Full Version: Calling all Filipino Artist and Animators!
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Are you an artist and/or an animator?
Are you looking for a job?
Are you in the Philippines and able to go to Ortigas and Megamall?

If you answer yes to all three then read on!

This is an email sent to me from feromcpiglet (now known as Cindermane):

"Hello Wynther,

From the text, could you please pass this message along to anybody with:

-an interest in animation
-looking for a job or has free time


Anyway, to those interested or have the time, an animation studio in Ortigas is holding tests for artists and animators. You get tested on basic drawing then, once they complete a batch, they'll train you on flash animation. I've taken the test so I'm looking for others who'd like to try so the batch could be completed and training could start. I can meet you at Megamall and we can walk to the building. The testing starts in the morning (10-11am) and ends when you're done (or up to 6pm) on weekdays. You just need to bring your resume.

I'm not sure if I can mention details (like the company name and the test itself) so if they'd like to know more specifics, please contact me, Benedict, by my email or at 09174735113 cell.


Thanks again! Hope there are people who will try it. K!


Go ahead and try-out, who knows, you just might get picked. Big smile
Urgh... have to pass the chance *stuck in college* It should give me more time to practice...
too bad i'm stuck here in the south XD
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