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[Image: AA-BBQ_edm.jpg]

Pickup point: Bukit Jalil LRT station.
Time: TBA
Main Organizer: Marvin T. Raptor (

RSVP before: 20th Feb 2011

- Open to all member.
- Please drop your RSVP to the main organizer only(Name, Contact number and Allergic) before the due date.
- Food and drink will be provided.
- Transportation will be provided depending on the package.
- Transportation is only cover from the Pickup point to the BBQ location and back to Pickup point.
- Payment would be collect during the event date by the main organizer only.
- Any cancellation/changes will be inform early.
- Any cancellation from the RSVP list must inform early to the main organizer.

Got question, please post here or drop me an email.

We need volunteer for:
- Camera man/women.
- Game master.
- Medic!!! hehe... just someone with good First Aid knowledge.
i... am... interested... very interested... gonna ask my dad this time. also see if i can get leave on march... company says to clear it by febuary
So....So..... Tempting!

I will go if I have spare cash and if I have no work on that day!!

Woof! I'm surely gonna follow the trip Big smile I already missed that place so much... *Cries*

Oh yeah... Who gonna be the cook? Who gonna be the beach boy... *Nose bleed* Sorry about that... Big smile Who gonna be the driver? and which beach we gonna be?
Well, I might be free. It's so near me this time, would be a big shame not to turn up.
tempting...but i don't think i can make it. have fun gents X3
u can count me in^^
Driver would be us. Us as in me firstly.... and people I trust to get help from. We would be taking a Van not a bus.

The cook is of course me.... hahaha prepare for it...
Nah, anyone can just join in to cook.
I can just tell you, I'm going to bring my own super hot BBQ sauce. I mix it with the 2nd world hottest chili (Naga Jolokia). Who dare to try it?

@judgement_86, You can be the beach boy..... hehe

The actual BBQ location have not finalize cause I haven't find a good spot yet.

Remember drop me an email to RSVP.

Name: (if you don't want to reveal your real name is fine with me ^^ )
Contact number: (I really need a real number for this. Don't worry I won't prank call you)

All information will remain private.

Note: All food & drink will be halal.
@Marv - By non-halal, you mean contains alcohol/pork? Or is this a halal event?
Opps sorry let me correct it.

Is halal Tongue
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