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Okay.. a brief explanation of the RP.
The time's set on old Japan as mentioned.. that's Edo.
So.. use your imaginations.. no laser, no magics, no missile or whatsoever weapon or tech that you great grandchildren might be using.. Suppose I would like to clan every participant in this RP but I really don't think that's necessary at the moment, so I'll just make it a free for all and random theme. But the time set would never change.
Introduction is a must for all partcipants as we might not want to confuse ourselves. So let me get things started.
Role: (be it a chemical genius, martial artist, or a field general)
WoC: (that's weapon of choice, preferably of swords and spears or whatever that exist during the era. Even weapons from Europe or China might be included as llong as they exist during that period. Limited to the choice of one only.)

Name : Snow.
Species: Snow leopard
Age : 20.
Role : An Oniwabanshu under the disguise of a Kabuki actor.
WoC : Kodaichi.

As Edo struggled to overcome the invasion of outlanders such from the western worlds, conflicts and murders loomed within it's ground. Terrified are the civilians at the terrible control that the government have over the country. Many lived in poverty and the gap between the rich and the poor is just too big to measure.

After a long day stage-playing in the kabuki theater, Snow went to the restaurant down the alley and had a sake. He thought about the day that has just passed, then he gave a little sigh.
"Just another day like no other I suppose. The days of the Oniwabanshu were over." he monologued.
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>> I'm not one for historical accuracy, but I try to do some light research. Anyway:

Name: Takeda, Kaitou (武田解答)
Age: 24
Role: Clocksmith, possibly engineer
WoC: Undetermined
Gender: Male
Species: Owl

"Thank you, Umeda-san."

After the last customer for the day, Kaitou carefully placed the fine instruments of his trade back into their velvety box. With much respect, he placed the still-unrepaired timepieces onto clean shelves. He changed into different robes, putting them over his dark feathers, and closed up his small shop wedged between a vegetable grocer and a fishmonger's place. He shivered a bit, as he walked under the dull glow of a hanging streetlamp.

The restaurant was around a corner, and it didn't take long for Kaitou to find himself walking through the thin doors, sitting himself down and asking for a bowl of plain broth udon and a small pot of warm sake.

His situation with money was alright, but there were no new customers. Older customers don't seem to visit him as often as they used to, not even to repair spectacles, which he also did sometimes. When some visitors come in asking if he could repair the newer, foreign-designed clocks, he had no choice but to say no.

Someone else sighed, rather audibly to his good ears, across the restaurant. Kaitou took a slight glance at the patron, the way he moved and sat. He picked up a saucer of the watered-down liquor with scaly hands and harmless blunt talons. 'Actors, hmpf.' He carefully took the rice wine into his mouth, and wiped the excess from his beak.

Hearing the tone of the comment, Snow gave a low growl in reply, cautious enough not to let anyfur else hear but loud enough for the owl at the opposite. He then took a sip of the sake and closed his eye to savour it. Without opening his eyes, he then gave a slight smirk and said in a low tone.
"I am rather suprised that you are able to hear but never underestimate the Oniwabanshu for you'll regret it, dear friend."

Snow then took his cup and flask of sake and went for the owl. He then sat down right in front of the bird and poured some sake into the owl's cup. Without saying anything, he courtsied the owl with his cup and took another sip.

"Eka's Snow of the Yashinage Kabuki theater." he continued, and downed his cup of sake.
Kaitou sat up at this unexpected gesture, furrowing his feathered brows. Being nevertheless polite, he gave a slight nod at the boorish man.

"So you are. Good for you."

He continued to slurp the udon for a bit. With his amber eyes made small, he scrutinized the boastful thing in front of him. Oniwabanshu or not, he has no respect for people who pretend to be other people. They call that art? Hah. True art improves lives, not imitates them.

"Someone as important as you think you are, wouldn't be interested in someone like me... Snow-sama."

A few more strands of the buckwheat noodles went into his mouth. He covered his mouth for a moment, his eyes closed, and he coughed.

"Kaitou. My name is Kaitou."
"The pleasure's all mine to meet you, Kaitou-sama. I'm no native here in Edo, so bear me with my informality." Snow replied.

Then he noted for the waiter to bring another flask of sake and a bowl of ramen.

"The Kabuki's just another place for me to earn my livings. Judging by those nifty fingers and those concentrated eyes of yours, which I deem unsuitable for anything but the work of a clocksmith. Am I right?"

The waiter then came with the flask of sake and a bowl of ramen. Snow thanked the waiter and plucked the wooden chopsticks.

"I wouldn't view myself as an important figure, but supposingly, Edo owes its peace at this period to us the Oniwabanshu, not to the corrupted Meiji that's ruling right now."
Kaitou watched as the leopard cracked apart the chopsticks with the blunt grace of a common brute, making wood dust rise in the air. He swirled the noodles in his bowl a bit as he fashioned his thoughts, keeping his eyes low.

"To your first observation: yes, I am a clocksmith. I may not be half as entertaining as you and your lot seem to be, but I do keep many people from being late for your shows."

He looked into the bottom of his saucer, now empty. With an economy of motion, he lifted his liquor pot, and soundlessly poured out a shallow pool of sake for himself.

"As for your other observation: A man such as I has seen a lot of things... and it would be a shame for a man such as I to learn nothing from them."

Quietly, he placed the pot back on the table, but closer to himself.

"Rulers rise and fall, good sir, but Time ticks on no matter who sits on the throne. It will continue to move on long after the last of us are little more than bones."

He glanced at the leopard, a slight reflective glint in his eyes.

"Just an opinion, from a poor clocksmith."

(Did you just reply after nearly two years abandoning this RP? LOL)

"And it be an eye-opener then." Snow replied calmly and smiled. Slurping up his ramen while it's hot, the steam from the bowl flushes his face warm. The ambiance in the shop kept him warm and comfortable and with the great hospitality provided by the waitress, he had almost wanted to stay there forever if he could. He slowly sipped his sake in a dainty manner, feeling them slide down his throat as it refreshes and rejuvenates him within.

As the day gets later, he decided that it's time to leave for the theater's hostel. Snow got up and left some change on the table while he motioned for the waitress. Hilting a long piece of object wrapped in a dull brown cloth over his shoulder, he gave the owl a slow nod before sauntering off to the exit. Walking past the owl, he muttered,

"Perhaps you can drop by the theater any time. If the performance of a poor actor entertains you."

And with that, he briskly walked off and headed for his hostel.
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