Full Version: Movie Outing for this weekend?
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Anyone up for a free movie for this weekend 18/08/2007 @ 1pm / 2pm in Time?

Ratatouille or Rush Hour 3 ?

Please RSVP me. Closing on Thurday 16/08/2007
Sorry no more in Time...

Is in Mid Valley now...
I'm free, but I doubt I will want to watch a movie.
I'm planning to watch Ratatouille @ Mid Valley.

Got Free ticket!!! and don't want to watch it?!!

Up to you...

This movie outing is sponsored by R.E.D in the hope of getting everyone out from this computer/Internet/games/porn/study/stress/emo/assignment/bed/car/job/etc... etc.. to enjoy the outside world, be with people and the best part is to enjoy the movie to relax.

But please, don't make the booking and then don't show up.

and remember, if anyone interested remember to RSVP me, closing date is on this thurday. I don't take last minute S**t

Don't give me stuff like, "ohhh... i didn't know" or "My mate/who so whatever suddenly want to join, got room?"

Got room, Go line up and pay. If you are lucky, I might help you.
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