Full Version: The word association game.
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The rules of the game are simple : come up with a word that is associated with the word the above poster has given.

For example, let's say I start with the word : 'pencil'. The next poster has to post a word or short phrase associated with the word 'pencil', say 'eraser' or 'graphite', stuff like that. Simple, no?

I will give you the starting word, which is this :


Moderator - Game Rules Addendum: You can use only one word to relate in the game. If you need to use more than one word to describe the subject, use Bold or Underline the word that you wish to be the focus for the post. The relation from the previous post can be any of the words in the post. Only the next post must be related to the word highlighted.

For example:
1. Size
2. Little John
3. Big Bird
4. Sesame Street
5. City
Michael Learns To Rock
Spice Girls.

Oh gawd.
The end of 90's pop....
(Just realised we may have broke the rules of the game which requires a "word" association Tongue Should we force back to a single word or allow for single object, event, category, etc. being described by multiple words, DJAtomika ?)

(...and so I wait for the moment I can pull of that Batman thing in Grant Morrison's Arkham Asylum.)

gag reflex

(oh great, i dunno how to continue this one...)

(as in, children's glue)
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