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A Different Fantasy : Shadows - Theshadows64 - Fri Nov 21, 2008 11:11 AM

This is my first attempt at writing (ok... my first attempt at actually letting other people read what i write). I'm not really good at describing someone so that's why my description are quite short. I'll try to update as soon as i can.

It took a while for the man to arrive but when he did, he just left the suitcase there. A few moments later, another man arrived to that small alley. He was wearing a black long jacket, a black inner shirt and jeans. His hair was dark grey and his eyes hazel browns. He showed no emotion yet he smiled at the sight of the briefcase being there. He walked to it and took it off the ground. He looked around then went straight into his car.


“You know,” he took a sip on his glass “You don’t have to go there if you don’t want to,”

The bar was filled with people, drinking and having fun. Some were even watching a game on the T.V. there.

“You want to know something, Draca,” he took another sip and faced the person next to him. Draca was wearing rimless glass and it seemed to match his red eyes which in turn also matched his dark red hair. Draca was all about red. Even his scales were red. His muzzle was short and his snout pointed downward a bit. A few of his teeth poked out from his muzzle but he was still quite handsome for a Draconic. “I never did gave up,”

Draca stared at him. Uver was totally different than him. Not because he was human but because of how he looked. Uver had very short white hair. His eye was red on his right but black on his left. When asked if it was contacts, he would always giggle and say that it was his real eye colour. He always seems to be smiling a lot and he had a few scars from his teen days. Draca sat there thinking about it for awhile. He knew Uver would never listen to him.

“If I go, will you do what I tell you to do?” Draca asked.

“Yes,” He smiled and took another sip. “Anything,”

Draca took out a file from his briefcase and showed it to Uver. “This is Adam Zale. He is an accountant at a local firm in Dragonia,”

“So we’re gonna attack an accountant, how exciting,” Uver giggled sarcastically.

“He has info that we need,”

“Yeah I guess you forgot how to pay your tax again,”

“Uver, this isn’t a joke,” Draca stood up. “This person is a witness to what happened that night. We could end all of this. All I’m asking you is to get to him before they do,”

Uver looked a bit puzzled “And who are they,”

Draca sat down. He sipped on his glass and placed it back on the table. He looked at Uver. His eyes were looking right through him. He finally opened his mouth and said.

“The Shadows,”

Uver’s eyes widened. He put his glass down. He only knew stories of The Shadows. Most of them were just rumours. He recalled a rumour that it only needs one shadow to destroy a whole army but he couldn’t back down now. Not after he had agreed.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes,” Draca answered “But don’t worry. You are not the only one going. We have recruited one of Gaia’s best to team up with you. They will be meeting you at the Air Docks in Furthia on Wednesday. Be sure to be there,”

“Ok,” Uver was somehow relieved. He smiled and looked at Draca “Now about our deal,”

They both finished their drinks and headed towards the door. It was a clear night and the moon was clearly visible in the night sky. They both got into Draca’s red Lancia and drove into the night. After a while, Uver rolled down the window. The night air was cold and crisp. The trees had already turned brown from the weather. Uver knew that winter was just around the corner and it was his most favourite season. He always liked the white and fluffy snow.


They drove till they were at a field. No one was there but them. Draca parked his car and turned off the engine. He shivered a bit from the cold air going inside the car. Uver noticing this quickly rolled up the window and turned the heater on. Then he just sat there and smiled at Draca.

“Do you remember this place?” he asked. Draca just nodded and stared into the night. “We used to go here every night. We would watch the full moon up in the sky while eating potato chips and drinking soda. We would then talk about everything that had happen during the day. Then, we would make out in the back of your car...”

“What’s your point, Uver?” Draca interrupted. He turned to Uver. “We were young and barely out of high school,”

Draca stared back into the night. Uver smiled and took a bag of potato chips that he had bought earlier. Then he put two cups and placed them in the cup holder on the dashboard. He filled them with what seemed like soda and then opened the bag of potato chips and started to put some in his mouth.

“Want some?” He offered. Draca pushed the bag aside and shook his head. “Are you sure? It’s your favourite flavour,”

“Nah,” Draca shook his head again “My wife is cooking tonight,”

“Oh,” Uver’s smile faded. He took another helping of chips then drank a few gulps of the soda. There was a long silence. He ate the chips and drank the soda. Draca just kept staring at the night sky.

“I missed you,” Uver finally said after he had finished. He rested his head on Draca’s shoulder. Draca looked at Uver for a while and then placed his arm over Uver shoulder and brought him even closer. Uver smiled and without warning hugged Draca. He looked up only to see that Draca was looking right at him. Their eyes met and their gaze locked on to each other.

“Me too,” Draca finally said and then, they kissed.