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Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
Her tiny wings, albeit impressive, measured no longer than her arms. Four pair of spindly spine sprouted from her back and between each of them a white membrane stretched with violet patterns inked on it. It does not look like it can sustain her in the air, but then that would be viewing it from the perspective of a boring Intelegencia scholar. A similar smaller pair of wing-like fin sprouted from her tail.

"Is that ... is that a wing that we just saw?" Vorca still can’t believe his eyes.
"A bio-agrav array! I thought it was only a myth! No wonder boss kept her hidden." Zippy exclaimed full of amazement. "We gotta catch her."
"And how? This girl can pop in and out anytime she likes." Vorca shuddered to think what would happen if the girl popped out some part of his body when he grabbed her. He saw a witch did once when she was assaulted. It ends up with the guy screaming to his death as he clutched a bleeding mass of organs in front of him.
"The longer it took us to get her, the more people can saw her ... and that's ... bad."

She tilted it down to reduce the repulsion from gravitons and soon she glided down passing the chaotic air traffic bellow with grace. Some people continued on their chore like there was nothing, some halted to do a double take on what just passed them, some others veered to avoid her. The less fortunate one crashed into each other when it happen. Fortunately, their fall promptly halted by the watchmen mages.

"Too late..." Vorca commented and Zippy palm met his face.


"See ... this is why among witches and wizards, seers are looked down upon." They were back on their path, Brigit arms folded in her hand. She did not feel particularly pleased with this predicament.
"Their informations are always correct." Sando argued "And they're the only kind of people who can pass information faster than light. Though, now they have those magical communicator thingies. We should buy that, can you use it?" Sando just realized that he is trailing off.

She still did not look the slightest bit impressed.

"C'mon Brigit, you know I can't do it with other ... guys ... other than ... " he paused for a while. "You know ... him."
"For a man who are famous for his escapade in Lair of Goddess in Vivana, you have quite a fidelity, you know."
"Hey, hey! What happened in Vivana, Stays, in, Vivana. Besides ... it's not cheating if you do it with Ladies." Sando grinned
"I just thought you ... kinda broke apart with him months ago?"
"Nah, we just have some time out, his game's getting harder as time goes. Dude gets too possessive too at times, what's with the transmitter in the card, in the ship, in the map cube and even in my stomach! I don’t know how it can get there. Took zippy quite a while to zap all of them."


It's been long time since she can swim freely in the air like this. Swirls of colours passed through her as she zoomed around the city. She rose up again to bask in the warm glow of the sun. Higher, higher, and bam! NahaÅ› felt a painful hard energy bashing her head. The last thing she sees were the warm light of one of God's eyes for the last time, and everything was white and silent afterward. She sank in the air as a stone in water.
"Well, well ... would you look at that." A flying scooter waiting bellow her. Riding it was an avian wearing standard issue Milicia uniform with purple accents on it. A large oblong mana crystal was embedded on her deep purple tie.
Finally she landed gently on the passenger seat. "Now, we got to have you nice and steady" Her voice was different when she said that deeper and more serious. She propped her new passenger on her back seat, took her mantle off and wrapped it around the dragon girl and finally she strapped the seat belt all nice and proper over the girl.
"Our ancestors used to be able to do that stuff, you know?". She said to the still-fainting girl, and now all we got is this." She wiggled her claw like hands.
"Well! You can't get everything in the world, I guess." Her voice went back to normal again.
"True, true." Said her serious voice.


"It's just that ... he's a scaleskin for god's sake!" A scaleskin couple passed them as she said that. They hissed and gave her the dirtiest looks ever.
"Dearie, I think you got to solve that issues of yours. What d'you have against non-furskin anyway." They were now on a ledge, sitting on a bench.
"It's not like that! I mean ... It's like doing it with a block of ice, I don't like it."
"Hmph, why can't there be a female Oracle." Sando sighed.
"It's genetic..." the lapine explained, "Some stuff can only happen to male, and some can only happen to female …" finally she relented "Oh all right Sando, I'll do it ... but you owe me for ..."
A violent beeping interrupted Brigit, it came from Sando cloak. He took his transceiver and flipped it. "Oh hey, it's your man and his large buddy." He then pressed the largest button on the pad.

"Boss, we have a problem." A squeaky voice came out from the speaker.
"You didn't blew the ship up or something did you?" Sando failed to notice the irony in his remarks.
"I think it's worse than that. Nahaś ... she's fleeing ... she’s flying away!" Sando expression changed all of the sudden.
"Good day sir and madam!" Sando and Brigit turned back to see to whom the chirpy voice belongs. It turned out that the owner rode on a Standard Milicia flying scooter. On the passenger seat a cloaked figure seated calmly, she looked like she was sleeping.
"I think we found her." He said to the transceiver and shut it firm before Zippy can reply back.
"The question is, will you be able to get her back?" Ask the scooter rider again with a different deep voice.

I'm not good with people
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Fri Oct 31, 2008, 11:32 PM (This post was last modified: Wed Nov 05, 2008 01:16 AM by nightPhaser.)
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
"Are you going to kill us?" asked Brigit, as she watched Verthandi hovering before them.

The feathered commander only smiled calmly, her voice that of a young woman's. "Unlike my trigger-happy sister, I'm just curious about what you're up to, naughty little bobcat. Anything involving this lovely thing should be interesting to me." She gently patted the unconscious girl behind her. "I have no intention to take you and tie you down to a bed, or somesuch."

"Then you wouldn't object to handing over that innocent young lady to us so we can get her back to her poor, suffering parents." said Sandokhan, not really trying to sound earnest.

"No, I wouldn't, but I will keep her with me for a while." She flashed a sudden and vile glare as she spoke in a different voice. "And we both know she's a lot more than a lady, don't we?"

Sandokhan merely pouted, then waved a hand. "Fine. See if I care. Your little games don't mean squat if I decide to stay on Olympias for the rest of my luscious, supple life."

Verthandi giggled. "No, you won't. Don't be stupid. Tell me where you're headed, and we'll go there."


"Now." The voice sounded like it came from a cavernous, dark place.


"I got cut off." Zippy said, as he puttered in mid-air just behind a tower. "He said he found her."

"No snappy remarks?"

The rat shook his head. "You think they're in trouble?"

"Let's get back to the ship." Vorca replied. "And find out for sure."

The whale smiled wide, and the rat gulped at the sight of cetan teeth.


Three flying figures weaved between spires of ivory and crystal, high above the mid-air traffic. They passed the border of Cynopolis, approaching a cliff face of white stone. A relentlessly symmetrical structure was carved and built into it. The upper side looked like a tangle of snakes with points of bright light gleaming from their eyes. The lower side had an array of landings and large stained-glass windows.

They went down to a petal shaped landing, where Brigit adjusted her propulsion boots and smoothly landed on her feet. Sandokhan twirled a bit and landed in a crouch, as his cape billowed and warped into a more convenient size. Verthandi puttered next to them. The witch stepped down from her scooter and held it beside her as she walked.

They went through a brightly-lit corridor that led into a vast hall, with walls made of polished marble. A vaulted ceiling rose above them with a stained glass representation of three women spinning, weaving and cutting a tapestry. On the floor were evenly-spaced points of bright white light. As Brigit stepped in, the lights under her changed to a blue colour. They turned crimson under Sandokhan, while Verthandi and NahaÅ› had no effect on the lights at all.

A middle-aged male reindeer, dressed in purple robes lined with silver, walked calmly towards them, and gave a slight bow. "Welcome. Grace of the Moirae be upon your birth, life and death." Brigit and Sandokhan returned the bow, while Verthandi looked unimpressed. "Do excuse the lack of activity here, it is the holy day of Clotho today. Most of us are blessing newborns all over Cynopolis. I am Brother Desmundus."

Brigit smiled. "I know you. You did the funeral service for an Ecclecian councilman."

"You must be Brigit, and you, Sandokhan. Your reputation is... unfortunate, but I've been told to be civil and help you in any way I possibly..." The priest noticed NahaÅ› sleeping on the scooter hovering behind them. "Is that... her?"

Sandokhan nodded. "We were given a message, saying the Temple claims to have something to help with her condition." Desmundus nodded. "We do, but I will need some time to have it ready for you."

"The lights on the floor." Brigit remarked. "They are very beautiful, I feel like I'm walking on stars."
"Ah, they are specially-tuned mana crystals that absorb mental fluctuations. Their colours reflect surrounding intentions. Of course, only those of the Temple know how to interpret them."
"So that means we can't lie to you while inside the temple?"

Sandokhan grinned. "That's my Brigit."

The priest touched the monocle resting on his eye, and frowned. "Would I be introduced to the creature behind you?" Verthandi smiled and tilted her head slightly. "Don't mind me, I'm just observing."

"Also," Sandokhan added. "We would like a prophetic reading."

"That can be arranged, the Oracle is available." Desmundus placed a closed hand over his mouth and appeared to be in thought. "I must inform you that the original Oracle stationed here was picked up by a prominent Archistratego. Officially, he was being used for planning military campaigns..."

"Let's not even bother talking about the unofficial reasons."
The priest bowed. "Thank you, sir."
"So you have a new Oracle." said Brigit.
"Oracles are Oracles, nothing's changed." said Sandokhan. "And she'll be glad to 'inspire' him, don't you, Brigit?"
"Yes." The word gave her some stomach discomfort.

The priest adjusted his monocle as he looked at Brigit. "Ah, but my lady, the thing is, this Oracle's tastes lean towards the... unusual."

The priest glanced his green eyes towards the strapping feline. The lights on the floor under Sandokhan quickly turned pink.

"I cannot say this hasn't happened to me before."

"I believe you said something about your 'renowned prowess' earlier?" said Brigit, as she grinned.

"We shall begin with the prophecy service, come with me." said Desmundus. "The witches must stay behind, I'm afraid." Sando turned his head towards Verthandi, and pouted. "Go ahead. Have fun. We can wait. Darling NahaÅ› and I." she said.

As the two followed Desmundus, Verthandi felt a strange sort of heaviness. She noticed a circle of seven lights brighter than the others, and the arrangement of the smaller light points. "The rules are so annoying sometimes, don't you think?"

"It will only be a while longer, be more patient." her deep voice spoke.
"Oh, I am. So very patient."


"We're... not supposed to do this."

"I'm sure 'saving the captain' is carved up somewhere in our job specs, Zippy."

"How'd you bypass the biosecurity on the control gloves, anyway?"

"I pulled a hair from the captain's head and used it to change my blood chemistry a little."

"You can do that? He'll throw you off the ship. While in deep space."

"Nothing I've ever done has disappointed our beloved (and strangely fruity) captain."

Zippy had a moment to consider the truth of the statement before Vorca pushed his fists forward, sending the ship hurtling through the air between two spires at double the speed of sound. It inexplicably blew off the clothes of a sun-bathing gecko.

"Aaaiiiee!" Zippy maintained a death-grip on the edge of a console. "Dampers! Dampers!"


The tan-and-grey lynx found himself completely nude, but for an almost translucent purple silk cloth draped over him. It was folded and wrapped around his well-toned body in a way commonly seen in figures from the museum galleries of Cynopolis. He was leaning against a marble pillar, while one of his arms was raised over his head, and the other held a piece of the cloth over his privates.

"Words cannot express the sheer, writhing tumult in my heart."

A white, musteline face popped out from the edge of a canvas nearby and said: "Then perhaps pictures will. Stay still. And smile a bit."

The young Oracle tapped a point on a screen showing a palette of continuous shades, and the colour of paint in the bowl next to the canvas changed to match. He dipped a brush into the paint, which refilled itself, and painted a few strokes on the canvas, which was already caked with several layers of beautiful colours.

"Would having a slight cramp in my quivering loins hamper your ability to prophesy, o' beloved Oracle?"

"Not until I get your thighs right." The Oracle closed one of his violet eyes, his mouth went to one side, and then he disappeared behind the canvas again "Those legs deserve to be immortalized."

"I like how you did his tail." said Brigit, as she leaned in for a closer look behind the Oracle. "I know! Isn't it the cutest thing? Almost like a bunny's."

After a few strokes and a little flourish, the Oracle smiled. "There! Done." Sandokhan immediately went to a wooden chair and slumped in exhaustion, taking care to pull together some silk cloth to cover himself

"Marvellous, isn't it?" the Oracle said as he turned the canvas around, to which Sandokhan lifted a hand and turned his face away. "No. No, no, no."

"I'll have the Brothers send you a nice, self-healing copy of it, so you wouldn't lose it in a fire or anything." Sandokhan suddenly looked very pale.

Then the Oracle placed the brush down and said: "I'm ready. See you in a while, handsome." The young-looking ferret dressed in loose white robes stood up from his chair, and the light glinted off the scales on his arms, legs and parts of his face. He disappeared through a purple-veiled doorway, carrying the painting with him.

"Please follow me into the next room. The Oracle will prophesy for you soon." said Desmundus.
"Couldn't the honorable little pipsqueak of an Oracle have done it without that fingerpainting session?" asked Sandokhan.
"No, he couldn't. The painting is his anchor point for reading your future paths."

Brigit raised her brows at this while Sandokhan scoffed.

"In any case, give me back my threads."
"Yes. Please." Brigit added, trying to sound like she wasn't enjoying it.

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
[This happened around fifteen years ago]

The uniform that Lauro wore for the battle, it looks much like standard issue Milicia armoured uniform except that it’s tailored smaller. He might be a large boy, but he’s still a boy nonetheless. On each of his shoulder pad, his team logo is embossed with a symbolic picture of a dog head. Under it, the text read:

"Where did he go? Did'ya see him?" Lauro thought it would be an easy job gunning down the last member of the Kittehz, but it's more complicated than he thought. The lynx had taken down three out of his team member just in half an hour since they have ambushed the Kittehz.
"I ... I don't know." His teammate answered. One would mistook Sergin as a girl on first passing, his mane hangs long, his body stands lithe, and his voice always comes out high pitched. Isn't much of a boy, thought Lauro, but for the lack of power, Sergin makes it up with his crazy marksman skill.

"I'm scared." Sergin clutched to his large comrade. Open place like this is not a good place for snipers. This forest should be a great place for the Kittehz. Fortunately they are pretty stupid in their strategy since all their training usually done in urban field.

All of them save for one. The canines heard the sounds of disturbed leaves above them.

"Who ... who's there." Shouted Lauro.
"Pew!" "Pew!" A figure swung from a bunch of vine and shot his gun twice. Lauro felt a pain poking in his stomach, and as he looked down, his armour have red splotch on it.
"Aaaack, I'm shot." Lauro dropped his riffle and then himself in dramatic manner. Sergin scamperred away, but he hit his head on a tree trunk.
"Eeee ... don't kill me, don't kill me!" He squealed as the cat drew nearer, the dog's hand were on his head.
"Buh ... bye." The Lynx smiled and was about to pull his trigger when he felt a cold hard object on his nape.
"The game is over Sando." Said a monotone voice. Sando felt a heavy blow on the back of his neck.

And he fell.


Ten boys sat around a long table. The war is over, and now everyone are friends again, Kittehz and Puppehz. Each of them had a bowl of hot milk and a dish of a hotdog for dinner.

"Do you remember when Albin and Verdo mistook each other as one of the dogs? And ends up offing each other." Lauro laughed, and the rest of the boys followed.
"Well, I do remember when Lauro ran away screaming like a girl." Said Albin the white leopard in defense, the boys’ laughter roars louder while Lauro's stopped.
"Where's Roland by the way?" Asked Lauro, diverting the topic.
"I dunno, he's like a phantom." Sergin answered. "Now you see him, now you don't"

A young fox boy, sat at the edge of the cliff, below him flows the river, and beyond that, the vista of their city, composed mostly of medium rise structure spread out like a stars on the ground. The city utility tower on the middle rise alone and dotted with blinking light. On his hand he hold a glass of hot chocolate, the perfect concotion for cold night like this.

"All in all, it's a great round, eh, Roley?" Another boy joined his sitting.
"To be honest, you are the only one that posse challenge to me."
"Same can be said about your team members." Sando take lick out of his hot milk. "Though I wish you didn't do that again, it's painful, you know." He rubbed his neck, where Roland had shot him before.
"Such a pussy. I did not winch even the slightest when you point blanked me on the first round." He took a lick of a hot chocolate out of his mug.
"But … you seems to like it," Sando grinned. "you're weird, you know, most people don't grin like that when they're shot. I mean, what kind of canine drank hot chocolate like that."
"We are all weird to other people. I think, your animosity towards the pizza I ordered last week is weird."
"It has pineapple on it. One does not taint the greatness of pizza with pineapple. It's like touching your sisters, it’s just ... wrong!"

They sat in silence for a while until Sando eyed the boy to the right of him, and soon he bowed down on the fox's lap.
"What are you doing ... stop it." After a while Roland can't take it anymore and yanked the lynx head up.
"Stop licking on my hot chocolate." The fox said with menace.

I'm not good with people
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Tue Nov 04, 2008, 12:38 PM (This post was last modified: Wed Nov 05, 2008 08:32 AM by nightPhaser.)
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
Sandokhan stepped out of a small alcove, dressed in his usual stylish outfit. Brigit couldn’t help but notice the transparent purple silk cloth tied around his waist. She raised an eyebrow. Sando followed her gaze.

“Er, in our short but intimate time together as guardian of my modesty, I fear that this wonderfully delicate and gossamer thin piece of finery has grown quite attached to me. As you can see,” the lynx tugged at his new sash. “She simply refuses to let go. I had no choice but to offer her a new home in my wardrobe.”

“Whatever… Sandy.” Brigit smirked.

Desmundus stepped through the doorway. “The Oracle is ready to bestow upon thee your prophesy. Please follow me.”

Sandokhan and Brigit immediately fell behind the reindeer. He led them to a darkened room. Desmundus motioned for the two to enter. “Only the client and the scribe may bear witness to the Oracle’s words. It is a personal affair and we are nothing but private, after all.” He said. He closed the door behind them.

“Why the darkness?” Brigit brought her hands up and felt the emptiness in front of her.

“I suppose this is the part where we are to be enlightened?” Sandokhan answered

A pinprick of light appeared somewhere in the nothingness in front of them. The glow brightened and sent rays of light bouncing on the walls and ceiling, dispelling the darkness with twinkling stars. Sandokhan and Brigit suddenly found themselves in a room made entirely of glass similar to the floorwork of the grand hall. The effect was similar to floating in deep space.

The light in the center of the room revealed itself to be the shimmering white robes of Oracle. The ferret was hovering motionless above them. He has his eyes closed.

“Here it comes!” Sandokhan motioned to his companion. “Get your pen ready, Brigit. He’s about to speak.”

Brigit turned to the lynx in shock. “WHAT pen?”

Sandokhan looked at her in horror. “You didn’t bring any recording material?!?”

“NO!” the rabbit shrieked. “You didn’t say anything about needing one!”

“But you’re the designated scribe!” Sandokhan shouted. “It’s the only way to take down the prophecy!”

“You said my calligraphy was horrible!” Brigit wrung her hands in the air. “That’s why you originally wanted me to frolic with the Oracle!”

“But I ended up being the source of inspiration!”

“You were still supposed to be the scribe!”

“For the love of –“

Any further talk between the two was halted when the Oracle opened his eyes. Light brighter than his robes poured out of his eyes and mouth as he started to speak. His hollow voice reverberated throughout the chamber.

“The Beacon. The Torchbearer. The Pretender. The Seeker. The Vessel.”

“One will betray all others again and again.”

“One will lose what is precious to become stronger.”

“One will bring forth life at great expense.”

“One will embrace ancient death and be satisfied.”

“One will be made whole once more too late.”

Sandokhan and Brigit were stunned at the outburst and failed to notice the light began to dim and fade. The glow around the Oracle diminished then disappeared, leaving the two once again in the dark. The door opened a moment later with Desmundus beckoning for them to come.

“Er, what was that again?” was all Sandokhan could say.


“They are taking far too long.”

“I thought you said you were patient.”

“There are limits.”

“Do not fret. They won’t dare leave behind their precious ‘soul of Prometheus’.”

“That much is true. Still, I feel that something is wrong.”

“What is it?”

“Don’t you hear it?”

Verthandi looked up. She can hear shouts from afar. She glanced at the still sleeping form of Nahas on the scooter and pondered on whether she should leave her hostage to investigate the disturbance. She need not have bothered as the voices drew closer.

“I’m very sorry but we cannot have sessions be held back to back,” Desmundus thundered. “Oracles need time to recover!”

“But it’s quite essential that we get another reading.” Sando said exasperatedly. “The first one didn’t take.”

“It’s not the Brothers’ fault if the client and scribe fail to properly take down their prophesy. Temple policy.”

“Look at it this way,” Brigit followed up. “I’m sure that if you ask, your young artist won’t mind another round of inspiration from Sandokhan and his perfect thighs.”

The mental imagery conjured up in the avian’s mind galvanized her to step forward and confront the three arguing people walking towards her. “All right, what is the meaning of this?” she said.

“Nothing to concern yourself about, my dear Verthandi,” Sandokhan said. “It’s simply a matter of trying to convince this old coot TO LISTEN TO REASON!”

The reindeer shook Sandokhan’s grip off the front of his robes. “And you must listen to me when I tell you that what you are requesting is impossible. Once a prophesy is given, it cannot be repeated. Not even the Oracle will remember what he utters.”

Brigit swore as Sandokhan shoulders slumped in defeat. Desmundus brushed imaginary dust from his shoulders as several ursine Temple Guards approached their congregation. “Ah, her room is ready.”

“Her?” Brigit asked. “Her who? What room?”

“For our new guest,” Desmundus gestured towards the dragon girl on the scooter. “Her null chamber has been prepared.”

“What?” Verthandi and Sandokhan said at the same time.

The reindeer nodded towards them. “We were informed that a scaleskin of untapped potential was to be delivered to our Temple for safekeeping. Documented evidences of her mana use forwarded to us are scant but have shown that she is capable of wielding a frighteningly large amount of entropic power. As the largest Temple of Oracles in Olympias, our sanctuary is the best constructed structure designed to weaken her magic and keep her inert.”

“This…” Sandokahn started. “This isn’t what was meant when we were to help Nahas with her condition-“

“Let her stay here. As a witch, her work will be light and she will never want for company. She will be safe, protected and comfortable,” Desmundus said assuredly. “…for the rest of her life.”
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Tue Nov 04, 2008, 10:55 PM (This post was last modified: Wed Nov 05, 2008 08:32 AM by nightPhaser.)
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
On Port Lygatt at planet Sternsund, the Star Glosola now can be seen setting low the horizon. The glowing sun branded a red glittering column on the sea and casted long shadows on the land.

A plastic mesh has been installed for an emergency measure before the Maintainers had replacement glass for his office. As for the door, it would take several more days. Well then … it’s time to go back to his nice cosy apartment, but first, he needs to deal with these stranded people. Four lapine men and two lapine ladies from different races and ages stands in front of High Officer Roland. They are furious and understandably so, considering the indignifying search procedure that they have endured.

"There's nothing on you, you may go now." Said Roland,
"What was all of this about!?" The hunky black hare outraged. He was the largest one among the crews,
"Your captain was found smuggling contraband," this -of course- was only a farce known only by two men, “according to protocol we are required to check his crew as well.”
"He ... what!? I thought he said he just come here from some registration?"
"How long since he hired you?" Asked Roland.
"Well he hired us ... two weeks ago, I think." Said the equally large brown lady rabbit beside him.
"So I see," not long enough to know what my man is like, thought Roland " you may go now."

"But you blew our ship!" the large hare accused, the imperial guard pulled out their pulse gun as protective measure.
"Actually, the explosion comes up from your plane cargo, I suspect the detonator is on your captain. He is ... that kind of man." Roland explained.
"How about us then?" Asked the brown female rabbit.
"If I may suggest, Milicia is always looking for new recruit." said Roland
"Now … you ... may … go." He said slowly for the third time as his face hardened as was his guard. It wasn’t a suggestion, it was an order and the crew knew it as well. The six crew members went out disappointed, debating to each other in low voice, asking whose brilliant idea it is to agree to the fraudulent lynx. On their way down the stair, they passed two black avian. They didn’t pay attention to the couple. No one paid attention to the ravens.

Roland finished packing his suitcase and was about to call it a day when the two black avian stands in front of his way. They both wear standard Intellegencia uniform, a buttoned down sleeveless shirt and a long plain skirt. Theirs were coloured black though. They look nearly identical to each other save for a black blindfold wore by the one on the left. A leather collar encircled their long ruffy neck and a leash connected it with each other.

"Oh," Roland bowed to his superior. "What brings two great Archididascalos as you here sirs."
"You know as we know." Said the one with blindfold. Roland saw that they held each other's claw-like hand. "Our source on Olympias indicates that you and your partner wish to do something with Progenitor Artefact PA-54. Is this true?"

Roland learned from hearsay that if there one thing you should never do to Hugin and Munin, that one thing is telling fallacy.
"This is true sir." Roland tightened the grip on his briefcase handle.
"The thing that you are going to do with it, is it for the advancement of the empire or is it for personal gain?" Asked Hugin once more. Roland paused to compose an answer.
"It is both for the advancement of the empire and for my personal gain, sir. I will assure you that my personal gain will not stand in the way the advancement of Empire."
"Very well, Munin will put his eyes on you." Hugin's brother’s right eyes flickers purple light. It looked more like a crystal...


"Theah they ah!" Zippy shouted as the ship drew near the Temple of Oracles. “Ah they, whoa ... ah they undah ‘ostage?”
"It seems so." Vorca commented

All the people on the temple platform were now looking at the humming sound from afar.
"Whose ship is that?" Asked Desdemundus. Brigit and Sando know perfectly the answer but they kept their mouth shut.
"Nnngh ... hey guys ... where am I?" The dragon woke up. "What happen?"
"Take her." Desdemundus ordered the ursine guard who promptly yanked her from her seat.
"No don’t..." Sando was cut short by the guard.
"Hey ... let me go” she squirmed through the ursine hold, but they didn't comply, a big mistake.
"Let ... me ... go." There was a loud pop and the next thing the guard know, the girl wasn't there anymore.

And so does their lower arms.

It took the guard several seconds before they realized what happened. They looked at their stumpy appendages and scream in horror until they fainted from the shock.
"I told you..."Sando shrugged.

Back in the ship the cetan and the rodent heard a popping sound. As they look back they found a naked white scaleskin sat on the round table with a couple of disembodied arm holding hers, soon gravity take care of them and the arms dropped.
"Get out of here."
"But ... boss ... and Brigit?"
"Please..." She begged, Zippy and Vorca looked at each other.
“I certainly don’t want to end up like that guards.” Vorca warned.
Zippy looked nervously at the screen, and to her, and back to the screen again, and finally they zoomed out from the temple.

Zippy looked at his watch, twelve standard hours have passed, he take a second look and then fidgeting it to synchronize it again with the local server. Twelve hour really have passed since their first jump from the trispace. Of course he didn't realize this, as different planet have different time of the day anyway. Thing is ... he swear there must be at most half an hour in the slipstream back then. The rodent dismissed it and continued to plot their track back to the port.


“We’ah back at the poht, I think we should get out from ‘eeah as soon as possible.”
“Roger that.” Sando closed his communicator,
"Smooth move Sando, now we are banned from Olympias Temple of Oracles." Said Brigit. A lynx, a rabbit, and a bird flew through the city of Cynopolis.
"Heh, oh well I guess we'll will be better of without the Oracle guide of foreknowledge anyway, it's more challenging, don't you think?” the lynx now looked to his left. “You wake her up didn’t you, Verth? She was under your sleeping spell. If you didn’t pull your spell, all this commotion wouldn’t happen.”
"And let her be taken by the Oracles? Do you think I would let a fellow witch undergo that kind of fate?" Said Verthandi.
"A girl among men, that will not bode well." Her serious voice added.
"Meh, I bet the Brothers are bunch of fruits anyway." Sando dismissed.
"Thanks ... I guess." Said Brigit.
"I'm not helping you guuuuys, I'm helping your girl." She paused and checked her watch. Oh my ... look at the time! I got an appointment with my boyfriend..." Her voice heightened again, "Iiiin .... a minute. Nice seeing you guys! Toddles!" she steered to the left, down.
"Whoa, whoa ... that lady got a boyfriend?" Sando eyed her as she vanished among the heavy air traffic in Cynopolis.

The rest of their journey back to the airport was filled with Sando commenting the surrounding and Brigit throwing some sour reply until they finally reached their dock.

"Boss!" The rodent exclaimed as Sando landed gracefully, "Brigit!" he exclaimed louder "Y’all ah safe!"
"And what do you think you are doing? Flying the ship just like that?" Asked Sando. He unrobed himself and he sat on the round table. “But ... thanks. I don’t know what I would do if wasn’t for you guys.” Vorca smiled to Zippy baring his sharp teeth. “I told you.”

"Where's NahaÅ›?" Asked Brigit.
"She's sleeping at her quarter, you see ... she just popped out when she saw the sun of Olympias and we're trying our best to catch her. I think we shouldn't stay here longer."
“I know, it wasn’t your fault.” Brigit slumped beside the lynx.
"This is true, our attempt are unfruitful anyway." Sando sighed. "Okay now...”
"Cap’n..." the cetan sat in front of him, "well ... to be honest, I have been thinking. If I were to work better, I think we ought to know what are we going to do, don’t we?”

Sando stroked his chin. “ Well ... I guess, after all that you did you deserve to know what I’m planning.” Sando rose to his feet and walked on the bridge. “You see guys ... after several years squandering credits and commodities. It feels kinda repetitive now after a while. Now helped with my friend...”
“... with benefit ....” Brigit added.
“... at the Intellegencia we are on expedition for something less ... tangible."
"Get to the point." Brigit snarked.
"We are looking for Sampo."
"A shampoo?" One of Brigit eyelid twitched "This is no time for joke, Sando"
"Ess, Uh, Emm, Pay, Oh." Sando spelled the name of the object. "Known to the Intellegencia as PA-54"
"Sampo? ... I ... I thought it was just a myth?" Zippy pitched in.
"Good, someone who know their stuffs! We may need your knowledge in myths Zippy. Anyway Nahaś, a.k.a PA-77-2 is also myth, and there she is sleeping in our ship.” He pointed to a door at the end of the corridors of cabin. “I rest my case!" Said sando. "Well then ... our next destination is Pohja."
"It's stored theah?" Asked Zippy.
"It ... was.” Said Sando." Now then ... all we got to do is wait until our jumper girl is in the mood again, meanwhile you can find me on my quarter. Sando yawned and trailed to one of the cabin on the plane.

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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
Vorca hummed a strange melody as he scrubbed the bloodied floor of the deck. A pair of furred arms dangled out of a bucket beside him. Brigit was fiddling with flight settings, programming a course for orbit around Olympias just high enough to avoid terrestrial scanners. "Ey, how did you two get out of the Temple?" He asked her. Brigit raised her eyes in thought. "Well, while the guards were getting to terms with being disarmed." She snickered a bit, a bit proud of the pun. "Sando went behind Desmundus, grabbed his antlers, and I socked him square in the face." She grinned, a bit maniacally. "Temple-types, they have such soft faces." She caught herself, and smiled to Vorca, who smiled back.

"Did you get what was needed from the Temple?"
"Yes. No. Yes. Well... no. Ah, cach."
"Are you drunk?"
"No I'm not. Alright, a little. I had a bottle of Azteca mezcal on me."
"Aren't those near sixty percent spirit?"
"I was feeling utterly wretched, alright?"

She tapped the screen and moved to sit next to Zippy, who was staring at a screen displaying a starmap. He looked grim, and she tilted her head at him. "Milicredit for your thoughts, Zip."

"We'ah going to Pohja, right?"
"To get the Sampo, right?"
"Whatever it is, yes."
"Well, I 'ave a problem with that."
"What's wrong?"
"One, the Sampo doesn't exist. Two, Pohja doesn't exist."

He paused. "I mean, Pohja exists, but it... moves around on its own. Nobody knows wheah it is at any one time." He turned to look at Brigit. "And even if we did find it, which we won't, it'd be cold, dahk and dangerous. Blimey, the magnetic field alone would rip up auh equipment. It's moah like a couple of jagged space lodestones pasted togethah than a planet."

"Funny, you thought a girl like NahaÅ› didn't exist either." He sighed. "Okay, okay. Don't remind me."

"I'm honestly surprised, Zippy." she said, as she smiled "Didn't peg you as one to keep up on that sort of lore."

Zippy seemed to light up a bit at this. "Heheh, well." He tapped various points on the starmap, as if looking for something as he spoke to Brigit. "Me mum's the one who tells me stories, since me pap's always away. We got a lot of them, ya see. Stories, I mean. And relatives, too."

"On the few times we 'ad family gatherings, I'd 'ave uncles and aunts and cousins telling me all about the things they did and saw. I kept asking questions even when they stop, and they told me to zip it all the time." Brigit sniggered for a moment. "Yeah, that's right, is 'ow I stahted getting called Zippy."

"My kind, we travel a lot. Don't need to take much with us. I left me family when I was young, around sixteen seasons of 'ahvest. After that I was getting me stock of stories from captains and crews on the ships I wuhked on."

"Has your family had a chance to hear your stories?" Zippy looked downwards and to the right. "Uh, no."
"I 'ave been trying to find my way 'ome foh ages."
"You can't remember your own planet?"
"I remember it, shuah as the lines on my 'and, but in my mad scramble to sail the stahs, I 'adn't kept a recohd of wheah I came from." Zippy rubbed his nose with the back of his hand. "We'ah not like you, Brigit. Theah's none a single planet where we call 'ome. I go through the days believing I'll recognize it when I see it."

Brigit sat on her knees, placed her arms around the rat and gave him a warm hug. "You're always Home when you're with us, Zippy." His fur bristled, and his tail went into a tight curl.


"But daaaaaaad!" said a teen-aged lynx dressed in a sleeveless shirt to a middle-aged one sitting at a desk. "Your mother and I have given you enough credits for the rest of the month. You are only sixteen years of age, you could not possibly need so much."

"But it's... urgent." said Sandokhan, while making the saddest face he could muster. His father, a slightly shorter and heavier version of himself, thought about the date and recalled it being the holy day of Lachesis. "Is it for a date?"

Sandokhan raised his hands in front of him and appeared offended. "What? No!" His father merely stared at him. "Uh... Yes, it is." His father pulled out a drawer, took out a small stack of credit chips, and placed them in his son's hand. "You're at an age where you should be taking a lady out to the 'drome and a nice meal. Don't spend it all in one place, hear me?" Sandokhan slipped the credit chips into his pants pocket. "You weren't doing that when you were my age." His father scoffed. "That's different."

Before he left the house, he went to his father and said: "Thanks, dad." The old lynx nodded, and shooed him away with a hand.

Sandokhan walked to a portal and paid the mage. He immediately found himself near the local theatron. Before he took a single step, he padded himself to make sure nothing was missing. He looked sideways to see a fox leaning against the wall, wearing a jacket and tight denim pants. "I thought you said you were walking?" Sandokhan patted his backside. "I got into some money." The fox raised an eyebrow and grinned, then they both started walking towards the hemispherical building dotted with images of the latest presentations.

"What are we watching?" asked the cat as they approached the entrance. The fox pulled two narrow strips of plastic from a jacket pocket and handed them to a scrawny attendant. "Hippolyta and the 500 Amazing Amazons." Before entering the auroptical drome, Roland bought himself a chocolate bar while Sandokhan smuggled in an envelope of betel leaves.

After two hours, they left the theatron and walked to a small, roadside eatery and found a seat under a yellow streetlight and a starlit sky. Sandokhan ordered a milkshake and Roland ordered black coffee. "Hippolyta's boobs looked a little fake." said Sandokhan. "Oh, like you know what they were supposed to look like." said Roland, as he gingerly took a gulp of strong coffee. "You know what's great? The part where the Amazons were beating the crap out of the Spartans."

"One day," said Sandokhan, "I'll be the first guy to see Amazons with my own eyes!"
"Can I come with you? You can look at them while I take a few into their huts and show them a good time."
"Oh, yeah? Then I'll have all the others for myself, then."
"Wha? No fair!" To this, Sandokhan gave Roland a raspberry.

"I've been meaning to tell you, but my dad... they've finally accepted him into the Intellegencian council."
"Uh-huh." Sandokhan didn't seem much moved by this.
"They've even started calling him the Archidascalos Tristan de Gomera." Roland said the last part a bit mockingly.
Sandokhan fiddled with the straw in his glass. "But there are no Intellegencia facilities here."
Sandokhan frowned at the thought of the implications. "Why can't he stay in the Milicia like my father? They were in the same group when they were in service. They fought together in the war."
Roland sighed. "Your dad's a marksman. My dad's a tekPaladin."
"What's your point?"
"I dunno. Nevermind."

Roland put his cup down and stroked the rim with a finger. "Sando, I've been thinking. Our time in the Dyo Lyceum is going to be over soon. What are you going to do afterwards?"

Sandokhan's eyes were low, staring at his half-empty glass of milkshake. "Dad is sending me to a Milicia Tria Academy. Something about 'the family trade'." He raised his eyes to meet Roland's. "How about you?"

"Father said he'll support whatever I choose to do." He tapped a blunt-clawed finger on the table, as he smiled and met Sandokhan's gaze with his own. "I think I'll join the Milicia."

Sandokhan raised an eyebrow, and he slurped the last of his milkshake very quickly.


Desmundus bowed painfully from within his face cast, as a large and tall polar bear in similar clothes passed him. The bear stopped just short of Roland pacing around a pool of blood on the floor of lights. "It will cost the Temple quite a sum to clean up this mess... not to mention the incapacitated Templars. We have very few young men willing to take up the position as it was."

"I sympathize with your problems, Aquinas." The lights under Roland's feet flickered between red and green. "However, it does not remove the fact that you did not wait for my arrival before taking action." He turned to look at the entrance, imagining a cat leaping into the air from the platform. "Instead, you told them you were going to take the Soul and keep her as prisoner."

"Don't you understand anything I've ever told you? That scaleskin is the only being with enough energy capacity to crack open the seal."
"What seal?"
"The one binding Hekate! (Atropos forgive my utterance.)"
"She's not going to do that."
"We cannot take the chance. You are foolish and insane to think..."

Roland sneered before pulling back a fist and punching the tall bear on the belly. Aquinas stepped back, looking like he was about to puke, as Roland rubbed his hand. "A fool is a priest of the Fates talking about chances. You are a disappointment, Aquinas." Roland said as he started walking. "I'll be taking the artifact and delivering it to her myself!" Desmundus held Aquinas up as the bear coughed and reached out to Roland. "Stop! She must not know what she is!"

"You people have no respect for great talent." He looked back at Aquinas from the edge of his emerald-green eyes. "And even less imagination for infinite potential." Roland scoffed, and walked to his private astroplane hovering on the open platform. His bushy tail swirled behind him.

"Tell your Oracle I apologize deeply, but I'll be keeping the painting. As evidence."

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
“Attention crew! All hands on deck! All hands on deck!” Sandokhan’s voice boomed from the comm. systems. “This is not a drill. If it was and if I needed one, I’d just have Zippy pick one up from the tech bay.”
At that point, Zippy was picking himself up from the floor of said tech bay. The announcement caused him to fall off his chair in surprise. The rodent left his latest project on the work table and headed out to the exit.

“By the way, when I say ‘all hands on deck’, I am not referring to the discarded limbs left on the floor due to that unfortunate popping incident.” Sando continued. “Very unsightly and very unsanitary. I hope Vorca has properly disposed of said appendages.”
Vorca nodded to himself as he shoved the carefully wrapped up ursine arms in the ship’s freezer. No sense in letting them to waste, he thought, as the cetan left the feeding station.

“Oh I just realized! It’s ‘all hands on deck’ except dear Nahas, whose rest I fear I may have disturbed with my accomplished speaking voice.” The lynx’s voice dropped down to an exaggerated whisper. “Make sure our little secret’s safe and snug, would you please Brigit? After that, bounce on along to the deck!”
Brigit frowned as she walked towards the front of the astroplane. She had been checking up on the dragon to see if she was jump ready once more but the lapine glowered at the implication that she actually bounces when she walks. She folded her arms across her ample chest in anger, thinking she’d give the lynx a piece of her mind, before she realized that she does, in fact, bounce. Brigit face turned red.

All three reached the deck at the same time. Sandokhan quit his pacing and faced the crew. “Brigit, how’s our dear little Nahas?” he asked.

“She’s up and simply reading to pass the time,” the rabbit answered. “We can jump as soon as we have a destination.”

“Good, good,” Sando rubbed his hands together. “We should make good time in locating our prize.”

“Ah we still ‘eading foah Pohja?” Zippy suddenly asked.

“Yes,” the lynx nodded. “Yes, we are.”

“That mythical place that is not suppose to exist and, if it does, would be moving constantly?” the rodent’s face scrunched up in puzzlement. “’Ow ah we suppose to find it?”

“With you expert navigational skills, of course!” Sando said grandly.


“Here you go!” the lynx had undone the sash around his waist and thrown it at the rat’s face.

“WHAT?!” Zippy repeated as he struggled with the translucent piece of cloth.

“It’s star chart,” Sando explained. “With variable time table. It tracks down where that little asteroid would appear next. Interesting what innovations one could come up with fabrics these days.”

“Amazing…” Zippy whispered as he held the silk into the light and beheld the markings on the cloth.”

“Yes, and it feels as light as a feather when it’s caressing your nether regions too.”

Zippy dropped the star chart like it was a disease.

“Don’t be such a baby, Zip! It’s only cloth.” Sandokhan said. “Go plot out our next destination. Vorca,” the lynx nodded to the killer whale. “Break out the thermal packs. Wherever we’re headed, it’s bound to be freezing cold. Brigit, better get Nahas ready for her next jump.”

Zippy and Vorca turned to do their tasks but Brigit remained rooted to the spot. Sando raised an eyebrow at her. “Yes, my dear? Did I forget to say please?”

“Where did you…” she began. “How did you…”

“Roland’s message to me said that our contact had something to give us,” Sando smiled. “Brother Desmundus may have greeted us but he wasn’t the contact. The Oracle was. And the first thing he gave me, other than his beatific smile, was the silk to wrap myself in.”

“But how did you know to take it with you?”

“I didn’t,” Sando admitted. “I just saw that it was a wonderful piece of fabric and decided to abscond it for myself. I didn’t actually realize that it was a star chart until I brought it to my room for a closer look. Can’t leave Olympias without taking a souvenir, after all.”

“First the Valkyrie wormhole cloak then the Arabian magic cape,” Brigit groaned and shook her head. “Roland must really know you and your obsession with clothes to set that up.”

“You have no idea…” Sandokhan muttered.


The darkness was his only advantage now. He could see well enough in the dark but hoped his quarry couldn’t say the same. He left his body armor behind, thinking that weight bogged him down plus he had the sneaking suspicion that he had been bugged somehow. The night would disguise his tan and grey fur as it would anything in the darkness.

Crouching behind rocky outcropping, he clutched his rifle against his bare chest. He shivered a little and stared intently at the silhouette situated behind a tree a hundred yards ahead of him. It was the decoy he set up with his body armor. His boot laces tied to a sapling bending against the wind provided the movement.

He spent a furious hour trading shots against his opponent. A stalemate, an impasse. Neither one would give an inch. He decided to try another tactic and carefully set up his trap. He had been carefully counting his quarry’s bullets and, knowing that the refill packs have all been exhausted, he knew that there were only two-

The wind gave a particularly powerful gust, enough to move his decoy’s body into the open. Immediately, two shots rang out, hitting the chest armor dead center.

He grinned in the dark. His foe is out of ammo. Absolutely defenseless. He triangulated the bullets’ path in his head and turned to double back for an ambush.

He suddenly felt two strong arms reach out from behind him and grasp him across the chest. His knees buckled but he was held tight in an intimate embrace, his fur rubbing against the intruder’s. It was cold night and the unexpected heat generated by the personal invasion was almost welcome. He held his breath as he felt the grappler squeeze him roughly once then twice. The second time was firm but was almost gentle.

“You’re mine,” a voice whispered in his ear. Was that a promise?

He would have lost himself in the enfolding darkness. Enveloping darkness, like a warm cloak that provided comfort and solace. He would treasure that feeling, one of being at the edge of total and absolute surrender. He would seek it out for years to come in the form of tactile substitutes such as coats, mantles and capes, hoping to experience the same sensation he felt that cold night in the field, when he almost smothered in the soothing embrace of reassuring arms.

He would have lost himself… but not at the cost of the game.

The lynx broke free of the hold and raised his paintball rifle at the fox.


“Speaking of Roland,” Brigit mused. “I wonder if the indestructible painting the Oracle has of you would have any special meaning to him?”

“Be quiet, woman!” Sando ordered.

“Just being curious,” Brigit laughed. “I mean, why all the cloak and dagger? Why can’t Roland just tell you everything straight out? And why did Verthandi just let us go when she was under orders to take us into custody?”

“Roland and I…” Sando actually paused. “Ours… is a complicated arrangement. As for Verthandi, she’s practically loopy. Who knows, maybe she does feel enough for our dear little reptile witch not to want her be trapped in a gilded cage.”

Brigit accepted that answer and nearly bumped into Zippy when she turned around. The rat held the silken star chart in one hand and a stellar reference map in the other. “I…I’ve deciphered where Pohja will reappear next,” he mumbled.

“Well?” Sando said. “The sooner we get the Sampo, the sooner we can help out poor Nahas. Where will it be so we can get this show on the road? ”

Zippy turned his head and wouldn’t look at Brigit in the eyes. “Iouernia. The asteroid will be orbiting Iouernia next.”
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
"Is that Íverjon, the main planet on Geil system?" Brigit asked, she didn’t seem to look impressed at the location of the asteroid.

"Yeah, the locals call it that." Zippy replied "But ... wait boss, you said Sampo was in Pohja ... wheah it is now?" Zippy tried to change the topic.
"That’s why we are going to Pohja.” Said Sando, now he carried a glass of a drink in one hand. "It was what left from experiment 54-B, which goes horribly, horribly wrong. You see Pohja was a chunk of a research facility, and there’s several divine relics there that the Intellegencia can’t retrieve due to the jumpy nature of this baby. One of them is named Ilmannuoli.”
“And we will use it lead us to Sampo?" Zippy asked and Sando nodded as a reply.
"Shualy you don't expect this ship to land theah don't you?" Zippy folded silken chart carefully and went to examine his star map.
"I'm a daring man, but I'm not stupid. It's good that that thing orbits around an inhabited system. We didn’t need to land too far from it. What a fortune we have!"

"Not so much, remember what did you do last time there?" Brigit take a sit beside Zippy who became rather nervous at his situation.
"See. This is why it's useful to have a friend who can always clean up your mess. Roland should've handled that not long after we went out from there."
"I just hope your boyfriend did, I'm not in the mood of getting chased by angry mob with stone cutters and flash beacons."

"Okay then,” Sando rise again and sat beside his technician sandwiching Zippy between Brigit and him, “plot a course to Ivernia! We're going to do some fiddling there!"
“Right, I’ll tell Nahaś to jump.” She left the bridge and walked to Nahaś’s quarter.
"Hey boss. NahaÅ›, she posses a time dilation effect dint she? Strange ... time dilation shoulnt 'appen in slipstream unless..." All of sudden coldness struck him and their screen goes from showing Olympias to darkness. "I... I ... nevah liked this part."


The pool bar plunged into silence as two large dolphin crashed the gate. The larger one threw the seal bouncer that he managed to pass via brute force. You see ... The things that make them both endearing and horrifying are their fixed smiles. When they are happy like they usually are they are cute. When they're angered like this dolphin duo here ... well ... let say that you will wish that they don't smile.

The larger one went in and looking around with fury until he found a plump lady dolphin who sat on the counter.

"So we finally found you Kotina." Said the larger dolphin, his eyes colored white on black, a sign of necroticism.
"Back of Sākopa, I said, I don't like you."
"Why ... are you doing this, sister?" Asked the smaller dolphin.
"And you, stay out of this Nokanoka. You're not even my real brother." Warned the lady dolphin.
"Why ... you." The dolphin was about to walk forward, but a large hand grabbed his upper arm painfully tight.

"Didn't you hear what Kotina said?" Nokanoka turned back and his expression becomes a more psychotic smile. Behind him stood a large killer whale.
"Look who we have here? You're leaving me for this ... this monster? What's your name again? Forowhat?" Asked Sākopa, not the slightest bit intimidated by the large stature of the whale.
"Voroka, and don't test me."
"No." The dolphin corrected. "Don't test the Mahinga clan ... you know what with happen if you lay just a single finger on me?"

You know why you shouldn't pick fight with necrotics? They don't feel pain. When you slash them, their wound grows back at you. You stab their heart? It's a mild annoyance to them. How about dismembering their limbs? Well ... they will just snap it back together. They're not immortal, sure, but there are only few way of offing them, you can incinerate them for example, or you can damage their nervous system.

"Like this?" The whale pulled out a dagger out from his utility belt and before anyone can respond, the dagger already planted firmly on Sākopa's head. Collective gasp filled the silence in the pool bar as Sākopa slowly fell.

And that's how you kill a necrotic.

That dagger is the thing he used when he killed people for the first time, nowadays he prefers less bloody method of blunt trauma to finish his foes and save his dagger for dirty jobs like this. There! The furry arms are now skinned. Vorca threw the floppy skin away to the compacter. He then washed his dagger down and rubbed it dry. It has been around thirty minutes by now. He went out from the kitchen to check how's the plane doing.

He felt the temperature dropped as the plane popped back to trispace.
"Here we are! Welcome to Ivernia." Captain always had this over the top tone going around him.
He don't know how his captain manage to accomplish that feat, but he like how he don't have to wait for days on slipstream. Boredom only makes him crave for flesh.

After deciding what city they are going to land, (Brigit demanded that it's at least a thousand kilometres from 'that' place) they slowly descend to Ivernia's atmosphere and by slowly I mean twice the speed of sound.

Ivernia is a harsh place for harsh people. Contrasted with Olympias, the port they are landing on is a dull drab place. The local time is morning and the place is foggy. Brigit said that it’s always Foggy like this even up until noon. Sando dispensed a couple of credits to the port officers as they stroll on the port side. Beside them laid rows of workshops.

“Is it okay to left her just like that?” Zippy asked.
“I ... put a sedative on her juice,” said Sando. “beside she had a transmitter on her.”
"Alright guys, so the puppy is around Geil asteroid belt, which is behind the fourth planet of Geil. It's basically a gigantic E-Bomb ... soooo ... what do we do."
"Well ... meshing is one way to handle that."
"One point for Zippy. Now ... " Sando hummed as he examined the workshops to the left of him.
"But ... that's an expensive procedyah!"
"Let's try that workshop." The workshop stands out between others. It's painted bright orange and the large neon light on the front reads:

"Oh no ..." Zippy muttered as Sando went inside the workshop. "Excuse me!" He called, but none answered him.
"WATCH OUT!" Someone outside screamed.

A large rectangle shadow surrounded Zippy and Brigit, and as they looked up a large billboard plummeted upon them, there was a loud bang. Zippy, on fell on the concrete path opened his eye and he can see a silhouette standing in front of him.
"Am I dead? Oh God, are you Azrael?"
"Get ... out ... quick!" The silhouette had Brigit voice. Zippy scampered out and after she was sure everything is okay, Brigit dropped the billboard, it let out another banging sound.

"I know you're a strong lady but that's just ... unnatural." Vorca commented. "Even I would have been flattened by that thing."
"Long story." Said Brigit, she put her hand into one of her vest pocket to check its content. Vorca realized that was the one where was she last seen dropping her mana crystal in it.

"Oh ... are you okay?" the team looked behind them, "HONEY!" he descend into screams as he finally see their face. Zippy flinched and the man tackled him before he had a chance to escape. The trio looked at their technician who are now seems to be doubled in number.
"It really is you Honey! Oh God, you'ah almost died back theah. Oh Honey I miss you sooo much, wheah did you go?" the rodent was exactly the same as Zippy down to the earrings except that he have both of his eyes intact. The other rodent wore an orange jumpsuit, and utility bag wrapped around one of his leg with its upper strap extend around his hip.
"Gerrof me, Josef." Zippy’s tone were that of annoyance.
"Please! Call me Sephy." The rodent who is not Zippy helped him stood up.
"And please, call me Johan."

"And who ah they, yo crew?" Josef examined the lynx, the whale, and the rabbit.
"No ... I'm their crew."
"Hey, are you Honey's wife?" He asked the rabbit.
"Wait ... what? No ..." Said both Zippy and Brigit. The tip of Zippy’s ears and nose reddens at that question.

"Boss ... I think we should go to other workshop." Zippy tugged Sando's arm.
"Hey ... you need some plane fixed? Lemme do it fo you, gratis!"
"Zippy, I must be crazy not to refuse his offer." Sando gave a reassuring smile to his technician.
"Heh, Zippy! That's what awa uncas and aunts call 'im. 'e can neva keep 'is mouth shut."
"You shut up" Zippy retorted.
"Name's Sando." Sando offered a handshake. "Ship captain."
"I'ma Josefi" Josef took the handshake.
"I take it you are ... Zippy's brother?" Asked Brigit.
"Johana's twin brother, milady." Sando laughed and Vorca snorted upon hearing the rodent real name while Brigit masked her laughter in cough.

"Whea is Jakob?" Zippy looks less annoyed now.
"Cobey? 'e's joinin the Milicia." Brigit noticed Sando had sour expression at the last word.
"So ... gentlemen ...” he looked to Brigit “and lady. What can Josef do fo you?"


Josef examined the small ship that was floating on the deck. After he finished tapping and scrathing his tablet he went back to the team. "Hmmm ... you want to mesh this ship?” He scratched his head “I kinda regret offering it for free." He said. "I kid! Friends of my Honey is friend of mine as well! So ... suah I'll mesh your ship.”


High officer Roland has been granted permission to jump into trispace. His was among a dozen planes that went into the Hub for this batch led by the Jumper plane. It will take about 100 kiloseconds until the batch reach their destination. The fox removed his shirt and long skirt, leaving himself only in brief, he removed that as well. Now he's clad only in his spiked leather collar and armbands. For the last thing he unbuttoned his steel boots.

What comes out of them were something reverse engineered from PA-11, codename Tubules. Like a fox, his lower leg was black. Unlike a fox, or even furskins in general, his lower leg looks like the skin was torn out from it, leaving a shiny black muscle-like construct underneath.

The painting has been safely rolled into his deposit, he should interrogate Sando about this.

Roland was tired, being called again from Olympias at ungodly hour yesterday, he had no time for rest. Roland rolled into his sofa bed, and he slept.

I'm not good with people
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
NahaÅ› rarely dreams when she sleeps, but when she does, it's always the same thing.

She is in flight, high above the clouds, as the rays of an unknown sun bathe her in near-unlimited energy. Another joins her, looking very similar to her, but with wider shoulders and a stronger-looking body. It speaks to her in a masculine voice, but she does not understand what is said.

Another dragon joins her, the same build and size as her, only with the colour of rubies. It speaks to her in a husky, womanly voice, in the same language as the other dragon.

On the horizon she sees a ship. After a while, she could see that it is almost the size of a continent.

A beam cuts through the air, filling it with a thunderous sound, though all of them dodge it. Another beam comes from the ship, but this time the ruby dragon takes the full brunt of it.

As the burning dragon falls towards the clouds below, she strains to follow it. As she gets close, she holds the ruby dragon in her arms and wishes very hard to be somewhere else. Somewhere very far away.

She arrives, on a sand dune in a desert.

She looks at the one in her arms, and all that stares back was a clump of burning flesh.

She looks to her side, since she also wished to bring the other masculine dragon with her. The dragon lays still, and she knew it was dead, because in granting her wish to be somewhere else, and her inexperience, she had consumed its life.

When she wakes from these dreams, which is as rare as the dreams themselves, she is tired, confused and haunted. She never tells her dream to anyone, not even the two people who would know it best.


"Well, there goes your search for your home planet... Johana." There was a severity to her voice, and a pale look fell over Zippy's face. "I'm not leaving the crew, Brigit. Besides, I don't think they remembah wheah it is, eithah." She sighed and shook her head. "If you say so." she said, as she watched Sandokhan play with a bundle of mana crystal filaments, to Josef's horror. "Mmm, tell Sando I'll be out for a bit."

"But Brigit...!" Zippy called out, but she was already walking.

She turned a corner and went to a stall where an elderly female badger busily turned various vegetables on several cooking stoves. Brigit took out a transparent crystal from her pocket and negotiated an offer with the woman. The woman nodded, took the crystal and placed it on a skillet over the stove, then covered it with a large iron bowl.

As she waited, she noticed a tall wolfhound stealing glances at her direction. She got a mite disturbed when he started walking towards her, but pretended to be unconcerned. His hazel eyes were at the level of Brigit's ears when he stopped just beside her. He had shaggy brown-grey fur and simple, loose clothes.

"Excuse me, but are you a local?" he said, in fluent Gaelic.
"Yes, I was born here, if that's what you mean." she replied, in similar language.

"I hope you don't mind me asking: Is this familiar to you?" He put out an open hand. On it was a square of polished obsidian, carved with a complicated pattern of interweaving lines.

It struck Brigit with more than just familiarity, yet she remained calm and said with a cautious tone: "That is a beautiful piece of stone you have, good sir."

"It belongs to my mistress, who told me to show it to anyone who looked like you."
"Well, you have. Satisfied?"

"Yes, indeed. Your emanations do betray you. You are Brigit of the woad-faced warren." The dog bowed to her. "I am Setanta, and I serve the wise woman Scathach, of Alba. My mistress will have your audience."

"With due respect to your mistress, I have affairs to attend to, and am not able to meet her."

"With due respect to your affairs, it wasn't a request."

Brigit felt a deep, blunt pain in the back of her head, and the world went dark.

She woke to the smell of roasted potatoes and leek soup. For a moment she remembered the stews she used to make for breakfast, before she went to the mines. She held her head as she sat up and opened her eyes slowly, adjusting them to flickering flame-light.

"Awake already, Brigit?" said a young, but rusty female voice. "A hit like that from Ferdiad would have made a bull sleep for days."

Brigit blinked a bit, trying to focus on her apparent captor, seeing russet fur and long floppy ears.

"But then, I expected that from a strong woman like you, sister."

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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RE: Solar Groove: The Adventures of Sandokhan and His Motley Crew
“Little sister?” Brigit asked incredulously.

The lapine with the auburn fur laughed. “You would think so, wouldn’t you?” She said. “A sister of yours, I am. By blood and by species. But ‘little’? As in, younger by age? No, no, no. I seen far too many stars dying out to be considered your junior.”

“What are you saying?” Brigit struggled to stand but found herself bound securely to a chair. She dismissed this new development over the more startling revelation. “I…I always thought you were taken by foreigners crazed with hunger. Please…” Tears were forming in her eyes. “Please don’t tell me you’ve been driven insane too. Not when I’ve finally found you…”

“Oh I’ve been called many things. Insane is simply one in a multitude.” the other rabbit said. “You are correct though. Your sister was taken by foreigners.” She snapped her fingers and two hulking men, a boar and a stag, stepped forward from the darkness. She nodded when Brigit noticed their dark eyes. “Nercotics always readily follow my whims. Some are more willing than others but, truly, they can’t help themselves. Would you like a demonstration?”

Before Brigit could answer, the lapine turned her gaze at her underlings. Immediately, the two drew out their swords with one hand and, in one swift motion, sliced off their other arm. Two limbs flopped down on the floor as Brigit suppressed her need to cry out in horror.

“It’s so boring to have minions who feel no pain,” the auburn rabbit sighed. “Mortality means little to the undead if they could put themselves back together.” The two men sheathed their swords and reattached their fallen arms. “But the important thing is that they obey me. I could command these two brutes to swallow their tongues, tear their own eyes out or even to ravish one another and they would have no choice.

“That’s why I chose Iouernia as the place to recuperate. Outposts manned by Necrotics provided me with subordinates and the numerous mana crystal mines nourish me indirectly. After all, those who live near in such a magically rich environment can’t help be affected by such. I prey on those who show potential for magic but have not been recognize yet. I wouldn’t want to be ferreted out before I could fully recover so I disguise myself as a private trainer for combat mages.”

Brigit shivered. The voice coming from the younger looking lapine was musically sweet and gentle but behind it is something dark and sinister. “Little sister?” she begged, hoping for some reassurance. “Please… I don’t understand.”

The smaller rabbit laughed. “Your little sister is dead. I had my Necrotics take her that dark winter night. Under the full moon, she screamed herself raw as I destroyed her soul and inhabited her body. She died nameless.”

Brigit’s blood froze. “Who are you?” She finally said.

“I have taken the false name of Scathach to fool the romantics but truly I am the master of the Necrotics. I am the immortal killer. I am the ancient death.” the strange lapine said. She leaned towards Brigit and whispered into her ear.

“My name is Hecate.”


“What’s taking so long?” Zippy said. He looked around impatiently around the garage. Only he and his twin were in the room.

“Patience, Honey,” Josef answered in a muffled voice. The rodent was tinkering under the astroplane. “Genius, it takes a lotta time. You should know that, brilliant engineer that you are.”

“No, not the modifications,” Zippy said. “I mean Brigit. She’s been gone foah fah too long.”

“Ah, the little cottontail?” his brother slid out from under the plane to smile knowingly at his sibling. “What is it about her that fascinates you so?”

“What’s fascinating?” the voice of Sando exploded into the room. He presented a magnificent profile at the doorway before his silhouette was obscured by the huge Vorca. The killer whale was carrying a full load of boxes.

“Brigit.” Josef answered before Zippy could stop him. “Your technician is really taken with her.”

“Yeah, as everybody this side of the universe noticed,” Vorca muttered. He brought his hefty armful into the ship’s open door.

“Ah, the innocence of puppy love…” Sando said. He grabbed Zippy’s head and tousled his hair. “To think I was going to sacrifice her virtue to the altar of the Oracles.”

“What was that?” Zippy exclaimed in alarm.

“As the poets say: ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’,” Sando lied smoothly. “Nothing wrong with waiting. I mean, you haven’t seen her in years and it looks like the torch you’re carrying for her hasn’t dimmed in the slightest.”

Zippy blushed. “Look, I’m just worried that she’s taking so long.”

“Just be yourself, just act natural, true love finds away blah, blah, blah and all that other bardic lines,” Sando said as he sprawled on a nearby chair. “If you love her, let her go, she’ll come back to you if she loves you so.”

“Still, it can’t hurt to find to find out where she is, right?” Zippy said. The rodent shouted into the direction of the ship. “Vorca, do you have that dna tracker?”

“Stalker.” Sando laughed. “But who am I to talk?”

“Oh brother, brother!” Josef said. “You have got to get a life!”

“Here Zip,” Vorca stepped out of the ship and handed a machine over to the rat. “You got a piece of her hair?”

“Right here,” Zippy took out a locket around his neck and opened the clasp. Inside is a picture of the black furred lapine and a lock of hair.

“Oooh better not let her see that until you’ve landed her, buddy.” Sando laughed.

Zippy ignored him. He drew out a single strand of hair from the locket and inserted it into the machine. The machine beeped and displayed a holo map. Zippy looked at the display, first scrutinizing it carefully then frantically.

“What is it?” To his credit, Sando realized that something was amiss.

“She’s not here,” Zippy whispered.

“Of course, she’s not here,” Sando tried to joke. “She’s wandering about in the plaza.”

“No, she’s not!” Zippy said anxiously. “Brigit’s not on this planet!”


“Hecate?” Brigit was horrified. “You’re responsible for the current state of all mana casters!”

“That is true, albeit indirectly,” Hecate said. “Consolidating the magically inclined was to my advantage as it left me with easy access to cattle. My plot would have succeeded if not for the vigilance of Sherekhan and Tristan.”

“Because of you, nobody trusts mana casters!” Brigit spat out. “Anybody with a trace of magic is treated as second class citizens! Some are practically slaves!”

“The discord and mistrust bred by my failed venture is a bonus but it matters not to me,” Hecate said in a dismissive way. “What matters to me right now is you.

“This body has been good to me these past few years and, while it still retains its healthy glow, it is deteriorating from the inside. Staving off the rot could only last for so long.” The lapine ran her fingers through her fur “I need a new body and, as I have found out from countless body jumps, magic runs in the family.”

Realization dawned over Brigit. “No.”

“Yes,” Hecate said. “Your little sister had the potential to be a Druid, something she might have achieved had she lived. Who knows what latent abilities lie dormant in your own body? It may be weaker; it may be stronger. Either way, I aim to find out...”

“NO!” Brigit screamed. Her bonds broke as she brought her strength to bear. Her captors made the mistake of not removing her crystal, a mistake she took advantage off as she drew enough mana to free herself. She stepped over her shattered restraints and leaped powerfully over the dumbfounded Hecate and her henchmen.

“Restrain her!” Hecate shouted.

Brigit ran across the darkened passages. The walls gave no indication as to what the structure is. She found a door and wrenched it open. Hearing footfalls behind her, she rushed outside without looking. A bright flash exploded into her eyes, causing her to stumble. When she opened her eyes, there was nothing to see except pure white but she could feel an unnatural icy chill creeping into her bones.

“Ah the whiteout effect. Made much worse by the mystically charged environment,” the voice of Hecate said over her as she felt her body being lifted out of the ground. “Good thing you didn’t stray very far, my dear. You would have died out there without any protection. Ah, another fine use for my Necrotics since they can survive these elements,” Brigit could feel herself being dragged back into the darkness. “After all, nothing alive would last for very long in the freezing cold grip of Pohja.”
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