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Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
Sat Sep 13, 2008, 02:14 AM (This post was last modified: Tue Sep 30, 2008 10:22 PM by Cindermane.)
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Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
I'd like to start a round robin story here so I'm looking for people interested in the challenge. Even one more person would be enough to kick off a round robin since all the participant has to do is add lines to the story already in progress. It's a good practice for writers as well as a fun exercise in fiction writing.

Some aspects to be discussed before the start of the story would be:
1. length - what's the minimum amount of text one could add? 3 paragraphs?
2. time limit - participant has to add a new segment within the span of what? One week?
3. character - the characters in the story, even the ones you create, are fair game so don't get too attached lest some contributer wants to kill them or if the narrative logically demands it.
4. censorship level - I suppose it depends on the mods.
5. furry aspect - HAS TO BE FURRY!

Any takers? Even one person would be enough. The person who joins next can pick the genre/tone/setting etc. (I'd go for something along the lines of horror in a sci-fi or fantasy setting but I love a challenge so I'd like to be surprised Smile )

Genre / Tone - fantasy, sci-fi, drama, horror, comedy, superhero action, historical, light hearted, children's fairy tale, etc
Setting - past, present, future, reality-based, established setting (like within the Battlestar Galactica 2007 world except with furries) etc

[I have to confess that, in the last round robin I was in, I was the one who couldn't continue the last chapter. We were already in chapter 11 and reached over 70 pages too. Percival should still have a copy.]
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Mon Sep 15, 2008, 11:04 PM
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction challenge
>> I'd be glad to contribute. Just give the word if you want to start, or need someone to kick it off. I'd like to see it be something of an extended version of that old "three word relay" game we had. (I think I'll go put something there as well.)

How was the last round robin story you did? Did it suffer from a Frankenstein monster complex? LOL!

I'd say somewhere between 200 to 800 words should be a happy medium between brevity and room for detail. A time limit of a week per additional entry sounds okay. As for censorship level, I'd suggest PG-13 slightly edging on R.

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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Wed Sep 17, 2008, 02:32 AM
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction challenge
Cool! Would you like to start the first segment? If you don't want to start, you pick the genre/tone/setting whatever and I'll write the first bit Smile

I'm okay with 200-800, 1 week and PG-13.

Oh and do you think we should start the story here in this thread or keep this as a commentary/reaction on a whole new thread (so the round robin isn't interrupted)?

I GUESS you could say the last robin did evolve into a monstrosity. It got quite complicated. We had histories and multiple characters and I think I was overwhelmed by the last segment to the point that, when it was my turn, I couldn't put to words what was in my head. The story stopped with me.

Any other writers want to join? It's possible that we can start the story and they can just jump in. (I just hope there aren't any killjoys who pop in just to mess up the story. But then, that COULD turn into quite a challenge... YEAH, I think that could work Smile
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Tue Sep 30, 2008, 10:28 PM
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction challenge
Well, since no one's interested in the challenge, I think I'll just post the old round robin pencil-sketch and I wrote and maybe continue it. He sent me his copy and we reached 23 chapters at 119 pages. I'll post a segment every other day:

----------------- This is my section
Untitled Round Robin Story

It was two hours 'til dawn when the relative stillness of the night was broken the Palace bells. The alarm rang for four to five heartbeats before members of the ‘Scard were on the scene.

Deliria was first. She arrived at the western wall of the Palace, gathering her dark robes around her. The pale white rabbit knelt in front of the fallen guardsman who rang the warning bells. She pretended not to notice the guardsman shiver at her touch as she examined the bloody head wound and just listened as her patient described the intruder who attacked him. She gently pressed for more details but the guardsman lapsed into unconsciousness as she finished dressing the wound. All she could do now was to make the brave solider comfortable until the true healers came.

Deliria stood up and licked the blood from her fingers as she turned her red eyes to stare at the plume of dust racing towards her from the south. Ahead of the dust storm is a lithe rhino sprinting at top speed. The runner skidded to a halt in front of her, his bare chest barely heaving from his exertions.

“See anything, Jino?” Deliria inquired anxiously to the newcomer.

“Nothing,” Jino reported. “The Western and Southern gates are all clear. How’s the nightwatcher?” The rhino indicated the sleeping guard.

“He’ll be fine. But he couldn’t even tell what race the thief is or what he stole from the Treasury.” Deliria shook her head.

Jino slammed a fist into his palm and swore. “How can this be? Aren’t the wards powerful enough to safeguard the Palace?”

“It is possible that the thief wasn’t even able to break into the Treasury,” a hollow voice intoned.

A shadow fell from the rooftop and alighted silently beside the Deliria and Jino, revealing himself to be a tall avian. Jino took a surprised step back and had his scimitars on hand.

“Fletcher, you wingless piece of...!” the rhino swore again. “What in Hades did I tell you about doing that!”

Fletcher flashed a grin. “Sorry,” he said contritely but did not look the least apologetic. But he quickly got down to business.

“The clerics and attendants are still checking their catalogues for missing items. Nothing obvious is gone from the list but someone did find this by the Treasury Gate…”

Fletcher produced a red scarf from his person. Deliria immediately took it from him and confirmed that the article of clothing was not just red, but stained with blood.

“Ha!” Jino said, peering over the rabbit’s shoulder. “So the scumbag successfully broke in but cut his hand on the Gate handle?”

“Whoever he, or she is,” Fletcher corrected himself. “He must not have heard of the booby trapped locks on the Treasury.” He turned to the rabbit. “Is it enough?”

Deliria drew the scarf over her face and inhaled the sweetness of the red stain. She no longer flinches at the sight of blood but she closed her eyes as she tasted the fabric. Her red eyes glowed when she opened them again and nodded.

“It is enough. I can track this malcontent.” She folded the scarf into her robes.

“Then let us be off!” Jino said, putting away his blades and gently picking up the rabbit. “Which way, lady?”


The avian and the rhino gave pause. Fletcher was the one who broached the question.

“Del, the sun will rise in a few hours. Are you sure you are up to this?”

“Don’t worry about me. Worry about our thief. Now let’s go!”

Jino made sure that Deliria was comfortable in his hands before he was off running again with his passenger giving directions. Fletcher took out his grappling hook and launched himself over to the rooftops to follow his fellow ‘Scards.

--- 03022006
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Fri Oct 03, 2008, 09:56 PM (This post was last modified: Fri Oct 03, 2008 10:08 PM by nightPhaser.)
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
>> Argh, that was rather difficult to read, at first. XD


As she crept along the narrow ledge outside a disgusting nobleman's penthouse, the thief admitted to herself that leaving the scarf was something she didn't expect she would have the wits to do. It was best to leave them thinking she is injured, and perhaps that she was easier to follow as well. She mouthed a small blessing for the poor, drunken rodent who gave his life for her minor deception. She hoped the talents of the blood-sniffing witch would lead them astray.

She could handle anything, but that thing gives her the creeps.

She stole a glance behind her, the pupils of her smoky-grey eyes growing large in the scarce light. Her ears flicked one way and another, as she listened for a grunt, or a whisper, or a rustle of feathers. Her path over the rooftops and between the alleys revealed a certain intimacy, as she stepped between pools of shadow, her feline tail following suit, moving in places the moonlight did not kiss and the torches did not unveil.

"Argh." Her cloak was snagged on a splinter from a windowframe, but she did not tug it out. She gently plucked it free, and examined the frame for any loose threads or torn material. She quickly moved to another side of the roof, hidden under the shadow a high wall, and waited to see if anyone heard her.

She went on to find a gap between the buildings, small enough for her to crawl into. At the bottom of the gap was a woven mat, a set of plain clothes and a few bottles filled with liquids. She sat down, and watched her breath turn into mist. She covered her face with a piece of her cloak, and lifted one of the bottles. She poured a bit of the bottle's contents onto her paws, and rubbed them all over her hands, arms and neck. The scent of cloves surrounded her.

'I've killed tonight, Zarman. I've ended lives for you. I did it well, as clean as I could.' she thought. Her brows furrowed, as she remembered sinking a dagger into a guardsman's temple. 'Except for that single one. But it's not my fault. They put a trap in the locks, caught me off guard.'

She removed a leather purse tied to her waist, and plucked a small ball covered with black fibres from it. She took her dagger from her belt, and scraped the outer layer of the ball, revealing a sphere of moist, chalky paste. She pulled down the cloth from her face, placed the ball into her mouth and chewed on it, slowly. She leaned back and covered as much of herself with her cloak.

Moments passed, as her breath slowed until no mist escaped her lips. Her eyes rolled back, and it was as if Death had touched her before her time.

She was in another place. A place of great beauty and terrible grandeur. A place of intimacy and intellect. She found herself on a seat of pure marble, trimmed with pearls, and watched demons and shadows play evil games beyond a gold-framed window.

"Inanna." spoke a deep, elegant voice from behind her.


"Do you have what I asked of you?"

"I do."

"Very good. Tell me all about the Palace."

In the special dream, she told him everything.


>> There you go. I'm sure she just had some catnip and did the Aeon Flux thing. LOL!

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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Sat Oct 04, 2008, 03:15 AM
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
Wow, that was really well written! And you noticed that Del was actually a vampire Smile

Er, the problem is that I thought you weren't interested in a round robin anymore so I was just posting chapters of my previous round robin story. There are already 22 chapters following the first thing that I wrote!

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and the fact that you already wrote a second part but would you like to start from scratch? A brand new story? I can write a new chapter 1, unless you'd like to be the one to pick the setting and genre and stuff.
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Sun Oct 05, 2008, 01:01 PM
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
(Sat Oct 04, 2008 03:15 AM)Cindermane Wrote:  Er, the problem is that I thought you weren't interested in a round robin anymore so I was just posting chapters of my previous round robin story.

>> Of course I'm interested. Please understand that I check in the forums once or twice a week, and last week was a major holiday here so I was finishing a lot of RL work before it started.

Writing that was quite pleasant, to be honest. I haven't done classic fantasy since my old attempt at Inherit The Earth fan-fiction.

(Sat Oct 04, 2008 03:15 AM)Cindermane Wrote:  I'm sorry for the misunderstanding and the fact that you already wrote a second part but would you like to start from scratch?

>> I'm in the mood for something from the fantasy-sci-fi camp, the kind like Frank Herbert's Dune. If I don't post something by Tuesday, do put in anything you like.

In any case, I have little problem bending around (and adding to) established things.

[ Proceed calmly. ]
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Sun Oct 05, 2008, 08:52 PM
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RE: Round Robin furry fiction [sample]
Excellent Big smile Okay, I'll wait until Wed to see if there's a first chapter (though I DO hope you start the first part because I want to be surprised Smile ).

BTW, Inherit the Earth! The problem with the game was that the deer guy barely did anything! (only thing he did was jump over the gorge). The boar had more personality Tongue
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