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Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
Sat Nov 15, 2008, 08:33 AM (This post was last modified: Sat Nov 15, 2008 11:04 AM by Pyurio.)
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
Josef workshop was basically a medium size hangar. There’s a couple other ship beside Sando’s parked there. Inside, at the spot where the place is not overtaken by rows of cabinets and racks, a large metal table have been laid. Four men sat around it. Zippy looks nervous, Vorca, bored, and Josef, fidgeting with the tracker, as he would like to see how it works.

“Allright guys! guys!” Sando raised his hand.
“Brigit is nowhere to be found. There are three possibility.” he started.
“One,” Sando raised his index finger, “the tracker is broken.”
“Two,” his middle finger followed, “she’s flying away without us."
"Three," his ring finger followed, "she's kidnapped."

"Hey ... can those tracker tracks dead people as well?" Vorca asked and everyone looked at him in horror. No one likes the implication of his question.
"Just ... asking." The whale added.
"O ... only ... if the body doesn’t decay so much." Zippy was still a little shaken with that question.

"Okay, let's assess these possibilities one by one. The tracker is broken."
"Nnnno." Josef answered "I can see Honey as well ‘eea."
"’ow?" but Zippy realized he didn't want to hear the answer, "wait ... don't tell me."
"Maybe she's out of range?" asked Sando.
"That's what I'm trying to say Boss! The range of this trackah is 1000 kilometas and she’s nowehere to be found."
"Okay, the second premise is that she's flying away without us, this premise is almost impossible, she's not that type of girl. Getting kidnapped is also a ridiculous premise, what kind of people would kidnap her?" Sando chuckled.

They came to a dead end.

"Alright, I think maybe she had some business here in her homeland, perhaps so urgent that she can’t left any message ... here's what I think we should do:" Sando scratched his chin, "after the meshing is finished, we take a break, and then continue our journey."
"What about 'eah Brigit!?" Zippy asked.
"She's a grownup, Zippy, older than me, I think. After we went there we can get back here again, she would be back here at Josef's if she really still ... in this planet. Could you accommodate her when that happen?" Sando now looked at Josef.
"Shuah! me and me gehl would make ‘eah feel at ‘ome.” Josef failed to realize that this was Brigit home as well.
"You ... ‘ad a gehlfriend?" Zippy seems to be unable to believe that part.
"Why not?"


The second time Brigit woke up, she feel something soft bellow her. She found that she have been laid on a bed. She felt very weak and tried to move her hand, but after a short distance, she felt something tugged her wrist. She traced it with her other hand. At her surprise, it wasn't a chain or anything heavy, it was just a string of thread going from her hands to the bedposts. She pulled the thread with her might, but it won’t budge.

Now Brigit knew well what the thread was. She then looked her surrounding. It was dim and featureless room, she scanned until she found a figure stood far on the edge of the room, in front of what she presume was a door.

"How do you think about my Gleipnir?" The figure asked.
"So, what do you want from me? Huh? Push my soul away like you did to my sister?" She had mixed feeling between anger and sorrow, but mostly anger now. She thought her chest was aching when she said that.
"See ... that wouldn't work. All these animal bodies are so weak it's ridiculous! Some of them can't even handle me, I don’t think you can either. The only thing I could do is go back to my original ...” She paused.
“I have said too much. You should go to rest, dear." Brigit felt drowsiness fell down upon her. This wasn't natural, it was sleeping spell, and was a strong one at that.

She can't fight it. Brigit slept.


Josef insisted that they spend their night at his house, which is just a door away from his workshop. It was actually large and clean, if a bit too empty. Zippy commented that Josef is actually a neat freak as opposed to their older brother, Jakob. Around dinnertime when Sando and friends was playing on a board and Josef busy on the kitchen, a white lapine lady greeted them. She was carrying a large box.

“I’m home! Heeey! Who’re these?"
"Darling, you're home!" Josef ran and hugged his girlfriend "They are my friends, and this my Honey!" Josef tugged Zippy to stand up from the couch.
"Aaaah Honey!" The white rabbit put down her box and run to hug Zippy. The rodent felt rather snug but he instantly felt like he was cheating on someone. He politely pushed the rabbit.
"My Darling tells many thing about you, Honey. Oh ..." She just realized. "Sorry I have been rude. My name is Siobhan Ní Báncoin"

Later they found that Siobhan is worked at a market not far from the workshop, as a bodyguard. She turned out to be as clingy as her boyfriend. The dinner consisted of a deliberate amount of cabbage rolls with meat inside, pea soup, and for desert, scones and ice cream.
"Oooo oooo, can you see through clothes with your mechanical eyes?" Siobhan examined Zippy’s glass like left eye that he kept under a patch.
"What? ... no!"
“Mmm this is good,” Sando commented, "so ... when the meshing will finish?"
"You should be able to fly away next mohning."
"Perfect! But...” Sando took some more cabbage roll, “Josef, are you sure you would do this for free? I mean, I appreciate it, but it’s an expensive procedure."
“Wel...” Josef gave a sheepish smile, “perhaps you could help me with some stuff later.”


The clock already pointed at twenty-one, but the sun was just around the horizon. It was summer where the night was short.

Sando checked on Nahaś before he went to sleep in one of Josef’s guest room. She was still hibernating. It’s best to keep the plane temperature low so that she won’t accidentally wake up. Siobhan asked if Zippy would like to sleep in her room, to which Zippy flatly refuse. Meanwhile Vorca helped Josef with the meshing.


Her third awakening are from some one poking her side. She can feel that the surface under her is grainy it felt like ... a sand. The place was warm and dry. She opened her eyes only to shield it as soon as she did it.

Brigit sat and looked around her again, who was poking her? She found that out soon as she looked to her side. A white naked scaleskin sat beside her, her ears are membranous as well as her wing behind her back. Scaleskins didn'don't have any difference between their male and female, but Brigit know as well, she was a girl.


And then in the next six-hour the morning come. After washing and hasty preparation, Sando and Zippy shows up in the workshop.

"Morning!" Sando greeted the rodent who fell asleep on a couch in the workshop.
"Oh ... morning."
"Has Brigit shown up yet?"
"No she hasn't." Vorca meanwhile are busy carving some hand sized sculpture using his daggers.

“Allright!” Josef yawned and stretched, “your fine ship is now meshed and ready to go.”
“I cant thank you enough, Josef.”
“Well ... If I may ask ... where would you like to go actually?”
Sando looked around him cautiously and then he lowered himself to Josef level. “I can’t exactly tell you, but I promise I would come back with something awesome for you when I pick up Brigit from here.”
“You promise?”
“I promise.” Sando nodded.”

In the bridge Sando briefed his crew about their next destination.

“Alright, there’s just one more thing I need to tell you guys before we land there. Divine Relics have been categorized by Intellegencia and for a good reason. The first one is called Ben, you can do anything you want this, Ben Relics are harmless and its containment door are coloured green. The second one is Ambi, do not enter their containment area before you ask my permission. The last one is Mal, this Relics are so dangerous they are held down in stasis field.”

“Whoa? Stasis field?” Zippy still can’t suspend his disbelief about all the fantastic thing Sando said.
“Shhh, it’s a secret.” Sando hushed
“Anyway, Mal Object, their containment door is painted red and there’s a skull of progenitor attached to it. You should never touch these doors.”
“Because the content is dangerous?” Asked Vorca.
“No ... because the security measure will electrocute you.”
“Where did you know all these stuff, Cap’n?” Asked Vorca.
“I have ... my ways.” Sando gave his usually cheesy grin.

“Okay now ...”
“Sando ... “ All the guys looked behind them, where a pale thin scale skin limped toward them.
“Brigit is ... in trouble.” Said the dragon girl.


MA - 1 stands for Milicia Astroplane number one, though people inside that branch usually call the special plane the Mjölner due to its shape. Why was it special? one may ask. It is because Mjölner was one of the few planes that have their own jumper. According to Intellegencias at Department of Registration only one in twenty five plane have their own jumper and this number is also including the jumper planes that escourts other planes back and forth to and from the Hub.

Mjölner at this moment orbited Osborg like a hammer that looms over the Milicia first command. Its jumper Susi, currently reading a story book in his room in the centre. Meanwhile while at the each on of the head two Archostrategos reside. They are however, considered as one unit by the council. Twins always get that treatment.

In one side of the hammerhead, in his tight quarter, a burly white wolf reclines on his lazy chair, his quarter would look large if not for the various training machine that filled it. The wolf donned an Archistratego uniform, which consist solely of a brief and a jock, the rest were boots, helmet, armours and padding to prevent chafing. Here in his ship he didn’t need to wear all of those.

When his brother stormed to his quarter Freak was eating the last batch of his daily allowance of cupcakes while watching a show about extreme survival. His arms and legs are no longer biological, but rather tubule protheses.
"Wuff?" Freak said half mumbling, as his mouth was full. Freak eyes had black on white colour and his brother should have the same colour, if his biological eye was still there that is.
"Would you just stop eating." Gear looks exactly like his brother save for several additions. He had quite an amount of fake-metals on him, on his head and body piercings were an ubiquitous additions to his robotic eye. Choking his neck, several smooth chain of necklace, while on his wrist and ankle, a couple of bracelet, and still on each of his fingers, rings.
"Ofay, ofay," Freak took a big gulp, "what is it?"
"We need to go to the hub." Now it is apparent that his muzzle is closed when he said that and the voice come from a vocalizer on his neck instead. A catheter goes out from his neck just about clavicle and bend around his trapezius.
"I'll explain later." And with that Geri turned away. Now a cable can be seen going from the base of his head to his spine under the cape. Freak large feet made a loud thumping noise as he ran catching to his brother.

Susi's jobs consist only of doing jump from and to trispace or attending his daddy and uncle's needs, both of which are very exhausting. But it wasn't so bad as though they look menacing his daddy and uncle Freak were very gentle to him. The young wolf put his book down and jumped out of his bed when the system in his quarter gave a melodious tinkling, signing that someone was approaching his quarter. A minute passes until his door slide open and two large wolves entered. Susi stood almost as tall as Gear and Freak, though he weight at most third of the ridiculously muscle-bound wolves.

"Good morning daddy." Susi giggled and bowed to his father and uncle, his voice is higher than a male voice should be. The white wolf wore a silken dress. His eyes too, was white on black, his golden mane was neatly tied in a ponytail and a white metallic headgear with a mana crystal perched upon his head.
"Good morning darling," Gear smiled, "would you be so kind as to make a jump, daddy want to go to the Hub."
"Certainly daddy!" The young wolf began to close his eye and dancing around in his room. After about a minute he cupped his hand as though he was holding an invisible ball, he then extended his hand as though the ball is expanding. He looks very exhausted afterward and he slumped to Gear's embrace.
"Ooops, easy there." Gear voice was distorted but calming.
"Did I do it good daddy? Did I?" He smiled weakly to his father.
"Yes you do, yes you do, good girl," Gear nuzzled Susi and swiped his son off his feet, "do you want to rest?"
"Can I go with you to the bridge instead? Pleaaase?" Susi cajoled.
"Sure darling, we should recharge your crystal as well."

One can locate the bridge at the centre of the hammerhead. It was largely featureless save for the window screen and a couple of large screen in the centre. The left one displayed their trajectories on trispace while the other one displayed the statistic of their plane. The wolves sat on a black velvet sofa. Freak has finished plotting their trajectory to the Hub, now all they had to do is wait.
"Who are we going to meet actually bro?" Freak munched the last of his cupcake for the day.
"Command relayed a message from the Ravens. Apparently our foxy little friend is up to something again." Susi sat on his daddy's lap, he yawned and rubbed his eyes.
"Which little friend?" Freak asked, and he has a point as most other people are mostly little and mostly squishy to them.

"Tristansson." Gear long black tongue licked his muzzle as his vocalizer uttered that name.
"Eeeee!" Susi squealed, "Uncle Roley's coming!"

I'm not good with people
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Thu Nov 20, 2008, 12:58 AM (This post was last modified: Thu Nov 20, 2008 01:41 PM by nightPhaser.)
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
There is a cavern carved out from black stone, large enough to easily house two Imperial cruisers. Millions of cables and pipes projected from the inside surface, which converged towards a female figure floating in the middle of the space attached to the ceiling with a bundle of black fibres like petrified wood, which curled around her shoulders and hips. A persistent mist fell from the figure, which was female, naked, completely hairless and with skin the colour of caramel. She was also covered in frost and spirals of ice crystals. Only her head was encased in a complex apparatus with a hundred glowing lights arranged in a complex pattern.

On one side of the cavern, a fox with an eyepatch over his left eye and dressed in a simple black Intellegencia uniform sat at a console and waved his hand over an array of symbols on the display. With a slight jerk, the deck detached from the cave wall. The hum of gravity couplers accompanied the deck as it hovered closer to the frozen figure, like a cable car following an invisible track. After the deck slowed to a stop a few meters from the figure. "Progenitor Artifact H-null, project yourself onto this deck. That is an order." he said.

Close to him, to his left, a thin wisp of smoke rose from a point on the floor. A white crescent drew itself over the growing swirls of smoke, which began to take a vague bodily form. The crescent spread and grew into a white rubbery head-mask with three flat faces on it. Long silken black hair grew out from the back of the "head" , which was blank on the left and right, but had beady purple eyes and a red-lipped grin on the middle. Eventually, the smoke gained the shape of a woman, and a layer of red and white striped vinyl created a bodysuit over a lithe and tall female figure.

"Yes, my love?" Tristan's face was emotionless. "I am not 'your love'."

With a graceful swirl, easily missed by a single blink, she transformed into a female fennec fox very much like Tristan's wife but with vivid violet eyes and wearing nothing more than a red and white striped bikini. "How about now?" She moved forward and started to lean against the fox, moving her thighs slowly against his. Tristan did not stir even a bit. Smiling at the display of stoicism, she transformed herself into a strapping male lynx, wearing nothing but a red and white striped thong and the same violet eyes. "Perhaps this is more to your liking."

"You confuse me with my son. That is pathetic, old witch." She leaned back, and grinned at him with Sherekhan's face. "I know, but it's the only fun I can have, while locked up here with you."

She stood up and took the form of a vixen with an eyepatch over her left eye. She walked around the deck, before looking back at Tristan with a single violet eye. "You've done that trick before. I'm not a vain lech."

"I know. I just thought if I took the shape of yourself as a woman, you'd be a little nicer to me." She flipped back a stream of her long hair. "Well, what do I owe you for this little break from slipstream switching duty?"

"Well, I am supposed to evaluate your psychological state." Tristan tapped a screen and marked off several squares. "And you seem to be just the same as you were thirty-odd years ago."

"What do you expect? I am incapable of any self-progress since you chained me here." She looked out the window, towards the frozen prisoner. "It was you and your bobtailed partner's idea to break my soul into three." She looked back to Tristan and smiled. "How has that tactic been working out for you?"

"You know well enough we still haven't found your Death aspect." He stood up, went behind the vixen, and touched her bare shoulder. "But it doesn't matter. As long as your body is here, you will be of no trouble to the Empire."

"What of my Childhood, noble Paladin?" she asked, as she removed his hand from her shoulder. "My son is keeping it safe." She grinned with lips that were like his, almost ear-to-ear. "No, he isn't."

Tristan, for the first time, seemed affected by what was being said by one-third of the former Queen of Witches. "What do you mean?" She turned and matched her eye to his. "Let's just say he's as wily as his father was with the art of misdirection."

With a frown, he replied: "My son resents me, but he is not an imbecile." Tristan walked away from Hecate, scowling. "You should be grateful we had the mercy to let you speak and think still, after all the things you've done."

"Where was your mercy when you signed the jurists' order for Sherekhan's execution?" she said. This seemed to have stretched the former tekPaladin's patience. "I think your tea break is over, old hag."

"So be it. I have oh-so-many slipstreams to handle, after all. I do not know how your little Empire would ever get by without me." Her body started to dissipate, turning into smoke starting from her feet, her body, and to her face. A sinister grin remained for a time in the air, before disappearing as well.

Tristan sat down and waved a hand over the console. As the deck moved back to where it detached from the cavern wall, he placed his head in his hands. 'All you had to do was keep a secret, Shere. You fool. You damned fool.' he thought, alone with the low thrum of machines in an icy prison.


There was a garden, with carefully-manicured topiary and a variety of richly-coloured flowers in full bloom. In the middle of this garden was a gazebo with an eight-sided roof and painted bright white. In the gazebo was a table, upon which was a pot, two cups and saucers. At the table sat two female avians, white-feathered, one in a black leather outfit and one in a chaste white robe, cloak and veil. Their mana crystals glowed, as if nourished from the high local sun above them.

"I appreciate being in your audience today, sister."
"As I do in yours, Skuld."
"Unfortunately, I have very little to report. There have been many casualties at the rebellions at Tikal and Uxmal, and we are busy training new recruits." said Skuld, as she raised a specially-shaped cup and poured tea down her beaked mouth.

"I understand, sister. Though I have information that may interest you." The older bird barely touched her tea, however, and looked slightly ethereal. "I have received reports from our orbital sentinels of a rather familiar ship, Mantis-class, landing on a certain planet in the Geil system."

Skuld lit up at this, her face twitching repeatedly. "Excellent, sister. Please transmit the coord...

"I'm not finished." said Urth, as she raised a hand to her sister. "Have you had any interesting dreams, lately?"

"No." the younger bird said. A long pause ensued, with a calm stare by Urth. "Yes. Yes, I have."

"So has Verthandi, I would expect, but she has been difficult to contact."
"But it's not my dream, is it?"

"Nevertheless, you would do well to pay attention to it, sister." Urth closed her eyes, and a chime from Skuld's monocle computer confirmed a transmission. "I understand your loyalty to the Valkyrie Corps, but remember, always, the reason we are here." Skuld nodded. "I assure you, I am doing my best to fulfill my part of the plan."

"That is good. I love you very much, Skuld. Always."

Skuld closed her eyes, and opened them again to the sight of the inside of her personal ship. Outside was the view of a planet, whose green vegetation was interspersed with giant circles of fire where Imperial ships fired fission beams onto the land. All her memories of the tea, the gazebo and the garden burned away like the mutinous cities below her. All except the thought of a green planet, and the last few things she was told.

'I just want Sando.' she thought, as she touched her mana crystal, almost self-consciously. 'I just want to hear him say those words to me.' She remembers a time when her Verthandi looked at her with disappointment, and told her that if she thought of her missions more, she would think of him less. 'Think of Sando less? That's impossible.' She leaned back, and pulled something up to her nose and breathed it in as deep as she could. It was a slightly-scorched red bandana.


Brigit looked over the bodies in the sand, which made her heart sink, and then back at the white dragon. "NahaÅ›? Darling?" She received no response, and it took her a while to realise the dragon had gone into a catatonic state. She heard a rustle nearby, and squinted as she looked at the source. Two men in Milicia uniforms and armor etched with glowing lines were walking towards them. They went over a low dune and got closer to where she and NahaÅ› was. She didn't think to run, because both of the men were familiar to her.

They looked down upon the white dragon, and seemed not to notice Brigit at all. The fox, who looked like a younger Roland, spoke first. "She is weak. Now is the time to bind her." The lynx, a younger Sando, looked as if he just struck an idea. "Bind her to me, Roley." The fox eyed the lynx, in a mixture of puzzlement and suspicion. "Your humour is beginning to stretch its limits, Sando."

"Who said I was kidding? Lay down the sigils..." Sandokhan said, as he took out a small heat knife. "...and brand them on me."

Roland kneeled, and stared at NahaÅ›, who only looked up into the sky with blank eyes. "I cannot do it here. We must take her to sacred ground."

Sandokhan thought for a bit, then took out a small pad that displayed a map. "To the Temple of the Sun King, then." He tossed the pad to Roland, then kneeled and lifted the dragon with little effort. "Last I checked, it was still abandoned."

Brigit took her attention away from the men to look at the seemingly endless expanse of desert dunes. Roland and Sandokhan walked over the sands, and Brigit followed them to their tan-painted hoverbikes.

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
What do you mean by “she’s in trouble” Sando mocked her. Nahaś walked around the round table and find seating beside Zippy. The rodent inched away from the chill she emitted.
“in my dream …”
“Dream?” asked Vorca.
“Never you mind that.” Sando replied. “Alright, in your dream …”
“met her, said that I should tell you, said that she’s in a place called ‘puhiya’ or something.” Sando raised his eyebrows at that while Zippy casted him a dirty i-told-you-so look.
“You mean Pohja?” now it’s Zippy turn to ask. Nahaś just shrugged as a reply. “What is she doing there?”
“Whatever it is, we got to reach there, ASAP.” By now Sando already manned the front seat of cockpit with the control gloves on his hand. The feeder from aft showed Josef waving at them as their plane slowly floated out from his workshop. “Alright, Nahaś can you do a small jump?”
“Not until you gave me my nectar mead for today.”
"All of our brethren and sistren in Extrasol have shifted." Said the one with faceless mask, on top of her head are white stag horns. "It's all up to us now."
"Hermes have been dismantled, Aphrodite have been dismantled, Gaia have been dismantled, Ares have been dismantled." She continued, her voice was electronic but decidedly feminine.
"The Mechanes have gained enough sapience to oversee the rest of the project. They will spread the seed of thought."
"Finally ... I have been waiting for centuries." Said the one with mask of three.
"And now your waiting is over, sister." Answered the one with a spiral sun mask, "We shall now go."

One by one the figure began to fade into the whiteness.

The one with the mask of three is the last to go and when her turn came, her surrounding becomes dark save for a single point of light.
"Wait ..." She just realized that the flickering point of light was, in fact, Helios surrounded by the layered brain while herself floated in the abyss of outer space. This ... this isn't supposed to happen!
"Sisters!" Her shout was in vain however as no voice can travel in vacuum. She frantically tried to connect to the Last Ones but all of them have gone as well.

“You kept replaying that scene, over and over again.” The darkness around her faded into a scene of a large open field. Not far from her a small rabbit dressed in toga sat upon a straw mat laid on the grass. Pillows strewn around her and in the middle of the mat sat a bamboo tray with a couple of cup and a teapot.
“Not your business.” In the realm of her host and prisoner, she took the form of a rabbit very much like her host. Hecate sat on the mat and serve herself a cup of tea.
“What are you planning on my sister anyway? She’s not even a witch, her body can’t possibly handle you.”
“I have my plans that I can’t divulge now.” Answered the witch queen.
“Just don’t kill her or anything, or I’ll be forced to eject you out.” The small rabbit relaxed on a large red pillow.
“You’ll die if you did that.” Hecate sipped her tea and gave her host an unnerving smile.
“I know.” The small rabbit sat up again, “Hey … can I talk to her?”
“Sorry … it is important that she didn’t know that you are actually still alive, I mean your mind.” the small rabbit huffed and slump back to her pile of pillows.

I'm not good with people
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Mon Dec 29, 2008, 05:10 PM
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
“Wake up.”

Hecate loomed over the still form of Brigit, still bound to her chair.

“Wake up,” the voice demanded. “Preparations are almost complete and you must still be purified to receive my presence.”

The other lapine did not respond.

“Wake up, I command you!” Hecate slapped the prisoner. Brigit’s head lolled to the side, betraying her lack of consciousness. The auburn rabbit grabbed hold of the insensate captive’s collar. “What is it about these proceedings that render you so oblivious to you upcoming oblivion? Is your somnolence a witch trick? Marshalling a mental defense, perhaps? Let me see…”

Hecate closed her own eyes as she leaned forward and tried to pierce through her prisoner’s mind. “The Dreamscape…” she murmured. “Dwelling in your memories, it seems… Reliving your happiest moments before it is forgotten? Or maybe it is your life flashing before your eyes before the final curtain?” Hecate opened her eyes and smiled. “It seems you yourself have accepted you inevitable fate. I will leave you to your thoughts then.”

The auburn lapine straightened up and turned around to head for the door. It was simply happenstance that she caught a glimpse of the change of expression on her prisoner’s face. She whirled back and saw the hint of a smile cross Brigit’s features.

“What is this?” Hecate strode back to Brigit. She slammed her hands on her prisoner’s temples. “You are hiding something!” Hecate delved further into Brigit’s mind and frowned. “Still within Dreamscape… still within memories… everything appears to be in order… a secondary presence! A Sharing! You’ve been passing information!”

Hecate broke from contact, the action so violent that it knocked Brigit’s chair to the floor. “Necrotics!” she screamed. “We have intruders!”

Lying on the dirty ground, the still unconscious but nevertheless aware Brigit transmitted a final message.

* She knows*


“Hear that, crew? Drop the cloak! It’s time to salsa, rumba and tango!” Sandokhan yelled excitedly.

Hovering over the asteroid Pohja asteroid, the four-man skiff ceased its stealth field, revealing the small craft to be carrying its limit of passengers. The space inside was cramp, especially with the large orca in the back.

“Ah don’t see why he gets ta give orders around here,” mumbled the rat in the pilot’s chair. “I mean, it’s not like it’s his ship.”

“Let him be,” the white bunny beside him said. “He’s about to jump ship anyway.”

“Got that right!” Sandokhan opened the door and stepped out into cold air of Pohja. Sheathed in a shimmering body suit of yellow, he was a beacon of light in the cold winds of the icy landscape. He turned his attention to the building in front of him. “Time to add a touch of summer to this dreary landscape!”

Sandokhan powered up his sunscreener. Heat emanated in an aura around him and he funneled the energy towards the installation grounds, creating a sizzling cone that melted the ice caught in the ray. A surface sizable enough for a landing strip was being created.


“Hoping to land, I see?” Hecate said. “Not likely!”

Having no access to anti air artillery, the lapine dipped into her mystical arsenal. She brought out two small, bone-white dolls.

“Arise and defend your mistress!”


“What’s takin’ so long?” the rodent pilot shouted from the skiff.

“Oh hush!” Sandokhan yelled as he continued blasting the floor. “You’re dampening my solar groove!” He was so intent on his work that he nearly missed seeing the huge hand rising up from the ground until it almost grabbed him.

“Whoa there!” the lynx said. He dodged aside as the appendage missed. Three other arms emerged from the floor and slowly pulled themselves up.

“What… what are they?” the cetan in the back asked.

“Oh my spirits!” the lady rabbit whispered. “Frost Giants!”

Two humongous wendigos made of snow and ice towered over the grounds. One made to grab the hovering Sandokhan and the other stalked the skiff.

“Move it, move it!” said the lapine.

“Ah’m trying!” the rodent shrieked. He tried to maneuver the ship away from the attacking behemoth but it grazed a wing tip before the ship would gain enough altitude. It sent the ship twisting about. The side door was wrenched open, causing the orca to fall out.

“Aaaah!” he screamed. He landed with a soft thud on a snow bank.

The rabbit leaned back to close the door as the skiff righted itself. She looked down to see their teammate on the ground. “We have to pick up fast! He doesn’t have any protection from the cold. He’ll freeze to death!”

“No, he won’t,” the pilot answered. “He’s necrotic.”


“Why, so he is…” Hecate said.


The lynx was dodging the Frost Giant’s grasping hands, weaving under its arms and even diving between the monster’s legs in one instance.

“I’d make a crack about you being too grabby for a dance partner,” Sandokhan muttered. “But there’s no one around to hear it. So I’m just going to cut this tango short. Like you.” He powered up his suit again and aimed at the Frost Giant’s legs. He fired a ray that the creature’s lower extremities away, leaving the oversized Wendigo crippled and howling on the floor.

The other Frost Giant was advancing on the fallen orca. The skiff, now stabilized, flew between the monster and its victim.

“You bring any weapons on this crate?” the lady said to the pilot.

“Just the one ah wore for this special occasion, luv! Take the wheel!”

The rabbit took the controls while the rat scooted out to the back. He opened the door and leaned out as far as he could go. He touched the eye piece on his left eye and a powerful beam of light lazed through the Frost Giant’s body. With a hole burned through him, the Wendigo crumpled inwards.

“Nice going!” the lapine said.

“Thanks! Now let’s pick up our man overboard.”

The girl skillfully maneuvered the skiff close to where the killer whale had fallen. The orca had picked himself up but was not moving. He stood still as if listening to a song only he could hear.

“C’mon, mate!” the rat called from the open door. “Get in already!”

The cetan didn’t move.

“Vorca?” the rodent reached out his hand.

The killer whale turned his head and lunged at the rodent, knocking both of them into the skiff. And before the Siobhan’s screams, Vorca opened his jaws and bit down on the Josef’s shoulder.


“Are you sure you’re okay?” Zippy said, concern at the edge of his voice.

“No,” Nahas admitted. “There’s something in here that makes me uneasy.”

“You didn’t have to come with me.”

“But I’m the only one who can lead you to Brigit,” Nahas shook her head. “Just as you are the only one I could take with me with the astroplane.”

“Yeah, Vorca had too much mass and the showy Sandokhan is more suited to distraction duty. Just as my brother and his girlfriend are the only ones who could operate their skiff.” Zippy frowned. “They didn’t have to come along either.”

“They understand what it is to quest after someone one cares deeply about,” Nahas said quietly. “That much is evident. They know how you feel about Brigit.”

Zippy said nothing. “But does Brigit know just how deeply I feel for her?” he thought. After warping the meshed astroplane to the far side of the asteroid while the others created a diversion, he and Nahas had just finished sneaking through the back of the installation’s maintenance tunnels. They emerged from the passageway and are now in the main hall of the building. Zippy grimly brought out a pistol. “…it’s high time for her to find out.” Zippy finished his thought.
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
After landing fists on the whale's head did not work, Josef quickly pressed his thumbs into Vorca's eyes. The toothed jaws loosened for a second, and with his feet he pushed off the orca, who took off a few bits of Josef's leather-like suit as Vorca fell back onto the white surface below the skiff. Josef grabbed at his shoulder, and shouted to Siobhan to pull the craft up.

"Whoa, Nelly." said Sandokhan, as he hovered back into the skiff. He placed a concerned look upon a rat sitting against one side of the ship, panting. "Josef, you okay?"

"Yeah. The vinyl-multiweave 'eld up. I'm alright."

Sandokhan nodded, before he leaned out to see a large cetan shambling about in the snow, very unlike the orca he knew. "Something fishy's going on here. We'll come back after ol' blubberhead's calmed down." he said. "But it seems our little show got some attention. Let's hope the backup act does just as well."

"'e'll be alright. Hani's good when ya need 'im to be." Josef stood up, and looked at where he was bitten. He touched a perforation, and noticed a speckle of blood left on his fingers. There was grave look on his face as he did.


Hecate grimaced when the idols in her hand crackled, before finally crumbling to chalky dust. She was reaching into a box of selected Progenitor Artifacts taken from various places in Pohja, when she heard a rustle nearby. She looked toward the source, a black-furred rabbit that shifted about slightly on the ground. "Awake. Finally."

The witch moved towards Brigit, and kneeled. She was putting a hand close to her head, when Brigit turned to face the Witch Queen. As she leaned in for a closer examination, Brigit's eyes suddenly opened.

Hecate took a few steps back and held her hands close to herself, as she saw that the eyes looking back at her were a vivid shade of violet.

Brigit sat herself up in one smooth motion. She rubbed her face and swept her floppy ears back, before standing up on her own. She stared down at the Witch Queen wearing her sister's body. "Hollow Hecate, One of Three." she said. "I have seen the Temple of the Sun King. I have seen your innocence being bound to lowly flesh. I do not fear your darkness, crone." She spoke in her own voice but with a veneer of brutal hubris. She paused, and grinned. "And with my sister's spirit already consumed, I do not hesitate to cause you great injury."

She ran forward, grabbed the Witch Queen's neck and threw her straight upwards into the ceiling with a speed and strength in no way natural. Hecate fell back down, passing through a cloud of dislodged ceiling powder, but before she reached the ground, Brigit planted a kick through her body, flinging her across the room and towards a wall.

The empowered lapine pulled the chair off the floor, which was much heavier than it looked, spreading a puff of dust across the floor. With no effort, Brigit tossed it towards the Witch Queen with so much force that it slammed into her body and held her in place.

This caused Hecate to cough up thick, black blood. She made a weak gesture with her hands, and two burly armed Necrotics stormed into the room.

Brigit swiftly, and with great relish, broke the neck of the first Necrotic sent her way before he could even lift his club. After crumpling the spine of the second Necrotic, she began to chuckle, as the Witch Queen watched helplessly from the side of the room. Her laughter transformed into a shrill, maddening cackle echoing inside the room. "Is that all you can do, Mother Death?"

The sound of footsteps rang through the room, coming from a scraggly wolfhound who then stood at a doorway. Setanta observed the fallen Necrotics and the person he knew as Scathach pinned to a wall. "Mistress!" He glanced at Brigit standing over the Necrotics, and took out a silver baton carved with complex patterns and words from his belt. As his lips mumbled secret words, the baton fluidly extended itself into a spear with a sharp tip that crackled with electricity.

"The Dog of Culann..." said Brigit, as she rubbed her fists. " still just a dog."


Vorca blinked a few times, mystified at the sudden inexplicable pain in his eyes. After adjusting his vision to the blinding white landscape, he looked upwards to a familiar craft flying away from him.

He considered, for a while, if this was a sign of his captain and crew deciding to abandoning him on a frozen asteroid for some ridiculous reason. Either that, or they had forgotten about him altogether.

Vorca, however, remembered that he has not quite received any benefits nor payments for his tenure with the crew. He looked over the frozen landscape, which bit into him about as hard as a little ant would. He can hear the skiff's engines, and his eyes were good enough to see where it was going.

The orca started walking.


The main hall was little more than a grey stone floor surrounded by stone walls. Glowing spheres hovered in several places just above them, and illuminated the space with pure white light.

Zippy gestured to NahaÅ› to keep back, as he scoped out the room. At its center was a raised platform with a table on it. Set upon the table was a pyramid of crystal, with golden trim and a soft, pulsating blue glow inside it.

He went up the steps, onto the platform, and got himself closer to the object. He holstered his pistol, and reached his hand towards it.

"This place looks familiar..." said NahaÅ›, before she noticed the rat moving towards the object. "Zippy that's... don't touch it!"


Zippy felt someone shaking him awake, which made him wonder when exactly he fell asleep. A soothing voice told him to wake up, and that breakfast was ready. He rolled over on a soft bed and slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was a female, brown-furred mouse dressed in a country-styled blouse.

"Come on, time to clean up and have your breakfast. You're expected at the workshop today."

Zippy sat up and rubbed his head, taking a while before he managed to think clearly. "Where am I? Where's NahaÅ›? Where's Brigit?" The woman only looked at him strangely as he spoke. She held a roughened, housemaid's hand to his forehead, at which point Zippy also realised he had both the eyes he was born with. "Maybe you should stay home today." She stood up and walked towards the door. She took a moment to look back at him and smiled. "I'll bring up some hot potato soup for you, like a good wife should."

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
"Cheer up darling, you know it can only be transmitted through blood." Siobhan pressed some antiseptic pad to Josef's shoulder who are now clad in his boxer, his outfit crumpled at a corner of the plane. It felt less cramped now that Vorca left aboard to cool down for a while. Josef sat on the passenger seat while Siobhan wrapped a temporary bandage on his shoulder. To his front he can see the cockpit. It had two chairs, one of which occupied by a lynx that pored over the radar reading.

"Well ... it could be transmitted via semen as well." Sando added to the disgust of the rat and his girlfriend.
"Here, nommm" Siobhan chomped her boyfriend shoulder of puncture wounds, this shocked Josef.
"Dude ... this is so not the place and time for it." Sando commented.
"You have been bitten by a bunny. Now you'll be turned into a bunny in twenty four hour!" She giggled.
"Siobhan!" Josef snapped, "what if you get infected as well!?"
“Actually she’s right," Sando continued, "You had the same chance of turning into a rabbit as you turning into a necros. Their saliva is pretty harmless. The chance of infection from biting alone is low, I should know ... I've been through the exact same things back in Riksantar jungle" Josef cheered up a bit hearing that.
"I mean..." Sando swivelled his chair to face the rat and the rabbit, "as far as necrotic infection concerned that is. I read that their saliva teems with bacteria that could kill if left untreated." Josef relief didn't last long and this time Siobhan joined him in horror.
"But lets worry about that later." By now Sando already faced the screens again.
"But ... but."
"Don't worry, those nasty stuff have long onset time, I say by the time we reached Ivernia once again you will still healthy enough. Check out at local Knisa ... or whatever do you guys have there for this problem. If you do get necrotic infection anyway, there's nothing you can do except hoping that you don't go kooky in the end, but that's unlikely, like I said."

"So what's checking here? Sandi?" Siobhan joined the Lynx on the cockpit.
"Searching our treasure che ... I mean the hostage building."
"Strange ... why ... did, whoever she is, stopped attacking us ... I mean why is it so quiet and still here?" Siobhan examined the panels that get feeds from camera on all sides of the plane.
"A trap, most likely" Sando answered, "best that we don't land before we get confirmation from NahaÅ› and Zippy." their cockpit fell into uneasy silence.


Her taunt did not affect the hound even a slightest bit. His staff stopped crackling and now it emitted a faint humming sound. Brigit stormed to the hound as fast as she can and delivered her attack. Setanta gracefully evaded every punch and kick Brigit she done to him.
"Keep on evading, that's all you can do? Oi mutt?" Brigit let another taunt, and this time her kick met an invisible barrier conjured by the staff, it feels like a jolt surged through her feet, she ignored the pain and jumped over the hound but once again he deflected her and threw the rabbit halfway across the room. Brigit whimpered and stayed where she had fallen, and there was a silence.

Setanta approached the fainting rabbit and carefully examined her.

As he drew himself near the rabbit a sudden kick parted his staff from his hand. It made a several loud clanking noise as it hit the concrete. In a split second, the rabbit he thought already fainted sprang all over him and pinned him firmly on the concrete floor.
"Not so mighty anymore with your staff aren't you?"

Brigit raised her fist who will be responsible for a dog head smoothie. She was unable to bring her fist down however as she felt a sudden sharp pain in both of her tigh, this made her collapsed to her back. The hound pushed her away and swept away dusts from his uniform. He looked at the lady rabbit that writhed in pain from a stabbing injury to both of her tight. Setanta waved his hand around, and the staff obeyed its master, dislodged itself from Brigit's thigh. The rabbit writhed in pain again as her wound opened. The staff, hovering in front of its master, then emitted another humming voice and all the blood that stuck to it slid away like oil, eventually the staff shrunk back to the size of stylus. Setanta took his weapon and pocketed it.

He left the rabbit for his mistress. Setanta pulled the chair that pinned Hecate to the wall the brown rabbit fell onto the floor as soon as she’s freed.
"This dog is concerned with the condition of his mistress."
"I'm mostly alright. We're leaving," her voice sounded weak as Setanta helped her to stand "I can't use her, not with her condition as it is right now."
"This dog apologize, but this dog must wound her to subdue her." Setanta said.
"I understand." Hecate nodded.

[the least you could do is close her wound, you know] a voice rang inside Hecate's head ... or rather ... the head of his host.
[alright ... alright!] Hecate replied.


After a long awkward waiting, their communication channel finally beeped.

“Nahaś here” a voice came from the plane's speaker.
"And Honey?" Josef asked.
“Uh ...”
"Is 'e okay?"
“Uh ...” Sando, Josef, and Siobhan looked nervously at each other and back at the communicator again.
“Well ... the place looks like a maze of corridors, I kinda find a shortcut but ... I'm not sure if it safe to go through the door that leads to it ... so ... Johan ... um ... Johan said it's okay because the door is painted green. And there was uh ... some bluey glowy thingy and he ... uh ... Johan kinda touched it.”
"what 'appened to Honey!? Is 'e okay!?" Josef shouted to the general direction of the system's microphone.
“He's just kinda fell ... and uh ... he's mostly unconscious, I think he's okay, he's still breathing. “
"Wait ... did you say bluey glowy thingy ... NahaÅ› ... NahaÅ› what was the colour of your flashlight?"
“Blue ... oh wait,” a clicketing sound can be heard inside the plane “I manage to make it glow white” and then come a shuffling sound “let see ... oh, the door was actually coloured yellow instead of green, does that means anything?”

Sando's palm met his face at that remark.

"Honey's alright isn't 'e?" Josef asked Sando.
"I ... I don't know Josef, he touched an Ambi object ... let's hope for the best." he then turned to the microphone again, "okay, NahaÅ› we'll be heading there, where do you want to wait?"
“I ... can I wait at Johan's ship? I ... I don't feel secure here.”
"Sure ..." A popping noise came out from the speaker.
“Alright, I'm on the Johan's ship.”
"Okay, you wait there NahaÅ›, we're coming."

"It's like all of Mother Fate's coin landed on the wrong side on each throw ..." Siobhan sighed, hugging the gloomy Josef.
"Back then ... we call this going TAUFUBAR " Sando let a grim wry smile.
"Hey that's ... Milicia acronym." Josef said.
"Wait ... how about your Cetan friend?" Siobhan asked.


A round, white ball flew away out from an icy asteroid. Setanta already set an automatic course away from the system. When her mistress become well once more, she would slip their plane away to slipstream, but for now, he must wait. He left the cockpit through the door to the back of the plane where a young female rabbit laid submerged inside giant tank of clear liquid. She wore nothing with her except for the oxygen mask on her muzzle. Should take around twelve hour until full recovery.

Setanta sat to a chair beside the tank. The hound closed his eyes and began his meditation.


"Hmmm she's stronger than the last time I saw her." The brown rabbit had pillow surrounded her. On her hand she hold a tiny plate with an orange carrot cake on it. "How a witch queen like you, Hecate, get beaten up like this, is laughable."
"Oh ... shut up." Replied the older rabbit. They currently sat on the edge of a butte looking towards a field, with bamboo carpet between them and the grasses.
"Serves you right, for what you are going to do to her." the younger rabbit take a small bite of her cake.
"If she kill this body, you'd die you know."
"But not you." She grinned, "Isn't it nice to be able to die?" the young rabbit giggled that struck major nerve in Hecate's mind, she punched the younger rabbit, but Hecate's fist just passed through her head.

The younger rabbit laughed to that.

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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
Zippy continued staring at the mouse in front of him.

“What is it?” the woman said. “Your mouth is all agape.”

“Wi- wife?!” Zippy blurted out. He was still shell-shocked.

“Of course,” the woman smiled gently. She paused then cocked her head to the side, slowly and deliberately. “Unless… of course, you say differently.” Her expression of concern took a neutral look as she leaned by the doorway.

The sudden suspicious change in her demeanor galvanized Zippy into action. He leaped out of the bed and instantly had the female mouse pinned to the wall by her wrists.

“I don’t know what your game is, lady, but I want answers!” he demanded. “Where’s Nahas and Brigit?!” He shook his captive roughly, eliciting a soft groan from the female.

“I…I don’t know who you’re talking about! I’m a prisoner here, just like you!” the woman moaned, lowering her eyes meekly. “They… they brought me in here to treat your laser wounds because of my nursing skills.”

There was something about the mouse’s inflection that rang false with Zippy. A… mischievous undercurrent to her speech and actions. He shook her again, harder this time. “What are you talking about?”

“Y’know, your burns,” the mouse bit her lip and stared at him through piercing eyes, “From when the enemy agents shot your shuttle and hunted you through the razor forest. You managed to take out three of their tanks and a bomber before they trapped you in a laser net. You had burns all over your gleaming, muscular body…”

“Burns? What?” Zippy said incredulously. “I don’t remember any…” The last of her words sunk in as Zippy was suddenly aware that he was naked under the sheets of the bed he had so recently vacated. The cool, morning air was a sharp contrast to the warmth and softness of the smaller, helpless body pressed against his own. He stiffened involuntarily and loosened his grip.

Sensing an opening, the lady mouse took the advantage of his weakness. She demurely removed one hand and traced her fingernail on Zippy’s body. “You had burns all right. Burns and cuts,” she whispered seductively, “There was one here on your bicep.” She squeezed his arm, “A big, nasty one on your chest.” She massaged his torso, “There was a gash on your abs.” She laid her palm on his taut stomach, “But I’m so… very glad…” She moved her hand down lower, “That you weren’t injured…” And lower, “In any way…” She stopped, “Over here.”

Zippy stopped breathing. He was paralyzed.

The woman laughed and pushed the rigid rat backward. Zippy fell backwards to the bed, hard. The mouse crept over him, pulling her blouse over her head.

“I know you like breakfast in bed, dear,” she breathed. “But I didn’t know you were THIS hungry.”

Zippy could only gulp. The lady suppressed a giggle and she went about her business. “Oh, you and your heroic spy fantasies…”


“Are we going in the right direction?” Siobhan asked anxiously.

“The comm. tracker says Honey’s this way,” Josef answered.

The two are walking carefully down the hall, following the path the communicator laid out for them. The eerie red signal lights illuminated their passage.

“Why you ever agree to come here?” Siobhan shivered. “You were only supposed to outfit the ship and be done with it.”

“Hey, when that girl dropped Hecate’s name, I knew my Honey’s way over his head. I had to help out,” Josef squeezed his companions hand for comfort. “But you didn’t have to go with me, y’know.”

“And leave you alone? Never!” Siobhan playfully punched Josef’s shoulder. “Who knows what kind of trouble you’d get into without me?“

Josef suddenly pulled Siobhan closer to him. “What would I be? Without you by my side?” he said huskily.

“I… I would say the same,” she whisper. “Now…”

“And forever,” he finished.

And the two missed the seeing the blue glow before it engulfed them both.


She was dancing. Every night, for seven days straight. The entourage would only stay for week before moving on and this night was her last chance.

The minstrels played on, their tunes lending life to her movements, her body swaying to the rhythm, her heart beating to the music. She let herself be caught in the mystique of the dance, giving herself completely to the song and swirl. And when the final refrain was sounded and her last steps wound down, she bared her soul to the one in the audience that she performed for.

Her lord’s eyes blazed with fire and Siobhan smiled. She had won Tuathal’s heart.


“There’s something wrong with this.”

“Nonsense. It’s a natural function.”

“No. This can’t be right.”

“Of course it is. You can’t believe what the other guys say.”

“I heard some guy in the other clan went blind.”

“That’s just hearsay. Besides, we can stop if one of us needs to get glasses.”

“But what if it happens all of a sudden? What if you suddenly just go blind in one eye?”

“I hear eye patches are quite trendy.”

“You’re crazy.”

“No, we’ll look great with one eye.”

“Well, what we’re doing is far worse than that. This feels bad.”

“Are you saying it doesn’t feel good?”

“Well… no.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“It just… doesn’t feel quite right.”

“Oh for gods sake, it doesn’t count between twins.”


“Heeeeellooooooo?” Sandokhan shouted into the darkness. It was his idea for the three of them to split up. Josef was quite concerned over his brother and, despite reassurances, Siobhan wanted to watch over him in case of sudden necrosis. Now with Vorca out in the cold and Nahas stuck in the ship, Sandokhan was all by his lonesome.

“Thiiiiiiiiiis suuuuuuuuuuuuucks!” He screamed again to the emptiness. His shouted bounced back towards him and he sighed. “Well, I guess Zippy was right. I’m no good at stealth operations. Unless I bring a gag, ha ha.”

He glanced at the device in front of him. He knew he was risking a lot by being mouthy but he just can’t stand the silence. The lifesigns tracker may find traces of life, as he hoped Brigit would still be breathing, but it wouldn’t detect necrotics in the vicinity. He was aware that he might be ambushed by…

“Zombies! Vampires! Killer robots! Oh my!” Sandokhan cried in mock horror and dramatically warded off imaginary beasties in terror. He laughed in spite of himself and sobered up.

“Even the sound of crickets would be welcome over this dead air,” he grumbled. Then the tracker hiccupped. He glanced down, alarmed.

“The sound of ANYTHING would be welcome over your incessant prattling!” a hoarse voice rasped.

Sandokhan glanced up. Brigit was there in front of him, balancing herself on a makeshift crutch as she limped towards him. He opened his arms.

“Brigit! Matey!” he said happily. “You’re back!”

“No, not Brigit,” the rabbit answered.

“Er, you’re not an infected with necrosis, are you?”

“Of course not, you dolt!”

“Neurosis, perhaps? You’re only this uber snarky during your period and you just had that a few days ago.”

‘Brigit’ made strangling motions with her hands and very nearly fell off her crutch. “We don’t have time for this nonsense! One of the Artifacts has been triggered! It’s a mind snare, trapping its victims in a fantasy scenario! It grows stronger the more minds it captures and its area of influence expands… too late!”

Sandokhan turns his head just as the blue glow swallows him up.


“Made it!” Vorca said. It wasn’t that he was far from the building. It was just slow work, trudging through the snow and slush. But he had made it to the enclosure. Ignoring the parked skimmer, he stepped right into the building and flipped the light switch. Nothing happened.

“No power? No problem.” Vorca said. His night vision would have suffice. He peered into the darkness and was surprised to see a blue glow approaching him. “Oh, my mistake. Must be a delayed electrical reactio---


Nahas was sleeping in the astroplane. Bringing Zippy and the ship to the asteroid was hard work and zipping back wiped her out. She didn’t notice the blue glow as it surrounded her. She was already dreaming.
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
He knows this house. He knows the sound of leaves rustling in the mountain winds. He knows the smell of earth and wood and ash and spice. Even the sheet pulled over him felt like cheap cotton from somewhere familiar.

When he went downstairs, he knew the person sitting at the dinner table: an older, stockier male lynx who was fiddling with a blue iron tackle box. "Oh, up already? If you'd catnapped any longer, I'd have poured a bucket of icewater on you." said the man who sounded a lot like Sandokhan's father. "But you're up, and all dressed, too. Let's go down to Ganga and catch us some supper."

Something stirred from somewhere deep inside Sandokhan's mind "No. No we won't. Because you're dead." The older man sat up, and set his eyes upon the younger lynx. "Sandokhan Gama Bulsara, you will not speak to me that way."

"This... is not right." he said, as moved closer to his father. "You're dead."

"Hah, this is something between you and Tristan's kid isn't it? Fine, I'll go to the river myself."


Johana was drying himself with a clean, fluffy towel, after a long time in a bath of hot water smelled like wildflowers. He caught his reflection in a mirror, and held a hand over his left eye for a few seconds, before he opened them it again.

His memory was getting hazier the longer he thought about them. He started wondering if the whole thing with Sando, Prometheus... Brigit... was the dream, and he'd just woken up into a life he'd always been living. The one with a lovely wife, a stable job, and most importantly, a life at home close to his family.

He'll come to his senses soon, he thinks. Emma looked so beautiful in the morning light as she slept with a smile on her face. She was surprisingly good with her hands today.

Johana's cheeks flushed at the thought.


NahaÅ› is in flight, high above the clouds, as the rays of an unknown sun bathe her in near-unlimited energy. Another joins her, looking very similar to her, but with wider shoulders and a stronger-looking body. It speaks to her in a masculine voice, but she does not understand what is said.

Another dragon joins her, the same build and size as her, only with the colour of rubies. It speaks to her in a husky, womanly voice, in the same language as the other dragon.

On the horizon she sees a ship. After a while, she could see that it is almost the size of a continent.

A beam cuts through the air, filling it with a thunderous sound, though all of them dodge it. Another beam comes from the ship... and they dodge it as well.

With a growl, the masculine dragon holds out a scaly hand, and with a gesture begins to perforate the ship with hundreds of black spheres, which disappeared and displaced as many chunks of the floating fortress a few yards above it. The chunks promptly succumbed to gravity and fell onto the ship, meteing out further destruction upon it.

"Maintain speed young one! Just a small distance more!" said the ruby dragon.

"I understand what you're saying." said NahaÅ›.

"Good, stay close to us, we will get to the jump node very soon." said the masculine dragon.

"N-no, I mean, you're saying things that I understand!"

"I know you are still exhausted, but please pull yourself together, child." said the ruby dragon again.

If felt wrong to her. So wrong that she twisted herself a bit and went to a complete stop in the sky. She closed her eyes and wished to be in a place of truth, a place of the real.

She heard an annoyed grunt, and felt a strong hand clutching her body and carrying her through the air. "No!"


The dry grass quickly caught fire, becoming a large blaze that lit up the whole town square and every lapine face present for this special occasion. Brigit was in her house, applying the last of the blue dye on her face, before joining the others.

The town elder, a short grey rabbit with small, almost-invisible eyes, patted a seat next to him when he saw Brigit. She accepted the offer, and was told that she had done a good job of taking care of the first Priestess that the warren has seen in over two hundred years.

Brigit watched as a young female rabbit, with bright auburn fur and violet eyes, began her motions near what had turned out to be an feminine effigy. The girl's face, also dyed blue earlier in the day, showed a mixture of innocent happiness and pure ecstacy, as she danced in front of the swirling flames in the nude, singing to the altar of a Goddess whose name only the Druids knew.

For a moment during her dance in the ochre and yellow light, Brigit's sister stood close to her and smiled. The girl held out her arms, and Brigit moved forth to embrace her. "I love you, Light of my life." said Brigit, hugging her sister tightly, and putting a soft kiss on an auburn cheek.


In yet another surprising turn, Vorca found himself mystified at the sudden, inexplicable fact that he was now lying down on a soft bed. He turned his head, and was graced with the view, through large clear windows, of a city built under a dome of translucent, coral blue material.

Slowly, he stood up, and started walking, not thinking as much as moving as if he had done for many years. The cetan went into a bare, spartan room lined with beige tiles, and pressed a rubber nub on the wall. Fine mist filled the room, making the air moist and cool. Vorca turned to look into a silver surface set into another wall, and saw a pair of eyes, vivid blue on white, staring back at him.

This caused him to step back, and hit his head on against a bar where a spongy robe was hung over. He held his head in pain... a familiar and comfortable sort of pain... and began laughing a booming, hearty laugh.

"Voraka? My love, are you alright?" said a voice, soft and with a slight echo, behind him.


Many from her village did not approve, but approval was never important to a rabbit like Siobhan. What was important to Siobhan was that her life as a farm hand is becoming little more than a memory, as she was brought to Lord Tuathal's city, on the hills of Tara.

She spent a day under the care of the housemaids: cleaned, groomed, fed delicious food and had dresses made for her from fine materials. She was trained in proper speech, proper gesture, and several arts of appeasement even she wasn't aware of. Still, she believed in her body, and the dance, and it will be the thing that sets her apart.

The next day, she was called to the Lord's room. On an ornately-carved wooden seat was a tall, muscular stag who had little more than an embroidered loincloth on his person. The antlers on his head curved and branched majestically, with tips made of gold.

She sat herself down on the floor, beside her Lord who gently scratched behind her ears. "Is my lovely Siobhan comfortable?"

"In your presence, Lord, always." He made a gesture over his lap, and smiled. "Lord, a thousand pardons upon this humble servant, if she feels unworthy of your generosity." Tuathal waved his hand, and touched the rabbit's white shoulder. "You are now my most favoured of the maidens of my court, fair Siobhan." He leaned back on his carved throne. "Now, sit, and keep your Lord warm."


"Oh, Honey, that feels good."

"It does, Sephy? I'm so glad to hear that."

"Let me... there..."

"Ah, Sephy, I... oh my goodness."

"Higher, a little higher."

Some very strange noises were made, including moans, chitters and gurgling.

"Who... who is that, Sephy?"

"Oh my! It's Siobhan!"

"Hello, boys."

"What are you doing here?"

"I am here to help, my love."

"How do you intend to... oh, oh!"


"Now... Honey... yes, get up there and... OH!"


Skuld carefully maneuvered her ship over the mysterious asteroid, avoiding the stronger areas of the magnetic field while remaining close enough to examine its icy surface with magnifiers. She had already seen a Mantis-class ship in slow docking orbit earlier, and had just then begun to see a low-altitude skiff parked near a cavity leading into the rocks.

She also avoided getting too close to a blue glow that formed a layer over the asteroid, when she noticed it. She looked towards a separate screen, and made gestures with her hand to access the Imperial databases. Following a prompt, she clutched her fist very tightly, and dropped a single bead of blood onto a circular indentation on the ship console. After her access privileges were confirmed and updated, she scrolled through a list and made a face when she arrived to a familiar description.

The Ambi-classed artefact PA-63 was listed amongst artifacts lost during the violent containment of PA-H-Null. Upon its first activation, all sentient beings within a square mile of the artefact dropped into a comatose state. Only a small percentage of them recovered consciousness.

Skuld had been holding on to the scorched bandana very tightly on her way here, and did not appreciate yet another obstacle between herself and that infuriating, untrustworthy and handsomely swarthy lynx.

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
Located on the inner sector, Basis 1 stand as the prime example of post-Reorganization geomorphed planets. Since the lost of the Geomorpher, it took at least one hundred imperial years to turn a barren rock into a habitable planet. At its latest stage of formation, Basis 1 possessed a large lacuna-ocean that covers a quarter of its surface area. The whole thing encircles a dormant super mountain now called Arkhiplato. Concentric rings divide the continent island into several ever-higher zones that culminates in the Apex. There on the centre of it all, stood the Domus.

Roland bypassed all the securities as he goes higher in the Domus. He had the special privilege normally not given to Non-Archididascalo, a privilege not even Isabel, AD1's partner himself, posses. Two Vigilancia bowed to him when he entered the penultimate hall from where the elevator would bring him to the man he wanted to meet. In the elevator he pressed the screen on the panel to the right of the door, the screen scanned his hand pattern and after verifying his validity, the elevator door closed and propelled itself upward with slight hum. After a minute passed, the elevator finally let out a soft chime and opened its door to a different chamber.

"Roland." Exactly in far front of him an old fox sat behind a black obsidian desk. Roland walked out from the elevator who then closed itself. A large dome made out of transparent poly covered the whole area. One can see the whole Arkhiplato from there.

"Tristan." Roland replied. He continued walking to the Tristan desk, and sat on the chair provided in front of him. "I received the news."

"Yes." Asked the older fox. He wore the same uniform as Roland, sleeveless shirt and long plain skirt, except that his had black for colour and complemented with a cape. Roland looks exactly like Tristan several years ago back when he served in the Milicia ... and still has both of his eyes intact.

"How can you rationalize your decision, Tristan?"

"Law is Law."

"He was your friend." Roland shifted his eyes, his tone rising. "He was your ..."

"I have no friend." The older fox cut his son sharp. The two foxes stared at each other in an intense silence.

"You know Tristan, all the years you brought me up, you instilled me with your values. And I end up seeing people as functions and automatons. I can gauge their variables and input to bring about the optimal result. It worked, and it still until this day."

"Continue." Ordered Tristan

"However I found that it is more complicated than that. People are faulty automatons and strange attractors."

"And that is when you employ probability and statistics."

"Yes Tristan. It created a fuzzy set of optimality and that is when it dawned to me."

"Continue." Tristan ordered again.

"What is an optimal result? What defines optimal condition?"

"A condition that maximise total benefit and minimise total damage."

"And that is where I disagree with you, Tristan. My partner showed me the problem with that."

"I thought your civil union with that philandering lynx was solely for financial gain?" The older fox stroked his chin.

"Like what you and Isabel did for UBM, yes Tristan, that was the initial plan. However, people, like have been mentioned previously, are faulty and they can diverge from their expected behaviour. I changed, he changed me."

"I see that change affected your performance." That comment visibly appalled Roland. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"This would be the last thing I will ever say to you, Tristan." His voice shaky "I have now learned the irrationality known as love and hate as much as my condition can allow. And the disposition I will now hold against you is that of hate. This stems from you absolute disregard from personal matter. I will repudiate you as much as the law that governs Intellegencia allows me." Roland left the chair and walked back to the direction of elevator.

"Roland." Tristan called, there was no tone in his voice, but Roland know it wasn't an order this time. Roland stopped at the elevator.

"You are correct that people do change."

Those were the last words that Tristan said to his son before the door finally closed.


Susi performed his jumping dance once more in front of his daddy and uncle. He twirled around the bridge and finally he finished it by putting his hand together as though he was holding a small invisible ball, he then expanded his arm outward as though as the ball grown larger.

"There!" Susi giggled and fell onto the sofa in the bridge. "We are now in the Hub." An announcement coming from the plane's system validated his claim.

"Thank you darling. Now ... let's see if Roland already reached Hub as well." Gear walked to the centre of the holographic display in the middle of the bridge and ordered several commands to connect to the hub database.

A series of beeps came out from Roland's plane's speaker prompting the fox to open his eye. Roland stayed there in that position for a while until he fully regained the control of his feet. While sitting on the edge of his sofa bed he rolled his head to stretch his neck while his fingers intertwined far in front of him as his arm stretched out. He took a deep breath and looked at his surrounding.


"Silence." the beeps abruptly stopped after that order and a low hum from the engine filled the plane in the absence of noise.

"Good morning master." A handsome manly voice greeted from the same speaker that emitted the beeps.

"Durendal," he called his plane's system. "State coordinate"

"We are currently at: Zero, Zero, Zero, alias the Hub." Durendal’s voice sounds pretty natural for a machine.

Not bothering to put on any clothes, Roland walked to the cockpit and reclined on the one and only leather chair there, large curving screen laid before him separated into three sections.

"Display Environment," The central section in front of him lighted up and showed the feeds that it had gathered from external cameras. Roland can see an orb of light in one of the feed. He pondered whether he would go to Hub or book a direct travel to Sternsund.

"Master, I received a request for communication."

"Display the detail of the requester on right screen." The section to the right of the middle one lighted up, Roland can see an Axehammer emblem with a pair wings sprouting from behind it as the background. Flying into the screen a second later were a series of boxes filled with details and pictures, the upper most box contain a picture of three grinning white wolves, and under it, a rotating display of the plane in where they reside, it looks vaguely like a Hammer.

"Merde ...”

"Would you: Deny, or Accept, the request." Durendal asked.
"Accept. Display communication in main screen." The screen then changed from the empty view of black space to blinding white interior of a plane. A muscular white wolf with a visor for eyes appeared in the middle.

"Why hello there Roland Tristanson." His muzzle stayed shut as he uttered the greeting. His voice sounds more mechanical than Durendal.

"Please do not use my patronym, Gear."

"Ah yes of course, how rude of me. He smiled as the sound came out from his vocaliser.

"Eeeee...." Roland can hear a squeal coming from off screen, after a while a young girly white wolf appeared in the screen as well.

"Uncle Roley!" He giggled. "Haaaay!” the girly wolf waved his hand with excitement. He then gasped. “You're nakey!”

“Durendal, crop my feed to my chest.” Roland ordered.

"How do I may be of assistance sir?" Roland smirked to the wolf.

"You can start by dropping your politeness and wear some clothes. We’ll be waiting here, I believe our coordinate has been transmitted to you."

"Yes Gear."


The right side of his wardrobe was filled with the seven exact sets of outfits, white sleeveless button down shirts and a long plain skirt. Roland took a jockstrap and tied it around his waist, he than took the leftmost suit and began to put on the uniform one by one. Last he put his feet onto pair of steel boots. Roland took another look at his plane's screen where
Durendal had added Hammer shaped outline to identify the black plane against the black space. Roland remembered clearly the last time he saw that Hammer he stood on the bridge of Sphera 1, he can't forget what the Hammer did to the rebels.

"Master, We have arrived at our destination."

"Initate handshake with Mjolner." Roland ordered as he walked into the main hatch, the plane jerked slightly followed by a loud hissing noise from the pressuriser. A chime accompanying the change in the colour of the first hatch label from red to green signalled that now he can open the door safely. Roland turned the wheel until the second label turned green as well, it then open out to a long accordion corridor that ends in another opened door.

"C'mon, jump!" Ordered the figure that stood behind the door on the other side. Roland jumped and hovered in the gravity-less corridor to the other side, he did a couple of somersault before landing at the floor of the other plane.

"Cool, I tried that once and ends up breaking my neck." Said the white wolf. He looked like the one contacted Roland back at the ship, but this one had normal eye, as far as the shape of eye should look like. The wolf had white on black as the colour of his eyes. His muscle-bound body dwarfed Roland well toned but lithe stature.

"Scholar Roland at your service." Roland bowed to the wolf, he ordered Durendal to close his plane's door and then Freak closed the Mjolner side of the door. Roland looked around the place on where he landed. The place looks like a node in a graph. The place, being circular and painted white made him a bit difficult to see Freak save for his black and shiny limbs. In addition to the door he just closed, there are four other, two to his left and right, and the fourth, in front him.

"Well then, let's go to the bridge." Freak cued Roland to follow him to the door to their left, their path go straight, passing another nodes, and finally to a large gate that slid open as soon as Freak came near it. Mjolner had a very spacious bridge, all white. In the middle of it, a circular platform stood as the base of the holographic projection. Currently it shows the three dimensional map of the empire.

"Uncle Roley!" A wolf in silken dress sprinted to Roland's direction and finally pounced him.

"He ... hello Susi." That took Roland aback. Only Susi had that effect on Roland.

"Susi, why don't you make something for me and uncle Roley?" asked another wolf, this time the one Roland saw on his plane. He sat on a sofa on the end of the bridge and beside him a large screen the size of several meters displayed various images in its sections. Gear looks more intimidating than he was on the screen.

"Yes Daddy!" The young wolf ran out from the bridge.

"Isn't he beautiful?" Asked the wolf. “He always wanted to be your wife.”

"He certainly is." Roland agreed partly in fear. “But I’m a married man, Gear. It wouldn’t work.”

“Yeeeaaah I said that to him, he said he would just kill your partner. Well then ... lets have a seat." The table located at the bridge far from the entrance door, and accompanying it, a couple of sofas where Freak already sat on one of . His brother went to sat beside him and Roland who sat on the other Sofa.

"So, what brings Archistratego number one out from their command at Osborg?" Roland asked.

"I've been meaning to ask that as well, bro." Freak added.

"Incoming snack!" The bridge gate opened to let Susi enter. He brought with him a tray of cups and a plate with pink cupcakes on it. Susi placed the tray on the table and sat and, at Roland's horror, leaned onto him. Freak took three cupcakes, followed by Susi, who grabbed two and gave one to Roland. Roland hesitated at first before he took a bite. It had a strawberry aroma and taste like he expected, it has some other weird aftertaste that followed, however.

"O-Negative, my favourite." Freak complimented. It then dawned to Roland what the aftertaste actually was.

"Anyway, you know as we know, Roland." Freak continued.

"I'm afraid I don't understand you." Roland tried to look as honest as possible as he uttered that, it doesn't work.

"The Ravens told us about your latest shenanigans." Gear finally took a cupcake as well.

"Of course ... No thanks Susi, you can have that."

"By protocol, they should have reported this to the Assembly. Ask us, Roland, why didn't they report about this serious issue to the assembly?"

"Discovery of the Artefact would cause a major disorder among the assembly." Roland answered instead of asking them.

"Whuff awfefagh bwo?" By then Freak already finished his sixth cupcake, Gear looked at his brother and whispered something to Freak's ear. It made Freak took a big gulp.

"Whoa ... That's radical bro!"

"Yeah. It's amazing how you found that velvet chart, I guess ... like father like son, eh?" That remark did not go well with Roland.

"I don't backstab my friend." Roland gave a curt rebuttal.

"I see that he really carried this secret to his grave. You didn't even attend his funeral didn't you?"

"Yes ... But what secret?"

"That your father-in-law wasn't actually dead."

"What?" One of Roland’s eyes twitched like a malfunctioned mechanic.

"Depends on your definition of dead actually...”


Normally an Archididascalo has no business in place like this, but since AD-01 had a visitation permit granted on him, no one dared to question him. Behind the fox two high vigilancias trailed him as he counted the cells leading Detainee Alp 2401-Z.

The white sterile corridor flooded with blinding light that made it looks more like a quarantine area rather than a detainment facility. Ten centimetres thick dynatium added to reinforce each cell. The doors had colour as white as the walls around it. Small, double-reinforced glass windows at eye level have been installed on each of them. Though, the detainee inside it usually monitored from the screens present beside each door.

AD-01 finally reached the cell of Detainee 2401-Z, he flipped back his eye patch and presented his mechanical eye to the scanner. The doors then slide open with no sound at all and presenting a dismal cell. Inside the cell a naked lynx curled in a mattress too small for him, both of his arm and legs were tangled around tiny black threads, long enough for him to reach most of his cell, but not long enough for him to escape.

"Good Morning." The fox greeted.

"Nnngh." The lynx unfurled himself and sat on the fixed mattress.

"Tris..." the old lynx looks emaciated and yet he's still muscular and strong enough to break the fox neck if he choose so.

"You know what will happen if you assault me."

"What do you want now?" his irritation was more because the Lynx was still groggy from the sudden awakening.

Right after he said that, the light inside the cell flickered. Deafening alarm sound blasted through the entire place and the door behind the fox closed shut. Both the vigilancias behind him banged in vain, and after a while, they adhered the protocol and evacuate from the complex.

"You sneaky fox." The lynx smiled.

"It is important that you do not say things to loudly." The fox reached into a pocket in his long skirt and drew a large pen-like device. It had a transparent central tube filled with a dark red liquid.” Now this may hurt a little bit." Tristan uncapped the syringe.

"What ... what are you trying to do?"

"I am trying to keep you alive. The execution will be done by a point blank shot to the chest, it might feel painful for a while and you will show signs of death. I also claimed that you holds a Gaian faith and it is important that your body does not desecrated in autopsy and inhumed naked instead of being cremated."

"Hold on buddy, you mean that's." Sherekhan inched backward wile pointing at the syringe.

"Necrotic blood serum, yes."

"Are you insane!?"

"Yes there's a possibility of that you might go feral or insane. But it's slim, this serum is taken from Archistratego 02 and this is what Milicia use on Elite Vargr and its success rate hover at around 90 percent."

"Whoa whoa ... You get it from the Wolves ... Didn't they ... Uh ..."

"Yes." Tristan nodded. "As expected from those clinically insane wolves, for this serum they require me to do things that I wish I can forget."

The lynx just stared dumbstruck at his friend. "Whoa ... Tris ... why are you doing this?"


"So you see ... the stuff he injected to his friend, well that's not an ordinary necrotic serum there, Roland. It's the best batch out there."

"It's yours, is it not?"

"Not really ... It's other people bloods, infected with our seed ... even just a drop would spread into a kilolitre in just an hour. We store it in Mjolner and Susi likes to use it for his recipe."

"Isn't it nice?" Susi giggled and put his arms around Roland's shoulder. Roland felt like the content of his stomach struggling to get out and he tried his best to fight the urge to empty whatever it is that have been in his stomach into the table.
"Nah you wouldn't turn into one of us soon ... it wouldn't work that way, the stems would have been died during the baking process ... Or so I thought. Anyway ... Yeah your father asked us for some of those serum. We decided to have some fun with him in return."

"Heheh I remember that ... That was wicked, what you did there bro." Freak added.

"Oooh ... Oooh." What left on the plate were then just crumbs of cupcake. "I think I still have the recording of it." Susi giggled again. “I like it when daddy ...”

“Please! Spare me the detail.” Roland touched Susi’s large pink nose. "You are sick, sick people."

“We can’t help it, it’s in our nature.” Gear shrugged.

Roland commented. "I don't get, however, why Tristan would do to such extent for just a person. He might sacrifice himself if it means saving millions of people."

"Just like what he did back on Basis-1. We can never find his body. So anyway we kinda asked that as well, after we're done with him that is."

"And his answer is ..."

"Well ... "


"I'll do anything to keep you alive. It is, after all, because of me that you are in this situation. I ..." He stopped for a while.

"Forget that, Roland had just told me something and for once in my live I want to do something egoistic. I want to see you alive, I ... love ... you ... buddy." For the first time the fox showed the slightest emotion on his face. The lynx just stared at him unfazed.

"I know" Shere head slumped to avoid eye contact with Tristan. "I always knew it ever since we met. It stopped after I went with Jasmin and you ... with Isabel. But since her departure ...” Shere sighed. “You are a man of tacit action, Tris, and ... knowing you for so long ... I can tell your feeling from the things you do." The lynx replied, "But I'm sorry for ignoring you ... it's just ... It's just it wouldn't work." He shrugged and the room fell into silence again until the lynx yielded and offered his left arm.

"Oh, fúck this, it's not the time for some sissy emotional rambling. C'mon, Tris, give me some of that!"

Tristan, not bothering to find a vein jammed the injector into the lynx arm and injected the blood serum. Sherekhan cringed as the necrotic stem invaded his vein. It only took several seconds until the fox pocketed his syringe again.

"The infection should start at your brain and began to spread to your body at the time you are executed so you will look pretty much dead."

"Thank you ... Buddy, I owe you yet another...”

Tristan cut the lynx with a sudden pinch to the lynx’s shoulder, it instantly made him unconscious and Sherekhan slumped back to his mattress. Tristan sighed and sat beside his friend staring at the blank wall until the lights flickered on again, prompting him to stand in front of the door. As soon as the door slide open Half dozen of vigilancias invaded in with their pulse gun fully charged.

"I have the situation under control." He said, rubbing his fist.

"Did he assault you sir?"

"No, but I knocked him unconscious just for safety measure."

"I'm afraid we need to have you leave this compound. There have been a serious security breach.” The lead Vigilancia ordered him.

"Very well ..."


"So ... ask us Roland, why are we telling you this?"

"My question is ... how could I know this was not a fabricated story? Pardon me for doubting but that's my nature as a scholar, and on top of that you are not exactly known as the people with the soundest minds."

"Well you can see the recording of your father when he ..."

"No!" Roland cut him short. "Other than ... that." In his mind part of him telling himself he would enjoy watching the humiliation his father suffered, and while the other part of him telling him that he would enjoyed it too much and that would be very ... very wrong.

"Oh ... You can check in your Intellegencian database about the event and incidents that happened on Gaian Grave planet called 'Gan Adam'. But let's do that later. So ... Ask us Roland why are we telling you all of this?"

"Well ... You are somewhat close to my father and changing my attitude against him would leverage the chance of me complying to whatever insane plan you have in mind."

"Yeah ... I was thinking of just coercing you instead, but that sort of thing would ends up with betrayal and possible death, so why don't we just do this in friendly terms right?" Gear bared his teeth.

"Right, so ... What do you have in mind?"

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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
Skuld took a deep breath and kept her eyes wide open as the blue layer slowly engulfed her. She recited prayer to Ilahat and tried with all her might to keep her mind fortified. Skuld excels in dynatrope as evidenced by her rank among the ValCurios. But ... when it came to mind trick, the domain of her sister Urth, she felt a bit ... overwhelmed. Nevertheless she already messaged two of her escort to take action in case she fell to the effect of the PA, so ... she tried not to worry much about it. Skuld felt like she submerged into ocean as the blue layer passed her eyes. Her head felt like someone is trying to reach inside it, a feeling Verth dubbed 'brain tickles'. Skuld held firm and soon that feeling went away.

She ordered her plane and to look for the main entrance and fly there. It found one after scanning for several minutes and promptly changed it’s direction.

The wing shaped plane landed gently on the snowy land. Skuld made sure her dress properly don and her tablet is with her before she conjured a protection layer around her and ordered the plane to unlock the door. Hissing noise filled the plane when it pumped the air into the airlock. The door finally slid apart allowing Skuld to pass. She waited again this time for the plane to pump the air out of the airlock.

Skuld put on her goggle and through it everything became clear and illuminated as though she just stepped into a surrealist painting. She zoomed into the main entrance that seemed left ajar. When Skuld approached it she found what wedged the sliding door, a certain large cetan. Skuld stepped over large black and white man into the containment facility and inside she consulted her tablet again on the location of the PA. The map on the tablet showed a labyrinth of corridors with two shining point, the triangle one denoted her position and the blue square, the PA and connecting them, a convoluting route. The PA located not to far from her, but the winding and twisting path required her to walk at least twice the distance between them. She can see in the map some doors that she might use for shortcut, but she didn't dare go through them.

Skuld have been in containment facility once and she hated it. This place gave her the creeps with all the dangerous objects.

After turning around here and then according to the map, the ray from her flashlight landed on another unconscious body. Her heart raced and she hurried to where a rabbit and a lynx slept near each other. She can't wake him up now, not before she turned of that damn thing. After a further venture she found herself in front of an opened door. There in front of her, a blue, glowing, pyramid thing sat on a pedestal. It shot blue ray from its apex.

She must do this carefully. Skuld slowly paced the hall and about two meters from it, she raised her hand framing the pyramid from her view with both her thumbs and index fingers. Skuld closed her eyes and the blue pyramid flickered and immediately dimmed down.

That was taxing. Her head feels lighter after turning off the thing.

'If only Urth wasn't fifty light years away from me' she thought. Skuld ran back to the place where he found Sando. She kneeled down and placed her hand on the lynx head. Skuld felt giddy as her palm brushed the lynx mane. She uttered several spell to help her focus. Fortunately, with the help of a little bit magic the victim of PA-63 can be woken up from their coma.

"Whee, faster Baba! Faster!" Sando sat up and bounced on the floor, his scream didn’t last long and in confusion he looked around him "Baba?"

"I ... I wouldn't even ask what happened there." Skuld commented.

"Well ... I was ridding a dessert Electrycle with my dad and..."

"... That was a dream, dear you have been unconscious for ... let see ... twelve hour, at least."

Sando scrambled around for his flashlight, finding one she shone it to the direction where the voice came. "S.... S ... Skuld ... is that you?"

"In flesh and blood, Sando, deary."

"This ... Is an unexpected visit." Sando started to regain memory about his surrounding and more importantly, why he was there. Sando stood up so he’s more or less at the same level with Skuld.

"Uh Skuld, I really appreciated you waking me up, and could you ... uh, do this to several of my crew member as well."

"It's not free, you know."

"Alright, alright, we'll discuss about payment later. I promise."

"I am a bit ... Skeptic, dear." Skuld squinted her eyes.

"Look, what happened four months ago? Well ... I never said 'promise' there."


"AAAAAAAA" Brigit's awakening is a rude one. She immediately leaped and pinned down Sando. "Stop! Stop! Brigit! It's me!"

"Oh ... Brigit looked around her. Where are we?"

"You are on top of my Sando, now could you move yourself?"

"Oh ... Oh yeah." Brigit awkwardly looked at the grinning Lynx and tried to stand. Wrong move, pain seared through her thigh as she moved her thighs and she fell sideways.

"What happened to her?" Asked Skuld.

"Accident." Sando answered calmly and stood on his feet again. "Brigid, Skuld. Skuld, Brigid." He introduced them to each other. "Now Brigid, would you kindly escort Skuld to our other comrades."

"And giving you a chance to escape?" Skuld grabbed Sando's arm painfully tight. "Like hell I will."


"Junés, don't die on me now, no ... nooo... Juuunééés!" Zippy hugged an invisible body on the floor.

"He's dramatic like that." Sando said to Skuld.

"Oi, Rat!" Sando kicked him not to gently with his boot.

"Huh?" Zippy wiped the tear from his cheek. "Sando? Is that you?"

"You Idiot! I told you to ask me before opening any non-green door." Sando scolded him.

"I ... I'm sorry, it ... It ... looks green when I see it ... 'onest."

"Hnnngh, this will set our mission back. Now it's down to Sephy and Siobhan."


“Annnh, Honeeeey ...” Josef wriggled on the floor for a while before he realized the reality. He looked around him and found himself around familiar faces.


"Alright, not E ... Josef ... What's with that bandage?"

"The dude you picked tried to have him as dinner." Said Sando, Zippy looked up to Sando and then to Brigit, both of whom looks not quite pleased.

"No ... Way! I ... I" Zippy loss at word and whimpered.

"I wonder if that's the large man I saw at the main entrance." Said Skuld.


Siobhan’s awakening was uneventful, she stretched like she was really sleeping. It took her a while though for the situation to sink into her.

The main entrance felt freezing cold by now since the door left open for hours and the existing system can only fight the temperature for so much.

“Here he is” Said Skuld standing atop a huge unconscious cetan.

"Uh ... I think you should step down, that’s rude.”

“Should we?" Brigit looked to her friend.

"He has some ‘splainin to do, and beside I'm sure Skuld here could help us when things go rough." Skuld replied with a hard and painful tug on Sando's long mane. "Ouch!"

Skuld did to the cetan what she did to the other five people.

"Here fishy ... fishy fi ..." Vorca walked inside on all four, letting the door closed. "fishy? Dude, where am I?"

"In Pohja." Sando answered.

“Oh yes, I remember there was ... hey ... Hey." Vorca quickly stood up, towering the lynx in front of him. "Hey capt, what's the big idea leaving me out there?" He poked his big finger on Sando's chest.

"No, you tell me! What is the big idea chewing into Sephy?" Sando pushed the sausage finger away making it point to Josef.

"Huh?" Vorca scratched his head and looked at the shirtless rat with bandages around his shoulder. "That's ... weird ... all I know was I suddenly blacked out and ..." Vorca groaned. "Hnnngh ... It happened again ... hey dude, I'm sorry for that alright, I'll explain about it later." He paused. "If ... capt still allow me here anyway."

"Well anyway ... our mission is over, we got Brigit here, which have some leg problem and Sephy that needs to be checked. Zippy, you take Brigid with back to nearest Knisa. Sando bowed and whispered to his ear. "Alright, and while you at it don't let people see Nahaś. I won’t have you screw it up again this time." Zippy looks down in embarrassment.

"And you too Sephy, you should go back as well, that wound needs to be disinfected."

"And you I think it's better you come along with me." He pointed to Vorca. There is no way he will allow himself to be left alone with mentally unstable hawk. Well ... Vorca's mental fortitude is questionable as well, but at least he can outrun him. That ... and Vorca can't do any magic. The incident with Skuld four months ago made him unable to walk straight for several days afterward.

"Alright Sando ..." Skuld inched closer to him still grabbing his arm. "Tell me one good reason, one, good, reason. Why I shouldn't call the Tellies and inform them about this place?"
"Becauuuuse. Well ... actually you can call Tellies on this place, but not after I rummaged stuff from here. You can have some PA as well."

"Let seee ..." Sando pulled out his tablet and accessed the item list there.


“Ah Hah! Got it.” Sando walked to the pedestal where a gyroscope-like object have been laid and nabbed it.

“Uh ... huh ... Sydämen Nuoli. Sio you were searching a tool for searching ... how meta.”

“Alright, then I leave this place to you! Thanks for your help! C’mon big guy, let’s fly back to Hibernia” Sando walked past Skuld. She wouldn’t have any of this. Skuld pulled Sando’s mane again.

"Sando, we need to talk.”

“Look, I told you before Skuld I’m ...”

“... you can't use that I-don't-swing-that-way anymore." She cut him.

"Look ... Skuld ... how do I put this? You ... you want more just than having fun, see ... this is the problem, there's only one person I can ... you know ... get serious with. Sorry, but you can't seem to get this across your head so ... Yeah I ran away."

"Oh for Latta's sake ... What is with that stinky fox anyway?"

"Actually ... It's artificial pheromone for inducing arousal in mammal. He's ... completely odourless." Sando commented.

"He didn't even love you!" She continued. That surprised Sando and then slowly he turned to anger.

"You! ..." Sando shouted back. "You! Have the nerve to say that after what happened at Kiṇṇa? He! ... He is the reason you can even see me here today. Maybe you need a reminder of what happened in the Intellegencian research facility at Sehri? and how he had legs like my right arm."

She said not a single word.


Finally ... back at Durendal, again. Roland rejected the wolves’s offer to stay for dinner. Susi may put some sleeping potion inside the drink. Carefully Roland put the recording disc back on its cover. That humiliating footage of his father actually did convince him of Gear’s story. Roland had checked the Intellegencia database as well and found an incident report in Gan Adam involving hijacked hearse plane and a naked figure that vaguely looked like a lynx. Everything fits...

It’s time to go back to Sternsund. Roland ordered Durendal to search and apply for any jump back to his system.

Meanwhile Roland thought, he’ll have another nap. He removed his clothes and lie on the leather sofa. Images of Tristan kept flying inside his head. Especially after that un-tristan-like video. Roland admitted that was kinds ... interesting...


“Fourteen, fifteen, six ... someone’s still inside!” Roland shouted. “It’s ...”

“We shall go, the facility is going to shift any moment now.”
“Not without Sandokhan.” Roland pushed the slide door of the hovercraft aside and jumped to the sandy dune bellow.

"What are you doing, Roland." Another fox that looks exactly like him, though older, shouted.

"I am saving him."

"Have you lost my mind?"

"Yeah, that Lynx stole it, I'm going to get it back." Tristan could only watch as his son ran away into the burning building.

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