approach the city was the breakwater. Its scale, as with all of their architecture, was phenomenal, but what is more amazing is the statue that stood atop the largest gate. It depicts a female Lycaeon in her traditional toga and a wreath on her head. A torch she held in her outstretched right hand, and her left arm holds something akin to a tome.

It stood for ninety Ashoḥ, which, after a rough calculation, I found, was about three hundred feet. That's twice taller than anything we ever built though I think it was not a feat for them Lycaeon and their Kinesis.
"So what do you think of it?" My guide, a white Lycaeon was beside me now. His appearance was feminine with a long tapered muzzle that ends with a pink nose. His mane was long and flowing under the sea breeze.
"Awesome ..." Is all that I can utter.
"On night we use it as a lighthouse so that traveler can find our port."

After I finished gawking at the gigantic construct I turned to him.
"Who is she?" I asked to the white guide who replied me with a shifty eyes, a Lycaeon expression of unpleasantness. I think I have been rude by not knowing who is the woman depicted on the statue, but hey, it's not fault is it?
"She's Esa Yalsagh the Enlightener." I was hesitant to ask further, judging from his reaction to my first question. But he seems to catch my inquisitiveness and continued.
"As the color of statue suggest. She's a white person." He said, and now he seems to give me a time for me to hide my amazement. White Lycaeon is their version of what we Humans call the Hypertalented and so far there has never been a female Hypertalented.
"Admittedly as she have died two thousand years ago, any accounts about her most probably has been twisted and distorted, most people today think that she was actually a male albeit a very effeminate one. But that is beside the point." He reached behind his toga to pull his pendant, it was a just a circle ring made of gold.
"She was the one behind this." He showed me his pendant. The circle ring is the symbol of the Lycaeon faith common on northern Aphrike.
"Ah so I see. She's the founder of ..." I tried to give impression that I at least know something about them but it was in vain as I forgot the name of their belief. The guide rolled his eyes.
"Shoraith." He finished my sentence. "She's more than just spreading the words about the true God. She was responsible for our change from dominion of corrupt Kings who call themselves Son of God to a system where we the people decides our live by ourselves. She was also a scientist and lead many revolution in the way people thinks."

The ship now passed under her and for a moment we are shielded from the midsummer sun and now in front of me was the port of Gethan Duroy. The port was a breathtaking view with ships come and go, and on the background of it all are towering white buildings whose reflective property made them looks like they are shining.

"Welcome to Gethan Duroy." The guide said with a wolfish smile


Three hundred years ago, Lord Kjartan published Catagoge te Ede, a seminal literature that paved the way of exelictic biology and epistemic study of human biocherism. Today we understand how exelisis responsible for the multitude of different species in our world.

Many things still left unsolved. We do not know the origin of human, since they didn't came from this world. What I consider more puzzling, however, is the apparent lack of any apolithic evidence on the exelisis of wolves. As we know it, one way of tracing exelisis is done by examining apoliths, petrified remnants of living being from days of yore. We can see from the collection of apolith how a species changes slightly over the time by physic epilogy. Nature eliminates they who are not fit enough to survive the change.

Paleontologists worldwide have found many apolith of wolves. One thing that puzzles many modern day epistemist however is the fact that there are only two kind of wolf apolith that can be found up until today. The first kind is what we call Protolycos, which bears similarity to feral wolves, or wolves found in human's world. The other kind of apoliths is petrified remnants of Neolycos, bipedal wolves as we know it today. At first, we thought it is because we still only dug a few of apolith that can be found. With the advent of radioactive dating however, things began to get more intriguing. All of the Protolycos we manage to found dated no younger than 50.000 Ante Jos and conversely all of the Neolycos apolith dated no older than 50.000 Ante Jos.

This finding is corroborated by wolves’ calendar. Inexplicably all of the wolves culture myth have what they call the "Coming of Thought" according to the myth, during the coming of thought the wolves gain sapience and ylocherism. Thenceforth they developed society and civilization, as we know today. All of the wolves’ cultures myth pinpoint that the Coming of Thought happened fifty millennia ago.

The simplest explanation from all of these is that somehow the wolves transformed from protolycos into modern neolycos about fifty thousand years ago. This leads to another question however.

What caused the transformation?

What caused the coming of thought?

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Fri Nov 21, 2008, 08:30 PM (This post was last modified: Fri Nov 21, 2008 08:32 PM by Pyurio.)
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RE: Tales from Wolfworld

The landing on Selene at 1200 AfterShift have proven the wolves worthiness as a civilization. It's not that they hadn't proved that almost a millenium ago during the subduction of man where just bout one thousand wolves in loincloth manage to bring down hundred thousands of attacking army of man. But, that's an embarrassing chapter in the history that man prefers that the wolves don't bring it anymore. I admit that ... We had trouble admitting defeat.

So, what happen on the year of 1200 AS? I was there when it happened. I happened to the only human amongst the wolves. I happened to be a hypertalented and as a good gesture the wolves carried me along. Because ... even though they had the power, it's man who had the talent of design.

But don't tell the wolves about that.

Anyway, this project didn't come out from the blue just like that. There were years of research, followed by another years of development, and topped with yet another years of training. Various new forms of Dynatropes wereinvented just for this project. First there was the manipulation of gravity that should prepare us for the much smaller gravity of Selene. There was also some delicate atmosphere manipulation we trained that underwater, basically we are supposed to bend some air around us so that we won't get wet. In outerspace this would be an emergency manoeuvre during decompression. There were many others training exerted upon us. We have successfully sent people on the orbit. But far away to Selene? It was unthinkable, at least until now.

And today is the day.

"You ready?" Asked one of the wolves in mangled pangloss. We were fitting ourself in the locker room. Just at the safe distance from the launching ground. The crews were four wolves and me. D'artanga, It'au Shakadin, and Hurra they are all white men, though this fact doesn't show with all their furs shaved.
I answered in what I think would sound equally mangled Saqqaran as their Pangloss to me. I had taken my uniform off and halfway through my spacesuit. It was pretty tight on my skin, and that's the reason the four wolves shaved their fur, they said wearing it with their fur brushing inside it is killing them.
Said Hurra the largest wolf I ever saw.

The warm wind of Harrad brushed against us as we opened the door. The sky above us was completely without clouds. A good weather for take off. Pick-up cars have been waiting for us outside and we ran to it.
"Going to make history, eh boys?" The driver was a girl, a human girl.
"Heh ... yeah." I sat right behind her and put my helmet on my lap.

We traversed the take off area until we are right around the platform, from there we ascend through the stair, the door on this Pyraulo is placed on its nose. We scrambled and climbed to our position, which is basically a chair tilted upward. I communicated with the control, checking if anything is ready. The process is extremely pedantic and time consuming but it is necessary to prevent tragedies such as what happened five years ago. After half an hour of checking we can hear a muffled siren for a minute.

Then silence came upon us for five minutes. It's deafening, but we didn't dare to talk with each other during launch.

"DECA" The shout can be heard muffled from the outside and slightly delayed inside the rocket, it is then followed by Saqqaran.


"TRIA ... ISHÄ€"
"DIA ... URYE"

"ENA ... HUKI"

"ANAPHLEXE ... DUÄ INMAKDIN" After this announcement our rocket began to rumble.

"APOSPASE ... AQINDIN" I degraved myself as the burst jets of propelled our Pyraulo to reach earth escape velocity. I have gone through this for two times and it still didn't go any easier. After a while, as we went higher. I closed my eyes.

Our first leg of journey. The Diethnic Space Station.

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